Retail Management software- best for all the businesses

Ari, the premium retail management software, is a Web Masters’ Product. The company has earned recognition and reputation as an industry leader in the IT sector.

Web Masters was founded in the year 1989, and since then, the company has expanded its client base in 22 countries located in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific Region. We have offices in the UAE, Singapore, India, and Bahrain. Ari Retail Management Software is our premium offering to the retail industry.
In our 21+ year of experience, we have provided our services to various retail businesses associated with different fields. The industries which we have served are jewelry, fashion, supermarkets, electronics, accessories, etc. Some brands for which we provided our services have now earned a great name in the field of the international retail market.

This was possible because of our dedication and implementation of knowledge in the retail industry. We know what retailers require. They not only wish to manage their businesses but also wants to grow it. Web Masters sees every small business as a platform where they can showcase their talent to expand their business. In case when a company owns a widespread retail business, we take it as a challenge to keep it above other retailers.

Web Masters’ not only own solutions for retailers but also offers Enterprise Solutions from Microsoft, Microsoft Cloud Solutions and Services. However, the retail industry has been a major building block for our company. Thus, we were aimed to provide the retail industry with a Retail Management Software that makes a difference to their business positively. This motivated us to develop Ari Retail Management Software, empowering retail businesses.

Our Mission with Ari Retail Management Software

Ari Retail Management Software has the aim of changing how retail businesses work by inducing automation in a better, newer, and highly integrated way and creating a unique customer experience.

Retail management is playing a vital role in the growth of leading businesses. With Ari, we take it as a challenge to make the small and medium sizes businesses to compete with the top players by making the desired profit and providing complete customer satisfaction.

Ari Retail Management Software focuses on how you can automate and harmonize the business, letting you have more results with lesser efforts. Besides that, we make a business grow.

  • The tiresome job of handling customers becomes effortless- Ari POS Software  taking care of everything you need while entertaining customers.
  • Build customer relationships – With loyalty program and promotions, make them smile and build a relationship.
  • Benefit from the state-of the-art inventory management– Ari eases the inventory management; no need to waste time for keeping track of your inventory.
  • Make informed decisions- With Ari’s analytical dashboard and insightful reports, make data-driven decisions.

How our journey with Retail Businesses started

Web Masters has been providing IT solutions for retailers for decades. It was started with the jewelry industry, where we had served thousands of big and small retail brands, including well-known brands’ franchises such as Versace, LUSH, and Xiao Mi.

We kept working on what we had pledged for, and this led to the engagement of thousands of clients from different retail businesses. We now assess retail businesses and recommend them to use our applications, which are highly beneficial yet economically friendly.

To determine whether a system suits your business or not, is not just by the number of functions it carries. It also depends on the flexibility of the functions that cater exactly to your needs. Web Masters has built its own in-house retail management software from scratch that is trusted by retailers like you. We understand the industry thoroughly at the back of our hands – all the way from procurement to sales, Web Masters covers them all.

Other Products by Web Masters

The company has developed products and provide services helping businesses across the globe.

  • WinGold Next is a next-generation ERP Solution for Jewellers.
  • Web Masters is also a Gold Partner for Microsoft products such as Microsoft NAV/GP/AX, Office 365, Business Intelligence, and CRM.
  • We provide cloud and productivity solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

With various products at hand, Web Masters is able to employ functional knowledge to different industries and integrate different solutions. This makes us a prime service and solutions provider in the field of Information Technology.

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