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Jewelry POS
October 20, 2021
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Ari Grocery Store POS System
March 28, 2022

Unlock the secret with ARI’s bookstore POS system & ensure smooth functioning plus the long-term success of your retail bookstore.

Reasons to Choose ARI Bookstore POS

ARI’s POS System for Bookstore allows you to access the required features like purchases, reports etc., by clicking directly on the dashboard. You can customize it further by creating shortcuts to make your job easier.

Avoid overstocking & understocking, keep track of gifts & packages while creating space for add-on products. Also, you can use this feature to plan for seasonal/special events.

With ARI’s POS system for bookstores, you can develop a robust customer loyalty program that offers points, discounts, and other rewards to retain regular customers.

Generate advanced reports related to every business function including customer demographics, best-sellers, payments, employee performance etc., to make better business decisions.

Adapt to the country/region you are operating in and accept payments through various modes to ensure optimal customer experience.

Managing multiple bookstores can be a challenge but ARI’s POS system for bookstore help connect all stores, manage inventory seamlessly and even run offers/promotions. You have all the tools for future expansion.

Looking to Take your Bookstore Business to the Next Level?

Key Features of ARI Bookstore POS

Bookstore POS

Quick transactions & billing

Nobody likes waiting in long queues, even if it is a bookstore. With ARI’s customized POS for bookstores, you can clear queues faster and generate receipts in no time.
Bookstore POS

Offline functionality

ARI’s specialized POS systems for retail bookstores can work offline too. If you go offline or your internet connection stops, transactions will be recorded. The stored data will synchronize with the cloud once internet connection is restored.
Bookstore pos

Loyalty programs

Integrate text-messaging & email marketing campaigns with loyalty programs. When customers earn loyalty points, membership discounts & avail exclusive offers, they will continue their association with your brand.

Detailed reports

With department-wise reports you can understand current trends to plan promotions while tracking real-time sales & accessing insights from various devices. Also, you can integrate ARI’s POS System for Bookstore with accountancy apps like QuickBooks to ensure greater efficiency.
Bookstore pos

Vendor management

Get detailed information about vendor transactions, items purchased from each vendor while maintaining their contact information. Moreover, you can also track vendor credit, vendor settlements and cheque payments.
Bookstore pos

Mail chimp integration

By integrating ARI Bookstore POS system with Mailchimp, you can run personalized email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and get valuable insights related to customers. Additionally, you can also create customer groups, eliminate manual data entries, and engage with loyal customers to boost sales.

Want To Know More About ARI Bookstore POS?

Benefits of Using Ari Book Store POS System

ARI POS With Inventory Management Integration

You may know how to open a bookstore, but inventory management is also crucial. Inventory management is a vital aspect of running a successful bookstore. Many bookstores invest in separate bookstore inventory software but if you are a proud ARI POS client then you do not need to do that. ARI’s POS system has an inbuilt inventory feature that effectively manages retail inventory. 

ARI’s bookstore POS has innovative features which not only help with the addition of products but also with setting up parameters & tracking transactions related to a particular inventory. Also, you can check inventory figures for a certain period/store or specific registers. There are provisions to add newer fields and sections to further customize your bookstore POS.

bookstore pos

ARI – A Comprehensive Book Store Inventory Software + POS

Some notable features of ARI’s bookstore POS system are as below.

  • Dynamic master set up and entries – With the dynamic master set up and entries, you can set up customized fields or forms in various categories to enable better reporting and information management.
  • Item characteristics – With ARI’s POS for bookstores, you can enter specific characteristics for items and use them to find them whenever you like. These characteristics can be ISBN number, a title, author name etc.
  • Product tracking – ARI’s real-time tracking feature allows you to find books by author, ISBN, and barcode. You can even customize data fields to suit your bookstore’s requirements.
  • Kit – Create new bundles and product packages to increase book sales.
  • Assembly – Sell multiple items by clubbing them together or you can even sell them individually.
  • Service item – Monitors the services that your bookstore provides because inventory tracking is not possible for them.
  • Stock item – Adds those items to the stock items which are not a part of the assembly or kit deals/packages.

As seen above, ARI’S bookstore POS has a wide range of features that eliminate the need for separate bookstore inventory software. Other features of ARI’S bookstore POS include serial control generation, assigning parent categories, and integration with barcodes, scanners, weighing scales, and much more.

FAQ About Book Store POS

A bookstore POS system is a POS developed specifically for bookstores. A bookstore POS system does more than just manage checkouts. It streamlines bookstore operations while assisting in inventory management, employee management, report generation, and much more.

A bookstore POS can increase sales in several ways. Firstly, it speeds up checkouts which means you can attend to more customers. Secondly, it helps you with inventory management so that you do not overstock or understock books. A customized POS system for bookstores also optimizes your marketing & promotional campaigns to skyrocket your sales figures.

Some of the most vital features of a bookstore POS include inventory management, product analytics, loyalty programs, custom employee permissions, vendor relations & automation, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and reporting tools. There are many other features that you can use to improve your bookstore operations.

Inventory management is a feature within the bookstore POS system that automates purchasing, identifies hot-selling/poor-selling products, boosts warehouse efficiency and manages vendor relations. Such a methodical approach can be termed as bookstore inventory management.

Most POS system for bookstores have a monthly plan for each terminal. There are no additional fees or charges apart from the monthly plan. For custom requirements and upgrades, you might have to pay extra. Schedule a consultation with one of ARI’s representatives to find out about our pricing plans.

Yes, ARI will help you with training and installation of your bookstore POS. Right from the installation process to going live, we will provide continuous assistance. Even if you need help with a certain feature or training, we will be there for you.

ARI’s bookstore POS has features like the link option to suggest alternate products, quick buttons to speed up transactions, while providing tools for upselling, managing return requests, issuing gift cards etc. These features will enhance customer experience while boosting sales and revenue.

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