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March 13, 2020
Tally POS Integration
March 16, 2020

Ari + QuickBooks Point of Sale Integration enabling automated accounting

Ari, the retail management software loaded with features, is here with premium integrations. Ari + Quickbooks POS integration empowers a retailer to have a better control over accounting processes.

If you are a QuickBooks user, Ari can provide your retail chain with ease in handling the business.

With Ari, you can run the customer reward program too. It helps to earn loyal customers who will continuously support your business to grow. Another way to gain customers is promotions and discounts, which is also possible through Ari.

With Ari and QuickBooks integration, you will never need to worry about managing the business and even the accounting for it. Moreover, you can integrate both of them effortlessly with a step by step process.

About QuickBooks

About QuickBooks

QuickBooks came into existence in 2002, and today it is one of the widely used accounting software.

Quickbooks is loaded with multiple features and yet easy to use. One can even create a demo company in it to learn the application. It provides unmatched accounting features and easy reporting.

In addition, it provides high data security by encrypting it. Therefore, your data remains safe while using QuickBooks.

When you connect it to Ari, the transactions which take place through Ari POS and Back-office can be transferred to it instantly. This keeps your data and its accounting synchronized, avoiding any chances of mismatch.

Benefits of Ari + QuickBooks POS Integration

  • By integrating Ari with QuickBooks, you will eliminate the need to maintain inventory in QuickBooks. You will just need to add the product in Ari as all the transactions will be recorded here.
  • It will help you to reduce the task of invoice creation as Ari automatically generates it through the POS.
  • Ari offers the choice of posting records automatically or manually. With this integration, you can sync your POS transactions, purchases and returns, dispatch notes and returns, debit notes and credit notes, stock transfers.
  • It saves time and even reduces errors when data is just needed to be keyed once in Ari and posted automatically to QuickBooks.
  • It will eliminate the additional task of importing the data from your POS software and exporting it to QuickBooks by matching the field every time. This reduces the overall effort in data transfer.
ARI QuickBooks

Ari + QuickBooks Point of Sale Integration Features


Till and store wise

You can choose whether you want to post a transaction according to the period between “Till Open” and “Till Close” which defines shift of a cashier. Another option is to post as per the period between “Store Open” and “Store Close” which defines the time between closing and opening of your physical store.


Map every required

With Ari + QuickBooks POS Integration, you can map stock opening, credit cards, gift cards, tax records, and every aspect whose accounting is possible through QuickBooks.

Accurate and efficient mapping will help you to keep your financial records up to date.


Transaction Posting

Before posting any transaction from Ari to QuickBooks, you can add an additional layer to check if the syncing is done correctly or not. All transactions synced with Quickbooks will be saved as a draft, and after a user approves them from there, then also they will get posted. You can choose to eliminate this step if you wish.

Posting Data on QuickBooks

When you choose QuickBooks, data is transferred quickly from Ari to QuickBooks. From the posting screen, you just need to select the date range for which posting is required.

You can choose to post only the pending records, or all the records can be posted at once. After you select the date range and posting, the data will be transferred to QuickBooks with just a click.

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