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Ari POS Software in Canada can be customized to meet your specific needs, whether you need to manage multiple stores from a single location, track inventory, get detailed business reports, or automate accounting.

Ari Retail POS - The Best POS Software in Canada

Strong M&A activity, distribution channel development, demand for international brands, and Canadian customers’ desire for high-quality and high-value goods have all contributed to the rise of the retail market in Canada.

Ari Advantage – In the fiercely competitive Canadian market, focus on enhancing economies of scale, increasing operational efficiency, and increasing revenue with the Ari POS system.

With Ari Retail POS software in Canada, you can shield yourself against the rising competition.

POS software in Canada

Be equipped to deal with the Canadian customers’ growing need for better-quality, higher-value goods and services and outperform your competitors.

Let the Canadian Retail Experts Help You Take the Stride

Empower Your Retail Business with the Feature-loaded Ari POS Software in Canada

  • Holistic POS software
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use POS
  • Customer Rewards and Relationship
  • Extensive Promotions
  • Powerful inventory management
  • Supports Online and Offline mode
  • Retail POS system for Multiple Stores
  • Supports multi-currency
  • Fully Compliant with local tax laws
  • Generation of reports and analytics

Enjoy Sustainable Growth by Using Ari POS Software in Canada

Whatever your company’s goals and objectives are, the Ari Retail POS System has the competence and cutting-edge technology to assist you in accomplishing them.

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Manage Inventory, Transactions, Accounting, and Promotions like a PRO!

Become a Retail Expert with Ari Point-of-sale Software that brings all the important retail management features at your fingertips cost-effectively.

Take Advantage of these Advanced Retail Integrations

Ari POS software in Canada offers seamless retail integrations with Business Central, Tally, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp, and it offers complete retail management capabilities.


This integration ensures that you always have a clear picture of your finances. You can see your cash flow in real-time. You may also reconcile, send invoices, and create expense claims from anywhere.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

This ERP integration provides a comprehensive view of operations, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and warehouse management. Furthermore, you may manage the sales process from start to finish in Outlook.

Quick Books

As a Canadian store, you will have more control over accounting operations. The integration provides excellent data security by encrypting the data. Your data and accounting are in sync, reducing the likelihood of a mismatch.


Ari POS software in Canada with Tally aids with inventory and transaction tracking, as well as automated bookkeeping. This accounting integration simplifies report creation and assures proper data input. It reduces the need for regular data import and export.

Mail Chimp

Mailchimp, the well-known email marketing tool, also allows you to create your own website, manage social media campaigns, and much more. As a result, the integration with the Ari POS system in Canada is a comprehensive branding tool for growth.

Prominent Business Sectors Served by Ari POS Software in Canada

Ari POS offers a premium experience in a wide range of business sectors in Canada; including fashion, footwear, jewelry, restaurants, electronics, general stores, and other strong retail industries.

What Makes Ari POS the Best Choice for Canadian Retailers?

  • Chris-Kynaston
    The software, Ari, knows my pain points better than anyone. Whatever issues I had, are gone now as Ari retail POS system became a part of my business. It not only manages things for me; it helps me grow, making my business better.
    Chris Kynaston
  • Matthew-Irvine
    The retail POS software never gets crashed, they even have the offline mode, small features such as hold, etc. The thing is, my business never stops as I am using Ari. And even when I have any confusion, the support team’s there to help me. That’s all a user need!
    Matthew Irvine
  • Kristi-Emmet
    Ari retail Point of Sale software is now a part of my company. We are attached to the application and can’t think of switching to another one. It has helped us enough in sorting out the business. Nothing’s messy now, and we are handling the customers in a better way.

It's Now Time for YOU to Take Your Business to New Heights in Canada

Step Up Your Retail Game with Ari POS Software in Canada!

The Ari POS system has a great reputation, and it is one of the most retailer-friendly systems in Canada.

What We Do to Make Ari POS Implementation Simple:

Import Data Securely: We help businesses smoothly migrate crucial retail data from outdated systems to Ari POS.

Customize Your POS System: Our POS specialists customize the Ari Software to meet the needs of your business. Ari also supports a variety of payment methods, languages, and currencies.

Receive World-Class Customer Service: After installation, your dedicated Account Manager is always available to assist you if you have any problems. There will be no difficulties, and a speedier result is guaranteed.

Take Advantage of the Deployment’s Adaptability.: Ari POS software in Canada can be installed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Ari POS is also internet independent. As a result, you continue to thrive even when you are not online.

Industry-specific Customization: Ari POS offers industry-specific versions and business-specific customizations for popular retail domains like Supermarket, Grocery, Fashion, Optical, Pharmacy, Restaurants, Bike Shop, General Retail, etc.

Intelligent “Training” Modules for Free: Ari’s “Training” mode makes learning easy for new users. And the excellent support makes Ari the best POS system for small businesses as well as large enterprises.

With Ari POS Retail Software we have established a prominent clientele of retailers and supermarket chains across various countries including Canada, Singapore, MalaysiaUAE, Kuwait, Australia, etc.

The Retail Sector in Canada is Geared for Rapid Growth. Are You Prepared?

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