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Designed to make your retail operations seamless and profitable, ARI takes pride in being one of the leading POS systems in Singapore. Do not take our word, try it, and see the results.

Salient Features of ARI’s Singapore POS System

1. Centralized Inventory Management

Be it one store or multiple stores, you can keep track of stock movements at various locations. This way, you will know how much to order and which store needs more stock.

2. Accelerate Transactions

Ari POS System for Singapore assists you in accelerating cash & digital transactions. Moreover, you can leverage POS-enabled cash register control and multi-currency & multi-language support.

3. Loyalty Programs

Reward your customers with gift cards and loyalty points for their valuable purchases. These further increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

4. Promotions Management

ARI POS System helps you keep track of customer purchases & their preferences, enabling you to create promotional and marketing campaigns. Also, use the ‘Link Items’ feature to suggest Upselling offers.

5. Inventory Tracking

Ari’s Singapore POS system helps you categorize inventory with variants (color, size, features, etc.). And you can check fast & slow-selling stocks, expiry schedules, and re-order notifications in the feature of Inventory Management Software.

6. Intuitive Dashboard

With ARI POS, you can add Quick Buttons for important features on your dashboard. Moreover, you get dynamic search, seamless hardware integrations, etc.

7. Offline Feature

Experiencing internet issues or operating from a remote location? No worries, ARI’s Singapore POS system also records information in offline mode. When the internet is available/restored, the saved data will synchronize on the cloud.

8. Reporting

Generate end-to-end retail reports regarding sales, stock analysis, stock expiry, loyalty ledger, day-wise cash report, etc. Also, reports can shed light on customer preferences & buying patterns.

9. Returns & Warranty Exchange

Manage returns and replacements with ease with ARI’s Singapore POS system. Note details like a reason for return, an employee who handled the sale, and comments.

Retail POS Solutions

Ari POS and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Integration

POS System Singapore

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

It is a consolidated business management solution that allows business owners to manage sales, finance, inventory, reporting, operations, and customer relations comprehensively.

Benefits of an Integrating Ari POS system with Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Say goodbye to manual accounting and get real-time data related to sales, purchases, inventory, and others.
  • Analyze business performance instantaneously and understand the latest trends and customer preferences to optimize business functions.
  • Post and synchronize your POS transactions immediately, including purchases & returns, dispatch & returns, purchases, stock transfers, etc.
  • Manage finance seamlessly by documenting financial performance in real-time and planning financial budgets & forecasts with ease.
  • Integrate ARI’S Singapore POS system with Business Central and get Ari POS transactions directly linked to your accounting module in Business Central. Get a 30 Days Free Trial.
  • Post-integration, if any transaction is not posted, you will receive a detailed log which you can use to make changes & post later.

Learn more about Ari POS and Business Central Integration – Click Here 

Mailchimp Integration with ARI POS

What is Mailchimp?

In simple language, Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that allows businesses to send emails to thousands of people instantly. Create and manage mailing lists & newsletters while automating lead collection and email marketing campaigns only with ARI POS.

Mailchimp is free, easy to use, and requires zero coding. You can integrate it easily with your Singapore point of sale system & experience the limitless benefits.

POS System in Singapore

Why Should you Integrate Mailchimp with ARI POS?

  • Customize email templates to send promotion deals to the email list
  • Send offer emails to boost customer loyalty and repeat sales
  • Free plan & affordable premium packages.
  • Customizable & embeddable sign-up forms.
  • Measure email performance with analytics & insights.

Learn more about Ari POS and Mailchimp Integration – Click Here

Other than Business Central and Mailchimp, Ari Integrates seamlessly with accounting leaders like – Tally, QuickBooks, Xero, Retail Insights, etc.

Ease of Deploying Ari POS System in Singapore for Retailers

Ari POS is undoubtedly one of the most compatible POS systems in Singapore for retailers. It offers end-to-end retail management features and integrates seamlessly with Business Central, Tally, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp.

Here is How We Make Ari POS Implementation Seamless for You:

Data Import

We help you seamlessly import your important retail data from your legacy systems to Ari POS.

Customise Your POS System

Our POS experts customize the Ari Software to suit your business requirements. Moreover, Ari comes with multi-currency and multi-language support.

Robust Customer Support

If you ever face a problem post-installation, ARI’s dedicated support team is always there to assist you. You can reach them via chat, email, or call.

The Flexibility of Deployment

You can choose to deploy Ari POS on the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid setup.

Intuitive ‘Training’ Mode

Ari POS System for Singapore comes with a ‘Training’ mode that helps new users to get accustomed to POS features easily.

Head Office in Singapore

With our strong physical presence in Singapore, we assure prompt support, accountability, and a dedicated point of contact.

Transform your Business with ARI Singapore POS

Customer Testimonials

  • Kristi-Emmet
    Ari retail Point of Sale software is now a part of my company. We are attached to the application and can’t think of switching to another one. It has helped us enough in sorting out the business. Nothing’s messy now, and we are handling the customers in a better way.
  • Matthew-Irvine
    The retail POS software never gets crashed, they even have the offline mode, small features such as hold, etc. The thing is, my business never stops as I am using Ari. And even when I have any confusion, the support team’s there to help me. That’s all a user need!
    Matthew Irvine
  • Chris-Kynaston
    The software, Ari, knows my pain points better than anyone. Whatever issues I had, are gone now as Ari retail POS system became a part of my business. It not only manages things for me; it helps me grow, making my business better.
    Chris Kynaston

FAQs: POS System in Singapore in Singapore

1) I own Fashion & Clothing Stores in Singapore. Does Ari POS help Me Grow My Sales?

Yes, Ari Fashion POS Software for Singapore is designed with crucial features like:

  • Seamless Clothing Inventory Management with Variant Management (size, color, pattern variants)
  • In-store Promotions and Customer Loyalty Management features
  • Accelerated Transactions with Quick Buttons & Multiple Payment Options
  • Muti-currency and Multi-language Support
  • Inventory Tracking with Fast & Slow Selling Inventory Reports
  • Centralized Multi-store Management
  • Integrations with Dynamics Business Central, Xero, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, etc.
  • Consolidated Sales, Inventory, and Performance Reports

To learn more about the features of Ari Fashion POS, you can take a 30-day Free Demo without any obligations.

2) Why is Ari the best POS System in Singapore?

Ari POS is rated as one of the best POS for Singapore retailers owing to several features like:

  • Multi-store Inventory & Sales Management
  • Quick Transactions & Billing
    Multiple Payment Options, Multi-currency, and Multi-language Support
    Easy In-store Promotions Feature
    Customer Loyalty Points Management
  • Offline Mode (during unstable connection)
  • Inventory Tracking (RFID, Fast & Slow-selling stocks, Expiry Schedule, etc.)
    Industry-specific Features (Up to 22 Industries)
  • Detailed Reporting (Sales, Profits, Stock Analysis, Finance)

Moreover, Ari has its head office based in Singapore and has a dedicated POS Support team. Our experts also offer business-specific POS software optimization for retailers in Singapore.

You can opt for a Free Consultation without any obligation.

3) I already have a retail POS system, but I intend to change to Ari. Will your POS system be compatible with the existing hardware I have?

In most cases, Ari is compatible with the commonly used hardware in retail stores, such as scanners, credit card readers, printers, and other equipment. However, if there is a case of incompatibility, we are here to assist you. You can contact us to discuss your case for a better experience.

4) I have a physical retail store and an online channel as well. Will your system give me an integrated view of all my business operations?

Yes, our POS system in Singapore integrates well with eCommerce platforms to streamline your online and offline channels for better business operations.

5) The internet at my place does not work well. Can your POS software run in offline mode?

We do need a stable internet connection for better working of Ari; however, it also performs basic activities in offline mode so that the store operations are not affected.

And this offline data synchronizes with the backend repository and functions as soon as you are back online.

Wish to Connect with Ari Retail POS Expert?

Tell us your business-specific requirements, and our POS experts will help you get the most out of Ari POS.

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