FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I signup?

You may take free trial and explore Ari POS and Retail Software. Once you are satisfied that Ari is the right Retail Management Software for your retail operations, you may choose a paid subscription plan that’s right for your business.

2. Are custom subscription plans available?

Yes. Enterprise customers may contact us for a custom quote.

3. Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription plan?

Yes! you may upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time. Any credit lying in your account will be transferred to your new Ari subscription plan on pro-rata basis.

4. How much time does it take to setup Ari ?

Setting up Ari POS and Retail Management Software is pretty fast if you already have your master data (items, price lists, tax information, customers, suppliers) ready in the templates provided by Ari. There’s a quickstart available in Ari to get you started really quick and start transacting.
However, if you are too busy or need help in setting up Ari then our professional services are always available. Our professional services include installation and configuration of Ari and training and supporting you in all ways to make sure you run Ari of your own.

5. Is Ari compatible with my existing hardware?

Ari works fine with the most of the hardware devices including poll display, printers, scanners and credit card readers as long as they support and adhere to OPOS standard.
System Requirements for Ari HQ:
Operating System (OS): Windows 7 and higher or Apple OS X and above
Processor: 3.60 GHz processor
Hard disc: 10 GB free HDD space for the software
Framework support: .Net Framework 4.5.1 or higher
Server: Microsoft SQL 2008 or SQL express with advanced services (to view reports) OR Microsoft SQL 2008 Standard Edition or Higher version of Report Builder 3 (To create custom reports)
Browser: Latest Chrome Browser
Application: Rabbit MQ (If having Virtual Machine or Web Server where application hosted)

System Requirement for Ari POS:
Operating System (OS): Windows 7 or higher
Processor: 2 GHz
Hard disc: 10 GB free HDD space for the software
Framework support: .Net Framework 4.5.1 or higher
Reporting: Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 or higher version
Drivers: POS for .Net 1.14 for hardware integration through OPOS and other system drivers
Server: Microsoft SQL 2008 or SQL express with advanced services
Application: Rabbit MQ (will be used If Ari is hosted on Virtual Machine or Web Server)
Note: These system requirements are for the ideal usage of Ari POS and Retail Management System. However, Ari is highly customizable under specific business requirements and may require different (higher or lower) system of both hardware and software for it to run smoothly.

Get in touch with : support at arirms.com should you require any further information. Can’t find your existing hardware on our list of recommendations?

6. Is Ari right fit for my POS and Retail Software need?

If you run a retail fashion store, Consumer Electronics Store, Furniture Store, Hardware Store, Jewellery Store, Sporting Goods Store, Supermarket, pharmacy or Optical Store then Ari is the best choice for your Point of Sales (POS) and Retail Management Software needs.

7. Does Ari work in my Country?

Ari is hosted on cloud and hence it can be used from anywhere. We have provided taxation module in such a way that taxes can be configured and applied for almost all countries.
As far as physical presence is concerned, we have offices in UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Bahrain. However, our technical support team is always available to help you if you are stuck anywhere.

Ari POS and Retail Software