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Ari Retail Point of Sale Solutions for a busy retailer just like you

Today’s retailers need an easy to use, scalable, and easily deployable Retail POS Solutions to manage their fashion retail store, electronics store, furniture store, hardware store, jewelry store, sporting goods store, supermarket, pharmacy store, and optical store.

Ari provides efficient retail point of sale solutions which are designed after keeping all the aspects of a retail business into consideration. Therefore, it is the best available cost-effectiveness choice as a retail POS solution.

Retail POS Solutions for different business types

No matter what your business type is, Ari Retail Management Software has the required functionality and technical capabilities to help you achieve your retail business goals.


Fashion, Apparel, Shoes

The retail fashion business has a lot of variant products, and adding all of them could be tiresome. Using Ari Retail POS Solutions, you only need to add a product once. In addition, you need to add the product characteristics according to which the product varies.

For instance, there is a shirt available in 4 different materials and five different colors. So, there will be twenty different variants. Many of the inventory management apps will require you to add all of them one by one. However, in Ari Retail POS System Solutions, you only need to add the shirt once and then define the variations.


Consumer Electronics

As electronic items generally have hefty prices, people first compare pricing from different stores before buying. The target of a buyer is to get the best quality product with the lowest possible price.

Before he goes to another store, you can tempt them by running promotions and offers. Using Promotions Management, you can choose to run promotions for a limited time, or on selected weekdays. This will not hamper your profit and bring more and more customers to your consumer electronics store.

Ari Retail Point of Sale Solutions come with several features that will help you grow your consumer electronics business.


Furniture Store

In a furniture store, space management is necessary. That way, you will be able to accommodate a higher number of products in lesser space.

Usually, when you add a product to the inventory, it first comes to the headquarter or the warehouse. After that, you can move it to the stores. Ari Retail Point of Sale Solutions allow adding dimensions of a product. Using that information, the store manager can identify whether the space available is enough or not. This helps a business to make decisions regarding the product display and stock movement.


Hardware Store

Hardware shop generally contains a lot of items. However, not all of the items have good sales. When the number of items is lesser, it can be easily detected which ones don’t show up-to-the-mark sales. But when there are numerous items, it becomes tough to detect the less selling items.

With Ari Retail POS Software Solutions, you get an exclusive dashboard giving you information about the least sold item, most sold items, top product categories, let you compare the sales of different stores, etc. You can check them to learn about the movement of your stock.

Another option is the Reports section, which contains reports related to sales, tax, stock, etc. These reports can also be used for analytical purpose.


Jewelry Store

Jewelry Industry is one of the industries where security is taken as the topmost priority. However, there are very few POS systems that understand the seriousness and have implemented security-related features.

Ari Retail POS System Solutions provide for RFID support, which notifies the user when any product moves out of the confined location. It also helps in counting the physical stock of your jewelry.

Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

A sporting goods store contains items related to different sports. Most of the customers visiting the store usually buy products related to their favorite sports.

Based on the sport items they buy, you can create the customer groups. At the time any new arrival comes, you must inform the customers who would be interested in them.

For that, you need a medium of communication. Email is one of the best ways for that. However, sending emails to so many people would be a tiring task. To deliver you with ease, we have integrated Ari with MailChimp. This lets you send bulk messages to the targeted groups in one go.

You can do the same whenever you need to sell the old stock. You can apply promotions on them using Ari’s promotion management. Then, inform your users about it through Mailchimp.

Ari Retail POS Solutions come with several features to empower your sports store.


Supermarket, Grocery Store

Supermarkets are always crowded due to a variety of products present there. Therefore, proper management is required to handle all customers efficiently. There are long queues where people need to stand for minutes or even hours

During such situations, if someone forgets to buy something, he may need to pass the queue again, or you may need to wait till he returns. Well, with Ari Retail Point of Sale Solutions, this issue is solved with minimalistic implementation– the hold option. With its help, you can hold a transaction while the customer returns. During that time, you can continue with the next customer. This will maintain efficiency and keep the queue moving.



All the medicines have their respective expiry dates. You can’t sell the expired medicines to anyone. In the end, you will need to throw them as garbage, and this can be a considerable loss.

Therefore, you need to maintain the information regarding expiry dates. When you add a product in Ari Retail Point of Sale System Solutions, it allows you to add an expiry date for the products. In the reports section, there is a specific report related to expiry dates, which will let you know which products are going to be expired soon. That way, you can sell the earlier lot first.



Spectacles and goggles are widely used accessories. People keep changing them whenever a new design arrives in the market. However, as there are a lot of big optical retail stores, competition is tough, and earning loyal customers has become a necessity.

Therefore, you can use Ari’s customer reward program, which will help you to bring customers back to your store again and again. You can provide them reward points when they make a purchase. These points will provide benefits and discounts at your store. In this way, they will always choose your store above other stores.

Retail Point of Sale Solutions

Integration with Accounting Software

Ari Retail Management Software transforms retail operations and provides an engaging customer experience that drives sales and earns customer loyalty. Every retailer is different and faces a unique business challenge depending on the size, structure, business type, geography, and format of the retail. No matter the business type, Ari POS empowers a retailer to deliver a memorable shopping experience to the customers. Ari Retail Solution provides a single and comprehensive view of the customers, including who they are, their location, likes, dislikes, demographics, purchase history, and more. Ari streamlines the back-office processes of a retailer, improves operational efficiency, and provides better visibility into the organizational performance.

Ari, the best POS system for retail, is also capable of handling refunds and returns, layaways, split payments, shift management, barcode printing, customizable receipts, gift cards. Ari Point of Sale Software provides approval feature for discounts and cash discrepancies at the store level. Apart from handling a sales transaction, it does inventory control & inventory management, customer database management, cash management, sales monitoring, and reporting. Ari retail point of sale system runs even if the internet connection is lost.

If you are looking for an all-in-one POS Solution for your retail business, Ari is the one.

Reliable POS system

The Ari Retail POS system that we offer owns peripheral support, which lets Ari connect to a printer, scanner, cash drawer, payment devices, scales, and customer display, making it the best billing software for retail shops.

It owns multiple browsing features where you find an inventory item with the help of a search option. This contains advanced filters that help to identify the product instantly.

Your employees can view various reports related to sales, loyalty, till time, etc., which helps the store manager to take report based reliable decisions.

State of the art supply chain and inventory management

While adding a product, you have an option to add new fields using the “Characteristics” tab. The field can be numeric, alphabetical, alpha-numeric, checklist, etc.

You can add multiple product categories and assign products to those categories. It makes the filtering of the products easier when searched through POS.

With Ari Retail POS Solutions, you can serialize the products by providing a suffix or prefix. You can also provide barcode information for better tracking of the inventory.

Highly customizable customers reward program

With Ari Retail POS Solutions, you can choose to provide a customer reward program to your customers who will turn the window shoppers into loyal buyers.

You can choose how many reward points you want to provide a customer according to his shopping. You can also customize the value of those points in terms of money.

You can also create different levels for your customers according to the value of shopping they did from your store. You can even define various benefits for buyers as per their level.

customers reward program
Better business intelligence

Better business intelligence

Ari Retail POS Software Solutions have an intuitive dashboard that shows a lot of information related to various aspects of Ari. This information is present in the graphical format aiding in decision making.

You can go through the reports section for checking out sales of different stores. Furthermore, you can compare the sales for all your stores.

You can track the flow of items in your inventory by going through Stock Analysis Report, Stock Movement Report, and Pending Stock Report.

Easy to use promotions module to market products better

There are predefined promotion templates on Ari, which you can readily use to run promotions for your store. However, if you want, you can create templates on your own too.

Ari Retail POS Solutions require you to set priority for different promotions. This is a great way to avoid any conflict between two promotions as the one with higher priority will be considered first.

Besides that, you can create customer groups and apply promotions to those customers only who are in the group.

market products better
Multi Store POS Software

Multi-store POS software

You can virtually move stock from one store to another. Through POS, a cashier is allowed to check the stock of an item present in other stores.

Ari believes in providing appropriate control over retail business operations. For that reason, In Ari Retail POS Solutions, you need to create a hierarchy structure of your business where the headquarter lies on the top and stores at the bottom.

You can compare sales of different stores and make decisions that will guide you on how you can improve the profitability.

Email marketing powered by Mailchimp

With Ari Retail Point of Sale Solutions, you can create an audience on Mailchimp to whom you can send bulk emails. This can be helpful for targeted marketing.

Whenever you add a customer to Ari’s back office, you can sync it to Mailchimp, and it will be added to all the related audience groups.

You can even select the batch size according to which the data gets transferred to Mailchimp. You can choose whether you want automatic synchronization or manual synchronization.

Email marketing By Mail Chimp
Accounting Software Integration

Accounting Software Integration

Using Ari Retail POS Solutions, you can easily sync all your data to the accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, Tally, Retail Insight, and Microsoft Dynamics.

You can choose whether you wish to post the data till wise or store wise.

Your accounting software doesn’t require any additional inventory management software while using Ari as it has advanced level inventory management features.

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