Ari, the premium retail management system, is a Web Masters’ Product. The company has earned recognition and reputation as an industry leader in the IT sector.

Web Masters was founded in the year 1989, and since then, the retail solutions provider has expanded its client base in 22 countries located in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific Region. We have offices in the UAE, Singapore, India, and Bahrain. Ari Retail Management System is our premium offering to the retail industry. We are a well-known retail solutions provider to several retail businesses across many countries.
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Our expertise in retail business management solutions

In our 31+ years of experience, we have provided our services to various retail businesses associated with different fields. The industries we have served include jewelry, fashion, supermarkets, electronics, accessories, etc. Some brands for which we provided our retail solutions and services have now earned a great name in the international retail market.

This was possible because of our dedication and commitment to the implementation of knowledge in the retail industry. We know what retailers require. They not only wish to manage their businesses well but also want to grow it in tandem with the industry growth. Web Masters intends to show its talent and expertise for every small, medium, or large firm approaching them for better business operations and become the number one retail solutions provider in the industry.

Web Masters provides robust retail business management solutions for not only retailers but also offers Enterprise Solutions from Microsoft, Cloud Solutions, and Services. However, the retail industry has been a major building block for our company. Thus, we had the intention to provide the retail industry with a Retail Software that makes a difference to their business positively. This motivated us to develop Ari Retail Management Solution, a platform for empowering retail businesses.

How our journey with retail business started?

Web Masters has been providing IT solutions for retailers for decades. We started as a retail solution provider with the jewelry industry, where we had served thousands of big and small retail brands.

We kept working on what we had pledged for, and this led to the engagement of thousands of clients from different retail businesses. We now assess retail businesses and recommend them to use our applications, which are highly beneficial yet cost-effective.

If you want to determine whether a retail system suits your business or not, counting just the number of functions it carries does not suffice. The flexibility of the functions that cater exactly to your needs also is equally important. Web Masters has built its own in-house retail management system from scratch that is trusted by retailers like you. We understand the industry thoroughly at the back of our hands – all the way from procurement to sales.

Web Masters has implemented the retail solution and provided related support and services to various retail businesses spread over countries such as UAE, Bahrain, Oman, India, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the African region.

Web Masters – The best retail solutions provider locally and internationally

Other products by Web Masters

Apart from being a retail solutions provider, we provide other products and services that help multiple businesses from different sectors across the globe. Some of these products include the following:

With various such products at hand, Web Masters can employ functional knowledge to different industries and integrate different solutions. This makes us a prime service and solutions provider in the field of Information Technology. Our knowledge, expertise in technology, an understanding of the challenging business scenario, and varied experience help us to help you with the best solutions.

Besides, we also provide hosting and managed services that include IT services, hosting and managed support, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM support services. Our IT professionals and experts engage in diagnosing IT problems, analyzing the requirements, selecting the software, designing solutions, and implementation services. Web Masters’ project management services include system implementation, customization, training, integration, and support.

Our strengths as a retail solutions provider

We are a retail solutions provider offering solutions and services to businesses across several countries. Our strength lies in providing you the technology as well as the industry knowledge that improves your processes and transmits your business onto a new level of competitiveness and effectiveness. Our premium offering is the Ari Retail Management System that transforms the retail businesses for better.

  • You can reduce stock-out situations, free up your working capital and determine the time to reorder with the retail software
  • You have access to real-time updating of inventory with the retail system so that the stocks of products are managed from anywhere and anytime
  • You can plan your buying process, replenish your stocks, keep buffer quantity of products, allocate stocks to different stores based on customer behavior for each and hence, automate your process with retail solution
  • You can reduce stock-out situations, free up your working capital and determine the time to reorder with the retail software
  • You have access to real-time updating of inventory with the retail system so that the stocks of products are managed from anywhere and anytime
  • You can plan your buying process, replenish your stocks, keep buffer quantity of products, allocate stocks to different stores based on customer behavior for each and hence, automate your process with retail solution
  • You can design loyalty programs specific to a few customers on your retail management software to attract them to continue purchasing from you and increase their shopping cart size
  • You can design membership programs for specific customer groups on the retail management solution to attract the entire group and improve their shopping experience
  • You can manage your gift cards, gift coupons, personalized deals, offers, and promotions to upsell and cross-sell for increased sales volume through your retail shop management software
  • You can manage your products through different dimensions of color, size, type, and others and update the products, prices, and offers across different sales channels and stores
  • You can allow multiple modes of payment and multiple currencies for customers’ convenience and centrally create items for multiple channels such as e-commerce and physical shops
  • You can enhance the sales process through search functions, quick buttons, multiple promotional methods, and purchase suggestions based on customer behavior
  • You can analyze sales data, business financials, employee schedules, and other similar data and analytics on your retail solution to decide the next business strategies for your retail store’s growth
  • You can comprehend the customer behavior through the study of their purchase histories such as frequently bought products, brands, payment mode used, and any other indicators generated on the retail software
  • You can identify any frauds happening in the store through analysis of POS transactions, sales patterns, and business financials available on the retail shop management software and react quickly to reduce losses
  • You have access to an all-in-one integrated retail management solution that manages most of the processes of a retail store to make complete and comprehensive store management possible
  • You benefit from time saved on the transfer of data from one solution to another solution
  • You can enhance your business practices, avoid inconsistencies, improve your customers’ shopping experience and hence, increase your revenues through the retail management system
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Industries we serve

  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • General Trading
  • Jewellery
  • Real Estate
  • Professional firms
  • Hotels
  • IT
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
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What is a retail management system?

A retail management system is a platform that enables to run multiple operations of a retail store smoothly and efficiently. These multiple operations include inventory management, point of sale, customer relationship management, supply chain management, promotions management, and analytics tools. Some retail management systems may have added features depending on their target industry or business types.

Does your retail management solution require the internet?

Most of the modern retail management systems require an Internet connection. Some of the retail software is developed in a way that they can run some of the features offline in the case of internet disconnection; however, later, it requires internet for data integration and advanced features.

What are the hardware requirements for retail shop management software?

Some of the hardware requirements for retail store management software include:

  • Register/cash register
  • Credit/Debit card terminal/reader
  • Receipt printer and paper
  • Barcode scanner
  • Cash drawer
  • Networking equipment

There might be other requirements such as a local server, additional tablets or mobile devices, self-service kiosks, and many others for industry-specific needs.

What do our clients say about us?

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    I have a retail business. I was recommended by my friend to buy the retail management solution of Web Masters, and I am happy with my decision. The retail software has improved my business operations by leaps and bounds. My customers are happy with the faster processes and availability of stocks. Thanks to Web Masters, the retail solutions provider, for their continuous support for our business growth.
    Supermarket store
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    Web Masters has been an outstanding partner to us. Their retail software has worked magic for our business operations. We were always strategizing to get detailed analytics on our customers, products, and employees to design promotional strategies depending on those. With Ari retail management system, we could generate such analytics and design marketing campaigns, and discount offers to give them benefits for being loyal to us. Web Masters, you have found a fan in us.
    Store manager
    retail store
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    We have been a long time customer of Web Masters – the best retail solutions provider. We had purchased multiple solutions from them for our multiple business arms. They produce robust solutions customized to our business needs. We are happy with their efficiency, effectiveness, quick assistance, and creative solutions. Thanks for being there for our business, our growth, and us.
    Fitness company

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