Ari provides Consumer Electronics - POS for Store just like yours. With Ari, you can manage single or multiple consumer electronics stores and capture POS data centrally. Ari helps you clearly visualize and analyze what’s going on in your business in real-time. You can automate processes that saves you time and energy on mundane work. Let Ari do all the work for you!

With the advent of online retailing, consumer electronics is one of the most challenging business in retail. Ari provides you with tools to upsell and cross-sell products straight from your Till. It helps you keep an eye on your inventories and saves you from the risk of overstocking or understocking. You can track warranty information of electronic items and provide faster service to your customers. Further, you can react quickly to ever-changing market conditions by looking at the dashboard tailored for the electronics business. With centralized data, you can have control over your stores from anywhere, anytime.

Ari provides you barcoding and serial number tracking capabilities so that you exactly know the items in inventory and on sale. Be it PC, Laptop, Hardware, Mobile, TV, AC, Fridge or any electronic item, Ari tracks it right from its requisition to purchase order to goods receipt to sales enquiry to sales. Ari is integrated with Mailchimp and it lets you connect with your customers to generate targeted leads that drive successful customer relationships.

With Web Masters' state-of-the-art POS for Consumer Electronics, boost revenue, gain a competitive advantage and win loyal customers.

Create a Unique Customer Experience with Ari