POS System in Singapore - Ari Point of sales

Ari Retail POS System Software empowers retailers to manage and grow their business in Singapore


Benefits of Ari Retail POS System

  • Stock what is selling.
  • Up-Sell and Cross-Sell products from POS.
  • Manage sales people more effectively
  • Reduce the chances of Stock-Outs
  • Better control over Store Operations
  • Reduce Fraud and Shrinkage
  • Profile Customers and run Email Campaigns

Fast Billing Fast Billing

The best POS system in Singapore, Ari POS provides unmatched billing speed so that you can provide a great retail experience to your customers. Manage queue with faster billing, put transactions on hold and layaway, apply discounts and promotions, accept credit cards and generate retail invoice all at a laser sharp speed. Enter items manually or with the help of a barcode scanner, quickly browse and search for customer requested items.


Use Ari for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Profile customers. Understand customer preferences through their purchase history and bring more repeat customers and increase sales. Create loyalty programs in Ari and reward the loyal customers. Take benefit of marketing features available in Ari. Create targeted mailing with the help of MailChimp integration and generate more sales.

Integrations Integrations

Ari is awesome on its own – but we want to make it even MORE. Comes with various integration, Ari offers flexibility to let you manage your business in the way you want at a lower cost. You do not need to repurchase a new system and learn how to use it from scratch, just use the current one you have and you’re good to go. Ari is integrated with Xero, Tally, MailChimp, Retail Insight, Power Bi, ecommerce Platforms and more.

Optimize Inventory Optimize Inventory

Use Ari POS Software for Inventory Management. Stock what sells more, quickly know non-moving and expiry items. Avoid over-stocking and under-stocking and serve customers better. Take physical inventory count and make stock adjustments as needed. Barcode stock items, use RFID tags and integrate them with scanner, avoid stock pilferage. Use Ari for wholesale distribution and supply chain management.

Multi Store Management Multi Store Management

Manage the entire retail operation from headquarters. With realtime data syncing capabilities, Ari provides keeps you updated all the time. Keep an eye on store wise sales, purchase, inventory, promotions and more. Take necessary action from anywhere, anytime. Add new outlets, cash registers, users and products at ease. Whether you run a single store or multi store, Ari Point of Sale is the right fit for you.

Reports & Analytics Dashboard Reports & Analytics Dashboard

Ari POS provides reports and analytics you can rely and act upon. Dashboards and data analytics aid in timely decision making and helps you grow in business. Use Power Bi Integration with Ari and have access to state of the art business intelligence reports. Learn from real-time information and understand what is successful and what needs improvement, from products, to staff, inventory, promotions and more.

Point of Sale Solution for your Retail Fashion, Grocery, Supermarket and many more ...