It depends on you whether you want it on the original bracelet or enjoy the touch of leather. Today, the copy rolex Datejust is celebrated for its refined elegance, history and its triumphant watchmaking quality. Apart from the looking as good for that next date you'll be making a sound investment for the future. For the casual watch enthusiast or the die-hard collector, this watch is not to be missed.
September 17, 2020
Retail promotion strategy

Best Guide to Retail Promotion Strategy for Business Growth

What is Retail Promotion Strategy? Retail promotion strategy is nothing but activities undertaken to induce customers by providing them with incentives, offers, deals, and other such […]
September 8, 2020
technology budgeting

5 Simple Steps to Information Technology Budgeting

Accurate estimating of technology Budgeting is a difficult task; however, it is critical for every organization. Organizations need to stay updated with the latest technology Budgeting […]
September 3, 2020
Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)

Stock Keeping Unit (SKU): Definition, Best Practices, Example, and Benefits

What is an SKU? The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), often around 8 alpha-numeric digits, helps retail stores keep track of the items and their variants in […]
August 24, 2020
how to stop shoplifting

How to Stop Shoplifting? 10 Proven Techniques to Reduce Shoplifting

People start their retail business with one step, and thereafter they keep improving striving to expand the dream. However, shoplifting could be a bothersome problem as it acts as a hindrance to one’s business growth.
August 18, 2020
Retail Business

7 Ways to Promote a Retail Business in 2022

After you establish your retail business to a certain extent, the urge to grow in terms of profit and services is natural. However, it is not […]
August 7, 2020
Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing Tools that Every Retailer Need to Succeed in 2022

It is the start of the new year, 2022. In the last couple of years, most retailers have faced issues because of the coronavirus. As a […]
May 11, 2020
how to attract customers to your store

Top 6 Ways to Attract Customers to your Store

Have you ever wondered – even after getting a store at a prime location, spending a lot on marketing, and having people in your store? Why […]
April 10, 2020
What is POS

What is POS? What is Retail Point of Sale?

What is POS? The point of sale system (POS) is one of the touchpoints where customers pay money to sellers, in return for goods/services. This transaction […]
April 10, 2020

GSS 2019 – 4 Tips for Retailers to Ace the Great Singapore Sale

Every year, Singaporeans and tourists look forward to the annual Singapore Promotion event aka Great Singapore Sale (GSS). GSS 2019 is going to be held between […]