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June 26, 2020
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Ari Bike Shop POS software has solutions to your issues and challenges. Our best POS for bike shop automates all the retail processes leaving you with minimal chances of error. The effort you require to track products, inventory, employee work efficiency, store performance will be minimal with Ari.

Ari Bike Shop POS is a desktop-based software. Through POS for Bike Shop, staff can conduct sales transactions and entertain customers. The other part of Ari is the Back-Office. The back-office is used for doing all the configurations and centralized management of stores.

Bike Shop POS

The POS can be installed on Windows operating system, and it functions well on almost all the POS hardware devices. The back-office can be accessed through the Google Chrome browser.

The POS device and back-office are connected through real-time synchronization. Because of real-time synchronization, whenever you make any change on Back-office, it gets reflected on the POS and vice versa. This improves the functionality as it allows both the parts of Bike Shop Retail Management Software to work in a harmonized way.

The back-office is our web-based application, easy to understand, and owns a simplistic user interface. Through back-office, you need to add all your bikes, bicycles, spares, and other products. You can also add barcode or RFID tag information for tracking your items using Ari POS for bike shop.

When there are multiple stores, products are required to be tracked with carefulness. For this reason, Ari supports defining a flexible organization structure to mimic your actual environment. On Ari bike shop POS software, you can create multiple hierarchy levels delivering better management to your store.

First, you need to add the organization details and define headquarter; then you can create various zones, and then comes the stores. You can even include the warehouses while creating the structure.

A store is divided into registers. Every register has tills which represent POS devices. Creating hierarchy allows a user to have strong control over the operations.

You can even keep a close check on your store by checking their performance through the analytical dashboard and reports. Reports and analytics can be generated for various stores and can be compared. This allows you to take your business in the correct direction by making data-driven decisions.

Another way to take your bike shop forward is to have an increment in customer engagement. This is possible by running regular promotions and offers. Ari bike shop point of sale system has pre-defined promotions for your bike shop. All you need to add are the products to which you wish to run the promotions.

Bike Shop POS

You can also attract the customers using our customer reward program. Here, you can earn loyal customers by providing them rewards on every purchase they make. When a customer finds long term benefits with your business, he would always choose your bike shop above others.

The retail software for bike shop which we offer is designed to take care of your entire retail operations, including the ground-level staff. For that reason, we have made efforts to keep it as straightforward as possible. However, we have not compromised a bit with the number of features it owns.

Ari not only manages your current customers effortlessly but also focuses on how to bring more. In addition to retail, you can even take care of your books of accounts by integrating Ari with any of the major accounting software: QuickBooks, Tally, Xero, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Ari bike shop POS software is a complete package aiming to manage all aspects of your retail business and grow it at the same time.

The Bike Shop POS software loaded with features

Ari bike shop POS software has a user-friendly POS, which has kept all its features on the surface, i.e., one doesn’t need to dig much to find any of the attributes.

Whenever you start a POS, you need to open the store, then the register, and ultimately the till. The store on the bike store POS represents the physical store, whereas the register and till denote the shift and POS devices, respectively.

Ari POS for Bike Store maintains sale and collection information register-wise. You got to close the register when there’s a change in the shift so that Ari can summarize reports for that particular shift.

Bike Shop POS

Whenever a new cashier takes over the till, the outgoing cashier has first to close his till. This ensures the correct recording of sales and collection into his name. He also needs to count the cash and punch the detail. The system matches the amount so entered with the total collection made during his session and notifies him and the store manager if there’s a mismatch.

The bicycle shop POS software is fully integrated with the cash drawers. It can even be connected to payment devices, weighing scales, printers, customer pole displays, and scanners. This functionality allows managing customers with ease.

When you add a product, you can also add its barcode information to the Ari back-office. When you scan that product through our bike store POS, it automatically gets added to the cart.

The same is true for the RFID tag. You can give an RFID tag to each of your products. It is recommended when you need to track the sale of each bike individually. The RFID tag features would also help you in conducting the physical stock count, and it works as an anti-shoplifting solution

In case, if you need to search for a product manually, there are search and filter options present on Ari bike store POS. You can find a product through its product category. Else you can search it by filtering it according to its characteristics.

Ari Bike Shop POS Software even provides useful features such as hold and layaways. The hold feature allows you to keep a transaction on hold, and at the same time, you can conduct other transactions. In the case of the layaway feature, the seller allows the buyer to optionally pay a part of the total transaction and let him take the product afterward as per the store and his convince.

Our bicycle shop POS software comes with store-wise reports such as total sales on various days through a till. These reports help the store manager to put a check on the store’s growth and employees’ working capabilities.

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Ari’s Bike Shop POS has features that make it easy for ground staff to handle customers and manage the bike inventory.
Bike Shop POS

Everything you require to manage your inventory

Ari bike shop POS software has made sure to develop inventory management features taking away the issues of retailers. Therefore, with our retail software for bike shop, you won’t need additional software for managing inventory. It saves cost and time.

Ari permits a user to add as many characteristics as he wants to a product. These characteristics act like user-defined fields and help in recording vital information about bikes and bicycles inventory.

If your bike store has multiple variants of a single product, you can add all the variants at once. However, they will be treated as specific products after they get added to the inventory. For instance, let’s say a bike model xyz001 has available in four colors. In that case, you need to add the product, the types of variant, which is color, and enter the number of items available. Ari will automatically add four products for you. It is even applicable when there is more than one variant.

These products can then be tracked using serial control. You need to add the prefix, initial start number, suffix, total number of digits, and the total number of products you plan to add. A serial will be generated, and whenever a sale occurs, you will know which product is sold using the serial number.

For your bike shop, you can create kit and assembly items. A kit item is defined as a product that is a combination of two products and can’t be sold individually. On the other hand, an assembly item is a combo of products whose component products can be sold separately. Creating kit and assembly items allow the buyer to have options for purchasing multiple products in one go. Besides these items, you can also create service items on Ari, the best POS System for Bike Shop. You can use the Ari application as a bike repair shop POS as well by adding repair options as services.

While adding the products, you can group them into parent categories, which can be further bifurcated into categories. This is helpful while conducting the product search.

Besides this, Ari bike shop POS software offers warehouse management, permits you to add different prices for different stores, provide stock related reports, and even track special products. In short, Ari removes all the need to buy an additional inventory management feature.

Benefits of POS for Bike Shop

Mailchimp integration is used for customer retargeting. The customer data which you gather while conducting the transactions are transferred to Mailchimp through Ari’s back-office.

In Mailchimp, you can create customer groups and send them targeted email in bulk. It will help you to communicate with your customers whenever there is a sale, offer, or new product launch. This way, our bike shop POS software helps to maintain an excellent seller-customer bond.

Ari POS for Bike Shops comes with pre-defined promotions. You need to select a suitable promotion and choose the products on which you wish to run the promotion. There is also a priority level set for various promotions. Therefore, it would avoid a conflict whenever two or more promotions are running at the same time.

Ari allows you to customize the promotion to a great extend. Here you can select specific customers for whom you wish to run the promotion. Furthermore, Ari provides you the option of running the promotion only for specific days and on a specific period of those days.

One way to enhance the reach of your bike store is our bike shop POS software’s customer rewards programs. Moreover, it also supports the business to maintain a relationship with the current customers.

Whenever the customer makes a purchase, he will be provided with a few points. He could use those points in any of the next purchases in the form of a discount. This will encourage him to shop the products from your bike store multiple times. Depending upon the total purchase amount, you can even set multiple levels. And based on those levels, you can provide those benefits.

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