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Tally POS Integration
March 16, 2020
March 16, 2020

Ari + Retail Insight POS Integration

Ari is one of the most proficient applications for handling the retail business. We, at Ari, has focused on covering each aspect of retail business to make sure your business experiences exponential growth. Ari + Retail Insight POS Integration brings the best of Retail and Accounting to you.

If we talk about the interface between the business and the customer- Ari’s POS system, it is simplistic, user-friendly, and covers all the required features. The point of sale system is efficient enough to handle hundreds of customers you have in a day.

For configuration of application’s each aspect, we have the Back-office which is web-based. You can log in to the Back office to run the POS system as per your requirement. In addition, to attract customers, we have added promotions related features. There are predefined templates for this purpose, and you just need to add the product to run the promotion.

Moreover, Ari is the best application to secure long-lasting customers with its loyalty program. In that, you can offer points to your buyers, which they can use it in their next purchase.

Ari Retail Software is what your business requires to reduce the efforts and improve the results.

About Retail Insight

About Retail Insight

Retail Insight helps to simplify, integrate and streamline business processes cost effectively. Extremely simple to use and easy to learn, it is suitable for small and medium size retailers who like to take advantage of a system to manage their operations. Retail Insight is a flexible solution that adapts to your needs.

  • Complete book-keeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable
  • Affords multiple currency, multiple company, multiple financial year and multiple chart of accounts
  • Bank reconciliation and account reconciliation
  • Drill down on trial balance, balance sheet, profit, and loss, age analysis
  • General Ledger, Credit / Debit Note, Period Lock System, PDC Control
  • Ensure on-time collections and better cash flow
  • Look at item-wise and bill-wise profitability to identify inventories with high and low margins

Ari + Retail Insight Integration enhances customer experience. With the peripheral support, browsing options, quick buttons, etc., Ari makes sure that all the processes starting from the purchase of the product to the report generation of all the records remains streamlined.

Benefits of Ari + Retail Insight Point of Sale Integration

  • Integrating Ari with Retail insight will provide you with the functionality of managing the retail transactions as well as performing accounting for it.
  • With Ari, you won’t need to manage inventory through Retail Insight. As Ari provides barcode scanning, serialized tracking, and RFID support, it will make a lot easier for you to manage the inventory.
  • Your business may have a lot of customers, but if you want to increase their number, you can use Ari’s promotions and loyalty program features. Data of customers created through Ari can be transferred to Retail Insight with the help of Ari + Retail Insight Point of Sale Integration.
  • Ari provides different reports such as tax reports, sales reports, profit reports, etc. These reports can be helpful in accounting, too, which you are going to perform through retail insight.
BenefitsofAri TallyIntegration

Ari + Retail Insight POS Integration Features


Batch Size

Posting of the data on Retail Insight will be done as per the batch size. The batch size defines the number of records. For instance, if the batch size is 1, whenever a single record is added in Ari, it will be automatically posted to Retail Insight through Ari + Retail Insight POS Integration.



We make sure that all the possible elements of Ari are mapped with Retail Insight. You can transfer transaction details, customers, vendors, purchase details, etc., to the integrated software. It is done with complete accuracy evading the probability of mismatch with the Ari + Retail Insight Point of Sale Integration.


Ability to correct

If for some reason, some transactions could not be posted, Ari provides a log of them, and the user has an option to correct those transactions in Ari and then try reposting them to the Retail Insight. This way, it ensures that the data posted to Retail Insight is complete in all sense.

Posting Data on Retail Insight

After step by step mapping of data, all you need to do is regularly posting the data from Ari. It can be done automatically, as well.

While posting, you just need to select the date range for which you are transferring the data. After selecting the date range, you just need to select the organization for which you are doing the posting, and in posting will be done in one go.

Additionally, you can choose whether you need to post all the data or just the pending ones.

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