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Integration features

Benefits of Retail Insight + Ari integration

Sync all information

Automatically post and sync your POS transactions, Purchases and Returns, Dispatch Notes and Returns, Debit Notes and Credit Notes, Stock Transfers to Retail Insight. You can also post them manually if you would like to.

Set your own batch sizes

Post transactions that happened between open/close till or open/close store without any hassle. You can also define the batch size of transactions to be sent for posting.

Identify profitability

Post transactions to Retail Insight using tracking categories defined in Ari for each organization. This allows you to identify department/division wise profitability.

Ability to correct errors

If for some reason, some transactions could not be posted, Ari provides a log of them and the user has an option to correct those transactions in Ari and then try reposting them.

About Retail Insight

Better business with a complete retail and financial system

Built with sound understanding of the retail industry, Retail Insight helps to simplify, integrate and streamline business processes cost effectively. Extremely simple to use and easy to learn, it is suitable for small and medium size retailers who like to take advantage of a system to manage their operations. Retail Insight is a flexible solution that adapts to your needs.

  • Complete book-keeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable
  • Affords multiple currency, multiple company, multiple financial year and multiple chart of accounts
  • Bank reconciliation and account reconciliation
  • Drill down on trial balance, balance sheet, profit and loss, age analysis
  • General Ledger, Credit / Debit Note, Period Lock System, PDC Control
  • Ensure on-time collections and better cash flow
  • Look at item-wise and bill-wise profitability to identify inventories with high and low margins

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