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Ari Point of Sale (POS) Software is a complete Retail System with integration to accounting software. It empowers fashion, grocery, supermarket, pharmacy, sporting goods retailers to manage and grow their business in Malaysia


POS Software

Ari is a comprehensive Retail Management Software from Web Masters. It’s a complete Point of Sale System for supermarket, grocery store, multi-brand outlet, boutique store, health and fitness equipment store, electronics shop or for any retailer who wants to compete and thrive in the current business environment of Malaysia.

Ari POS System empowers retailers to deliver a world-class customer experience in an ever-changing retail world.

Retail Solution

It is increasingly becoming important for retailers to compete with online retailers and young innovators. Retailers must come up with new ideas to attract and retain customers and provide a world-class customer experience to earn their loyalty. In order to survive and thrive, it is necessary to know the customers, their buying patterns, their likes and dislikes, what is selling, what is not and so on not only at the headquarters but at the POS Till level.

Ari Retail Management Solution enables retailers to have a 360 degree view of a customer, inventory, sales pipeline, sales staff and all aspects of the retail business so that the available information can be analysed and a bond of trust can be established with the customers. A stronger relationship with customers will naturally result in to more growth and profits.

No matter you run a single store or multi-store, Ari POS always remains connected to the Ari HQ and provides you visibility into real-time price lists, stock levels, customer purchase history, discounts and promotions. Further, it also suggests cross-selling and up-selling opportunities from the items added to invoice. It allows you to put transactions on hold and release them when the customer is ready. It ensures that there’s no waiting time by providing laser fast POS. It supports multiple payment types and ensures that customer can pay in his preferred mode. It supports multi-currency payments at POS machine level and ensures that you never lose a sale. Ari provides a cloud retail software and makes it possible to quickly implement and go live. It takes away the pain of maintaining, upgrading and patching a solution. Further it saves you from a huge outlay as it supports pay as you go.

POS Features


Supports Variant Products

Gift Card Recharge Functionality

Supports Taxation

Poll Display support

Real-time Synchronization

Ability to create shortcuts

Observe Customer Trends

Observe Customer Trends

Supports Assembly and Kit Items


Automated Cash up

Integration with Accounting Software

And Many More

Supports Service Items

Point of Sale Solution for your Retail Fashion, Grocery, Supermarket and many more ...