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March 11, 2020
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Consumer Electronic POS System to help you grow your retail business

Ari provides Consumer Electronic POS System which exactly fits with your requirement. With Ari, you can manage single or multiple consumer electronics stores and capture POS data centrally. This is done using the Multi-store management features which are present in the back-office. These features let you create a hierarchy system where you can create an headquarter, different zones, and stores.

For the electronics retailer who only owns one single store, we have specific features for managing different sections of the stores handled by different cashiers.

For the ease of cashiers, we have implemented a user interface that is easy to understand and conduct transactions at a faster pace.

With real-time synchronization, this consumer electronic POS system remains connected with the Back-Office. Whenever there is any change made in the Back-office related to inventory or configuration, it can be visible in the consumer electronic point of sale system depending upon the retail store requirement.

When the internet connectivity goes off, real-time synchronization can’t take place. To come up with a solution, we have made it possible to store data offline through the Electronic Store POS. All the transactions taking place are stored and uploaded to Back-office when the internet connectivity is restored.

Consumer Electronic POS
Consumer Electronic POS

This facilitates continuity and doesn’t allow the sales to get affected. For maintaining the continuity, we have also introduced Hold and Layaways option, which even helps you to provide better customer experience to your customers.

As a retail store owner, you are aware of how important customer data is. Therefore, we let you take on-the-spot information of your customer through the electronic billing software, i.e., Ari POS. It is completely your choice of what information you wish to gather about him. This data is saved in Electronics Store POS as well as on the Back-office. This data can be used for analytics as well. Through this, you can find out about the customers who are interested in particular products and give them update when an upgraded model arrives at your store.

The analytical data can also be used for targeted marketing through Mailchimp integration. You can use these analytics to provide them discounts as well. There are a few more integrations that we have added to the software for increasing its functionality.

Integrations such as QuickBooks, Tally, and Xero, will surely help you to provide ease in accounting. The data can directly be exported to the mentioned software without any manual entry.

Even if the transactions are done in multiple currencies, our Consumer Electronics software can easily learn about the transactions and transfer the data to accounting software efficiently.

Ari Electronic Billing Software aims to provide you the top-notch service by delivering automation and flexibility of setting configuration for your Consumer Electronics Store.

Similarly, for attracting customers in the electronic market, one can run promotions as they highly improve sales. In Ari Electronic POS System, we have already placed some promotions, and you can create your own by following easy steps. These promotions will appear on Electronic POS Software. When the two promotions overlap, you can choose to select one which is more favorable to your sales or the one which is more beneficial for the customer.

Ari Electronic POS Solution helps you clearly visualize and analyze what is going on in your business in real-time. With the advent of online retailing, consumer electronics is one of the most challenging business in retail. Ari Electronics Store Retail Software provides you with tools to upsell and cross-sell products straight from your Till. It helps you keep an eye on your inventories and saves you from the risk of overstocking or understocking.

Consumer Electronic POS
Consumer Electronic POS

You can track warranty information on electronic items and provide faster service to your customers. Further, you can track which are the best-selling products and understand the trend. You can even compare the sales of different stores through the dashboard. It helps in setting up the correct targets for the stores.

Ari Consumer Electronic POS System provides you barcoding and serial number tracking capabilities so that you exactly know the items in inventory and on sale. Be it PC, Laptop, Hardware, Mobile, TV, AC, Fridge, or any electronic item, Ari Electronic Point of Sale System tracks it right from its requisition to purchase order to goods receipt to sales inquiry to sales.

With Web Masters‘ state-of-the-art POS for Consumer Electronics, boost revenue, gain a competitive advantage, and win loyal customers. You can automate processes that save you time and energy on mundane work. Let Ari Electronic Store POS do all the work for you!

Sell your products faster with Ari Electronic Point of Sale System

Ari Electronic POS System has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. For searching a product, the cashier can use the search option where he can select the category first, and then characteristic according to which the user wants to select the product.

Instead of searching a product, if you assign a barcode to the product, you won’t even need to browse it. All you need to do is to select the product and scan the barcode. Information will automatically be detected through the Back-office inventory.

After you scan the product, it will be added to the bill present on the left-hand side of the Electronic Billing Software. All the information related to tax, discount, etc. will appear below the added items, and it enhances transparency between you and your buyer, which adds up to optimum customer satisfaction.

Consumer Electronic POS

Providing a layaway facility for your customer also helps in earning his gratitude. With the help of this feature, he can book the items and take the delivery of items later as per his and the store’s convenience. You can also hold a customer’s transaction and conduct transactions for other customers while he returns to the cashier.

With Ari Electronic POS System, you can check basic reports, use quick buttons for quick addition of a product, take benefit of different payment options such as credit cards, gift cards, etc. It is a complete Electronics Store Software loaded with all the features to improve the bottom line and profitability of your store.

ari consumer electornics
Better the Management, Higher the Sales- Ari POS to Make it Happen
Consumer electronics will be tracked and sold with ease using the exclusive growth and analytics features.
Consumer Electronic POS

Customer Reward program

A reward program helps the most to turn one-time buyers into loyal customers. An efficient reward program makes the customer buy things multiple times because of the benefits he gets at your store, which he can’t get at any other store.

In Ari Electronic POS System, you can create a reward program of your own by deciding all the parameters yourself. You can choose whether it should you wish to make it a point-based system or not. You can assign the value of the point, define how it can be redeemed- by getting discount in amount or as a percentage discount, and can multiple levels for customers too.

Based on these multiple levels, you can give more privileges to the customers who are at a higher level. These levels can be set according to the value of the items they have bought.

It is possible as the customer’s number is linked with the transactions he makes. You can even assign a serial number to the consumers who are members of the loyalty program, and a customer can be directly tracked with it at the time of purchase.

Handle multiple stores with ease

With Ari Electronic Billing Software, multiple stores can be handled as it allows you to create a well-defined organizational structure. You can customize it as per your needs and create elements like head office, branches, zones, and different stores.

Whenever you create master data at the parent level, say, head office, it becomes automatically available to the levels below it. Similarly, master data created at the branch level is automatically available to levels below it, i.e., zones and stores. This way, Ari Electronics Point of Sale System reduces the duplication efforts and saves time.

Ari further divides a store into sublevels to make store management better. In a store, you can define multiple registers as per the work-hours or the shift. In a register, there can be multiple Tills. Through Ari, the store manager needs to open the store, then all the registers and then only the cashiers can open the till. If you are the only one handling the store, and there are no multiple tills, you can directly open and close the store in one go.

This bifurcation is supportive of doing cash management for your consumer electronics store.

Consumer Electronic POS

Ari Electronic POS System also allows you to add as much information as you want about your business. In case you find any information field missing, you can add it through multiple the attribute feature present in the back-office.
It is also possible to add different currencies and different time zones for different stores.

With Ari, you won’t find any chances of mismanagement as we have placed additional focus on building an Electronic Point of Sale System, which can easily handle different stores simultaneously.

Benefits of using Ari POS for Electronics Stores

Easily track your items based on location, counter, department, supplier, barcode, RFID, and keypad entry. With Ari Electronic Store POS, you can manage your unique product set to suit your customers’ preferences. Find out current trends and run relevant promotions that will attract sales.

Receive insights about items-wise profitability and store-wise profitability. Customize your reporting criteria so that you only see what’s relevant to you right now. Your staff is more efficient as they take care of their department instead of wasting time filtering through many data. Access information live from wherever you are and whenever you want – data are all integrated into Ari Electronic Billing Software!

Reorder items when the system detects that stocks are running low, or let Ari tell you when and what to reorder at the right time. Directly import stocks or automatically receive stocks from Ari Electronic Point of Sale System. Do not need to re-enter any data again as everything is integrated at the backend.

Kit and assembly items help a consumer electronics owner to sell various products as per their requirement. For different products that the owner only wants to sell combined, he can use the kit facility, which will create a bundle of two or more products. In the case of assembly products, different products can be sold in a bundle or even as single products using Ari Electronic Point of Sale System.

There can be different models of consumer electronic items. With Ari Electronic Billing Software, you won’t require adding multiple products one by one. You just need to add the product once, and then; you need to add the feature that varies in every product. You can add as many variant features as you require for every single product in Ari Electronic POS System.

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