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Ari integrates with other software to achieve power-up effects

Ari + Xero

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Ari retail solution with Xero accounting software – the best blend of both worlds. Achieve a seamless experience with accurate information for you to keep track and make the right decisions. Save time, manpower and energy to focus on what’s more important.

  • Streamline POS, purchase, inventory, and financial management functions

  • Automatically update data with integration

  • Eliminates manual data entry and human error

  • A more elaborative and accurate reporting

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Ari + Tally

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Ari retail solution integrates smoothly with Tally accounting system to ensure that your retail business is uninterrupted. Linking front-end POS with back-end finance, you’ll experience a seamless operation and easier control. Discard mundane activities with quick automation.

  • Clearer control on all processes from POS, inventory, purchase till finance

  • Data and information flows through the system seamlessly

  • Improves accuracy of information collected within the system

  • Better reporting that leads to better business decisions and strategies

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Ari + Retail Insight

Retail Insight Logo

If you are using Retail Insight, it is definitely an easy upgrade for you when you take the Ari + Retail Insight package. Manage your retail operations all in one with an integrated solution to keep information about sales, customers and inventory in one full system.

  • Able to view the entire business on one platform

  • Drill down on profit/loss analysis even more clearly

  • A faster and better cash flow

  • Complete solution that handles bookkeeping, accounts receivable/payable

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Ari + Power BI

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It is so crucial for businesses to obtain accurate reporting to make better business decisions and judgement. Ari integrates with Power BI so that you can visualize your data in a clearer manner and understand what’s going on with just one look on your dashboard.

  • Pulls data from various sources to present a holistic view of your business

  • Make the right decisions and execute the right strategies

  • Avoid overseeing important data figures that are covered up / hidden

  • Colorful representation that is easy to see and easy to use

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Continuous Enhancement

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