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Looking for the best billing software for a retail shop? – Ari is here!


Billing Software for Retail Shop

Ari’s Billing Software for Retail Shop is the right answer for your retail shops’ search for comprehensive retail billing software. The retail software is a rich solution with combined functionalities of POS billing, inventory management, staff management, discount and promotions, CRM, Loyalty Programs, Supply Chain Management, and Reporting features.

These features enable the store managers to keep the store operations in control, manage all the activities, and grow their business in India.

Its features such as Barcode, Touch Screen, Discount & schemes, Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, and many others make it one of the best billing software for retail shops in India. Ari’s retail billing software is a GST enabled POS Billing Software in India for different retail stores such as grocery stores, pharmacy stores, optical stores, supermarkets, consumer electronics stores, sporting goods stores, and others.

Retail Billing System for a busy retailer just like you!

The retail billing system specifically focuses on the automation of your business processes, and it is successful in that always.

Any retail business operating in any industry sector, with fewer or more employees, and dealing in any types of products and services can find benefits from our retail shop billing software. Ari’s POS billing software for retail shops is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and flexible solution, which can be well-integrated with other accounting and email marketing solutions.

POS – the way it should be

Whether you are a startup or an established business with one retail store or multiple stores, Ari will prove to be the best billing software for retail shops in India.

Our professionals and experts at Ari provide you the full support in implementation, consultation, and training for the supermarket billing software. Ari’s retail POS software specialists hand-hold you through the initial phase of setting up the software and learning to use it until you can fully manage Ari’s billing software for retail shop.

Bring your retail business in full action mode with Ari's retail shop billing software

  • Touch screen POS billing system
  • Gift vouchers and cards
  • Quick Buttons
  • Flexible Product Master
  • Barcode scanning
  • File import
  • Data export
  • Daily data backups

Features of our Billing Software:

Enhanced business processes with Ari's billing software for retail shop

Ari’s retail shop billing software supports adding stock items to sales, selling items on credit, editing and updating on the fly, additional reporting, and printouts from within a sale.

The POS software for retail stores processes credit card payments from within the sale. You just have to swipe the credit card, and we take care of the rest. Ari POS also supports quick pay buttons and multiple payments in multiple currencies.

Our billing software for retail shop supports multiple price lists assigned to stores, customers, and suppliers.

You can keep track of supplier details, credit limits, banking information, etc. through suppliers’ unique profile with Ari’s billing software for retail shop in India.

The grocery billing software in India ensures end-to-end purchase process tracking, starting from Item Requisition, Purchase Order, and Goods Receipt Note (GRN).

The retail software guarantees powerful inventory management with an option to track landed costs. The POS billing system also supports physical inventory counting, stock adjustments, and stock transfers.

Importance to customers’ convenience through Ari’s software for billing in shops

Ari easily manages partial refunds, full refunds, exchanges, customer credit, and warranties, making it the best billing software for retail shops.

You can define promotions on Ari’s retail software and apply them automatically whenever an item is selected in the shop billing software. You have the option to provide multiple discounts by either item, percentage, amount, or a combination of any of these. The supermarket billing software also enables a separate view for items under promotion for a better classification during the billing process.

The retail store management software enables you to attract your customers by providing them with loyalty points based on the purchase amount spent. After earning some points, customers will have the option to easily issue and redeem loyalty points from the retail store software.

Insightful conclusions made possible through the billing software for retail shop

Ari’s retail billing system provides an analytics dashboard and business intelligence on the purchase, sales, inventory, profitability, salesperson, and stores, enabling the storeowners to make strategic decisions on plans ahead or make any changes in the future.

The store owners can collect all its customers’ data – their demographics and sales history from within the retail management system use them to identify any up-selling opportunities. For example, pharmacy billing software tracks the medicines purchased by each customer, and hence, the store owner upsells other related products for the betterment of the customer.

Ari’s retail software solution also allows you to track your sales by each salesperson and hence, determine their performance and hence, commissions for each.

Ari’s retail software provides reports and analytics on all areas of business, including Sales, Inventory, Customers, Suppliers, Sales Staff, Marketing, Item Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt Note, Stock Transfers, Debit Note, Credit Note, Sales Orders, and Dispatch Notes. Thus, the retail management system gives you insights into whatever data you are looking for to design and develop business growth strategies.

Other benefits

Retail storeowners obtain complete control over store operations with the store open and close procedures, register open and close procedures, and cash box open and close procedures.

You can use the latest technology, including touch screen, barcode, RFID, Scanner, Pole Display, SMS, and Email receipts with the best billing software for retail stores.

This solution makes it possible for the store managers to check product availability in other stores through their retail software and never miss a sale just because the stock is not available in-store.

Ari has many other features such as User-defined fields, file attachments, approval workflow, and so on.

Ari - One of the most treasured solutions for your commercial success

Why Ari POS Billing Software?

Ari has many reasons to give you to buy its retail billing software so that you enjoy all the benefits that it has to offer.

Multiple accounting and email marketing applications such as Xero, Tally, QuickBooks, Retail Insight, MailChimp, and eCommerce platforms are available on our billing software for retail shops in India. Due to these integrations, retail shops can integrate functionalities so benefit from the features of both and hence, manage all aspects of their business.

Our retail shop software is easy to use and easy to learn. It has a simplified user interface with an option to run the software in training mode. Our software experts will provide you detailed training on its use and handling. You just have to learn to handle it once, and voila! There you are running the best billing software for retail shops.

We also provide a trial version of the retail software for 30 days to give you confidence in the product’s benefits for your business.

Ari provides you live, online support through the Ari Retail Software Support Center. This center resolves your doubts and queries about product usage and makes your life easier. Our experts and professionals are always at your service to render personalized support whenever you need it, and wherever you need it.

Buy Ari to enjoy convenience at every step of your business


Currently, I have one store. However, I am looking to build multiple stores across the country, and I would need a supermarket billing software that integrates data from all stores. Is it possible on Ari?

Yes. You need not worry about the inventory data from multiple stores. You can manage multiple stores from Ari’s retail software to give you a consolidated view of your business, despite operations from multiple stores.

I am about to open a shoe and footwear store, and I am looking for retail software. Will your solution work for my store?

Yes, Ari’s retail billing software is suitable for a shoe and footwear store. Our solution is useful for many retail businesses such as fashion retail, shoe stores, electronics, gift shop, furniture, supermarkets, hardware, jewellery, bike shops, pharmacy, optical, toys store, and many others.

If I face any difficulty after its setup on my system, will you be providing support and solving my queries?

Yes, we are always available to our customers and clients. We are ready to solve their queries and questions on anything related to our retail shop billing software. Reach out to us at our contact number or email anytime.

Customer Testimonials

  • Store owner
    I am a happy user of Ari's billing software for retail shop. Firstly, it is simple and easy to use with no complicated features. Secondly, it makes my business operations faster and more effective. Thirdly, I can track my inventory at every step of its movement, thereby helping in ordering products and designing offers for customers. Before using Ari, I had the experience of using other retail billing software. I can assure you that no other retail billing system gives the same benefits as Ari from my varied experiences. It is the best billing software for retail shops.
    Store owner
    Pharmacy store
  • Store manager
    I wanted to say a big thanks to Ari for their retail shop billing software. It has made my life easier with efficient business processes. I was looking for a good shop billing software when I opened my electronics store last year. Someone recommended Ari to me, and I have no complaints about the system and their services. Specifically, I like its integration with the accounting software that makes it more useful. I am glad I used this product.
    Store manager
    Electronics Store
  • Manager
    What is there to not like about the best billing software for retail shops? Nothing. Really. I stand by this statement. This supermarket billing software has managed all the processes just the way I wanted. It handles POS billing, inventory management, designing customer rewards programs, tracking employees' schedules, and generating insightful reports and analytics. The billing software for retail shops is just amazing, and I would recommend it to my friends and business associates as the best billing software for retail shops.
    Supermarket store

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