Ari POS system in Singapore – The door to retail business growth

Managing multiple processes and operations of a retail business is never an easy task. It requires a comprehensive retail POS software that streamlines your business processes in the best way possible. Ari’s POS system in Singapore serves your retail business needs so that your customers have the best shopping experience at your retail store. Our specialized Point of Sale system has all the functionalities that make it feature-rich, intuitive, and top-class to fit your business type and needs.

Ari POS system in Singapore is a flexible Point of Sale software with the capabilities of billing, inventory management, reports and analytics, customer relationship management, promotions management, customer rewards program, and multi-store management. Our POS system in Singapore becomes a richer solution with the possibility of multiple integrations of accounting and email marketing software that makes your business processes easier and smoother.

Our POS machine is adaptable to any type of retail business. Ari POS system in Singapore caters to the toy store, electronics shop, pharmacy, hardware shop, jewellery shop, bike shop, pet store, supermarket, furniture store, fashion retail shop, gift shop, and many others. You are a small retail business or a big business; you have 10 employees or 100 employees, you cater locally or globally. Whatever the case is, our POS in Singapore is the solution with all the answers.

Along with the POS software in Singapore, we also provide the related hardware – POS terminal to carry out point of sale transactions. If you have a laptop, desktop, or a computer, it is possible to run our point-of-sales software in Singapore. Along with our Singapore POS system, we also assist you in setting up, implementing, post-implementation services, training in POS usage, and resolving your queries and doubts anytime and anywhere.

Grab the Ari Singapore POS system to transform your retail business operations

Benefits of Ari Retail POS System in Singapore

The following are the benefits of the Ari POS System that coax you to try it for your retail store. If satisfied, you can purchase it and enjoy the benefits for yourself. These benefits roll over to your customers who enjoy a faster, hassle-free, and a smoother shopping experience that no other inventory management software in Singapore can guarantee:

  • Stock what is selling
  • Up-sell and cross-sell products from POS
  • Manage salespeople more effectively
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use POS
  • Reduce the chances of stock-outs
  • Barcode scanning available
  • Better control over store operations
  • Reduce fraud and shrinkage
  • Profile customers and run email campaigns
  • Generate reports and analytics for insightful strategies

Ari Point of Sale System features

Singapore Fast Billing Fast Billing

The best POS system in Singapore, Ari cashier machine in Singapore, provides unmatched billing speed so that you can provide a great retail experience to your customers. Manage queue with faster billing, put transactions on hold and layaway, apply discounts and promotions, accept credit cards, and generate retail invoices all at a laser-sharp speed.

With the POS in Singapore, it is easier to enter items manually or with the help of a barcode scanner, quickly browse and search for customer-requested items.

Reports & Analytics Dashboard Reports & Analytics Dashboard

Ari POS in Singapore provides reports and analytics generated from the sales, purchase, and customer data you can rely on and act upon. Dashboards and data analytics aid in timely strategic decision-making that can help business growth. You can use Power Bi integration with Ari and have access to state-of-the-art business intelligence reports. The Singapore POS system ensures that retailers learn from real-time information and understand what is successful and what needs improvement, starting from products to staff and including inventory, promotions, and other factors.

Singapore CRM CRM

Use the Ari POS machine for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With the Ari point-of-sale in Singapore, you can do customer profiling with their demographic details and purchase history. This data can be used to understand customer preferences and behavior and strategize to bring more repeat customers and increase sales.

Retailers can also create loyalty programs on the Ari POS terminal, have the customers collect points, and finally reward loyal customers. The POS system can also be used for creating a targeted mailing list with the help of MailChimp integration to send newsletters and promotional emails to loyal customers and hence, generate more sales.

Singapore Integrations Integrations

Ari is awesome on its own – but we want to make it even MORE AWESOME. With various integrations, the Ari POS system in Singapore offers flexibility to let you manage your business in the way you want at a lower cost. You do not need to repurchase a new system and learn how to use it from scratch; just use the current one you have, and you are good to go. Ari point-of-sale is integrated with Xero, Tally, MailChimp, Retail Insight, Power Bi, and many more.

We also provide POS eCommerce integration to connect your online and offline businesses. Such an eCommerce POS system ensures data flow from one channel to another to remain up-to-date on the customers, inventory, and sales figures, thereby saving time and producing accurate numbers.

Singapore Multi Store Management Multi Store Management

Ari retail POS system in Singapore allows the management of the entire retail operations in multiple stores from the headquarters. With real-time data synchronization capabilities, Ari POS in Singapore keeps you updated all the time. It enables you to keep a watch on store-wise sales, purchase, inventory, promotions, and other functions to allow you to take necessary action from anywhere and anytime. You can add new outlets, users, and products at ease. Retailers can also add multiple cash registers in Singapore when they expand their business. Whether you run a single store or multiple stores, Ari point-of-sale is the right fit for you.

Singapore Optimize Inventory Optimize Inventory

Use the Ari POS Inventory Management System in Singapore to remain abreast of your inventory requirements. With the inventory software in Singapore, you can stock what sells more, quickly know non-moving and expiry items, take physical inventory count, make stock adjustments as needed, avoid over-stocking, and under-stocking, and hence, serve customers better. The Ari POS station allows putting barcode to stock items, use RFID tags, integrate them with a scanner, and hence, avoid stock pilferage. You can enjoy the benefits of Ari POS software for wholesale distribution and supply chain management.

Ari empowers your retail store’s journey with efficient business operations

Why Ari?

We want that you enjoy all the benefits of the Ari POS system in Singapore. We want you to have a seamless experience with the POS in Singapore. For this, we are always at your services, ready to help you, hear any of your problems or doubts with Ari. Our professional and expert sales consultants listen to your complaints and resolve them as fast as possible in the most accurate way so that you face no difficulties in using our software for POS machines in Singapore.

We can keep on saying that the Ari POS system is the best retail point-of-sale system in Singapore. We also know it is difficult to believe our words. Therefore, we give this opportunity to you to try our Singapore POS system for 30 days with no obligations. It’s a free trial, and you are free from any commitment to buy it after the trial. It is so good for your retail store that you will surely buy the best POS system in Singapore for your shop.

You have a small retail store, and you are looking for a robust POS system for a single store? – You purchase Ari. You are a big supermarket, and you are looking for POS software that manages all your stores and keeps them connected? – You buy Ari. We have been providing this solution to retailers across many countries for the last few years. Our clients have been from multiple industry sectors, with different employee sizes, different business models, and different customer segments; still, the Ari POS system in Singapore has served them well.

Our Point of Sale system is easy to use and easy to learn. At the time of setup and implementation, our product specialists will provide you free training to learn to use the POS software. You just have to learn to use it once, as it is a simple system, and then you are good to go on your own. However, sometimes if you are stuck somewhere, our customer support team is always there to listen to your problems and address those as soon as possible.

Count on our comprehensive POS system for your retail business need in Singapore

Customer Testimonials

  • Store owner
    When you buy a retail POS system, you look for a comprehensive solution that remedies your retail inventory management problems, which is the most important part of any retail business. Ari’s POS system is such a solution. It does not let inventory create a problem for you, as it takes continuous stocks, orders automatically whenever a need arises and keeps track of product performance. We are happy with Ari’s POS software because of these reasons. We would recommend it to others looking for a POS in Singapore. Go and buy it soon.
    Store owner
    Fitness store
  • Store owner
    We started using Ari’s POS system five years back in our consumer electronics store, and we have not looked back since then. We have the much-needed clear information about products, stocks, customers, sales numbers, and employees anytime and anywhere. All this data helps in making strategies to attract more customers and increase our sales. We put our trust in Ari, and it has not disappointed us at all. Besides, we thank them for the continuous assistance they provide whenever we have any queries. Thanks, Ari. Keep growing!
    Store owner
    Consumer electronics store
  • Store Manager
    Ari POS system in Singapore has made it possible to streamline all our operations – from inventory management to supplier management to customer relationship management. It has helped us to keep our online and offline channels of sales well integrated. We could not have asked for a better solution. It has become one of our key valuable tools that contribute to our business growth. Take our word- it is the best!
    Store Manager
    Fashion retail store

Point of Sale System in Singapore: FAQs

We provide answers to most of the general questions that potential users or site visitors or users ask. However, if we miss addressing any of your queries or have doubts about our products, please contact us.

I already have a retail POS system, but I intend to change to Ari. Will your POS system be compatible with the existing hardware I have?

In most cases, Ari is compatible with the commonly used hardware in retail stores such as scanners, credit card readers, printers, and other equipment. However, there might be cases of some incompatibilities. You can either go through our hardware requirements or contact us to discuss your case for a better experience.

The internet at my place does not work well. Can your POS software run in offline mode?

We do need a stable internet connection for better working of Ari; however, it also performs basic activities in offline mode so that the store operations are not affected.

I have a physical retail store and an online channel as well. Will your system give me an integrated view of all my business operations?

Yes, our POS system in Singapore integrates well with eCommerce platforms to streamline your online and offline channels for better business operations.

Run your retail store with a feature-rich Ari POS system in Singapore