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Retail Insight
March 16, 2020

Ari + Mailchimp POS Integration

Ari streamlines the retail business processes of a retailer. Ari has inventory management features, the capability to manage multiple stores, and a point of sale system, which is easy to use. Ari + Mailchimp POS Integration empowers a retailer to have an awesome retail experience coupled with a world-class email marketing solution.

For the expansion of a business, an application needs to focus on features that help a retail business to attract customers. And the key to attract customers lies in providing them more benefits than other stores.

For that reason, we have included a customer rewards program and promotions related features. Through a customer rewards program, you can earn loyal customers by providing them continuous benefits in the form of reward points and discounts. You can even set different customer levels according to the amount of purchase. As per the level, you can increase the benefits too.

The promotions option not only bring customers but even help you to clear the stock. There are pre-defined promotions templates in Ari for your ease.

However, the question arises how are you going to communicate with your customers when there is a promotion, discount, change in the loyalty program, level upgradation, etc.?

For that reason, we have included Mailchimp integration. From here, it is possible to send emails to multiple customers in one go. This application is very helpful when you need to remain in touch with your employees.

About Mailchimp

About Mailchimp

Mailchimp integration has the tagline ‘less effort, better results.’ The tagline is true, as marketing becomes easier with it. Besides that, it also improves the response you get from your customer.

Mailchimp is a vast marketing tool. When you integrate it with Ari, you can conduct email marketing with a few steps. In Mailchimp, you can choose to use the basic layout or a theme for email marketing. If you want, you can even code a template for this purpose.

Besides that, Mailchimp even offers options to run social media campaigns, create your own website, and a lot more. Therefore, it is a full-fledged branding tool that can make your business spread rapidly.

Knowing this importance, we have made sure you connect your Mailchimp account with Ari easily and start using Mailchimp POS Integration in no time.

Put your audience at the heart of your marketing

The more you know about your people, the smarter you can be with your campaigns. Mailchimp helps you turn audience data into insights that guide your campaigns—every step of the way.

Audience dashboard

Spot patterns in your contact data and use those insights to kick off campaigns. Based on the pattern, you can create a different customer group and smartly target the audience with Mailchimp.

What else you can do with Mailchimp

The application allows you to create ads, social posts, landing pages, and Sign up form. In addition, you can even create a website of your own. It allows you to automate email, social posts, and postcards.

Benefits of Ari + Mailchimp Point of Sale Integration

  • If you use Ari, you won’t need to manually add the customer information to the Mailchimp. The customer data which is collected during the transaction and then synced to the Back-office can be directly transferred to the Mailchimp with Ari + Mailchimp Point of Sale Integration.
  • The data of customers who made wholesale purchases and vendors can also be transferred to the Mailchimp.
  • In Mailchimp, you can create customer groups as choose to send emails to that specific group only. This can help to target interested audiences instead of sending it to all the buyers.
  • Using the Mailchimp customer dashboard, you can find similarities amongst different customers. IT will help you to make the targeting better.
  • You can generate reports for the various emails sent to the customers. It will help you to know the performance of emails by learning about the engagement. That way, you can make decisions regarding further targeting through email content & template.
BenefitsofAri TallyIntegration

Ari + Mailchimp Integration Features

  • Ari provides you an option to choose the batch size for posting i.e., the number of records that you want to be synced with Mailchimp in a single go. You can change the batch size value anytime.
  • For identification of your account, Mailchimp provides client ID and client secret which you need to enter in Ari. It provides additional security by avoiding unauthorized access.

Data Synchronization in Mailchimp

  • Facile connection: You just need to click the connection button, input the Mailchimp credentials, and the connection is done.
  • Add the information in no time: You just need to add the customer group, which may belong to the walk-in customer, customer, vendor, and employee.
  • One step mapping: You don’t need to map fields one by one. The fields present in Ari can be mapped with Mailchimp using a single dialog box.
  • Automatically removes irrelevant and fake emails: Mailchimp software’s intelligence lets it find which emails are not genuine. This helps to target relevant customers.

Web Masters is a proud member of Mailchimp Partners Program.

Mailchimp integration comes freely with Ari POS and Retail Management Software. It helps you reach customers and offer discounts and promotions, updates and coupon codes with no manual efforts. In today’s retail environment, it is necessary to keep in touch with your customers and adding more of them to grow your business. Mailchimp will help you create beautiful email campaigns and facilitate ongoing communication with your customers.

  • Segment your lists by store, customer type or the way you want
  • Sync customer database automatically with Mailchimp
  • Eliminate manual data entry and save time
  • Create targeted email campaign and send out to your mailing list
  • Send out welcome emails, birthday/anniversary greetings and promotional mailers
  • Engage with your loyal customers and increase sales

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