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About Mailchimp

Put your audience at the heart of your marketing

The more you know about your people, the smarter you can be with your campaigns. Mailchimp helps you turn audience data into insights that guide your campaigns—every step of the way.

Connect all the dots for more actionable data

Mailchimp helps you keep track of everything you know about everyone you know—so you can confidently act on data in your marketing.

MailChimp Partner

Web Masters is a proud member of Mailchimp Partners Program.

Mailchimp integration comes freely with Ari POS and Retail Management Software. It helps you reach customers and offer discounts and promotions, updates and coupon codes with no manual efforts. In today’s retail environment, it is necessary to keep in touch with your customers and adding more of them to grow your business. Mailchimp will help you create beautiful email campaigns and facilitate ongoing communication with your customers.

  • Segment your lists by store, customer type or the way you want

  • Sync customer database automatically with Mailchimp

  • Eliminate manual data entry and save time

  • Create targeted email campaign and send out to your mailing list

  • Send out welcome emails, birthday/anniversary greetings and promotional mailers

  • Engage with your loyal customers and increase sales

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