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Sporting Goods POS
Sporting Goods POS
March 11, 2020
optical pos
Optical POS Software
March 12, 2020

As an electronic store owner, you can assign serialized control for your electronic products, promote them, and grow store sales – all with our Electronics Store POS System.

How Ari Electronics Store POS Helps You with Store Management and Grow Sales?

You can assign serial number (IMEI no. for mobiles) and custom characteristics to products. Also, you can utilize stock adjustment for returning damaged products.

You can easily manage product warranty period and issue warranty cards while billing. Also, assign ‘Job Cards’ for repair services for the products in warranty.

Ari Electronics Store POS System offers you inbuilt promotion templates to plan deals & offers. And you can even offer redeemable loyalty points to customers on each purchase.

You no longer witness long queues at the billing counter. The Ari POS Electronics allow the cashier to scan barcodes, receive payments, and generate bill receipts.

With Ari Electronics POS System you can show different brand substitutes to a customer. And you can also cross-sell combo deals (E.g. Laptop + Speaker/Keyboard).

What supports your electronics store management is comprehensive reports. You have store-wise sales analysis reports, inventory reports, tax analysis reports, loyalty ledger, etc.

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Key Features for Ari Consumer Electronics POS System

Electronics Store POS Manage Serialized Control for Inventory

In Electronics Store POS, while you assign ‘Product Characteristics’ to your products you can classify products with their serial numbers. You can manage stocks, vendors, and return damaged products in Inventory Management Software.

  • Assign Serial No. to products, and use the serial number defined by the manufacturer
  • Use the ‘Product Characteristics’ feature to define various product specifications
  • Use ‘tock Adjustment’ functionality to return damaged products and adjust stock count.
  • Manage stock batches or year-wise models of products
  • Manage suppliers and transaction history
Electronics Store POS
Electronics Store POS

Electronics Store POS Manage Product Warranty and Services

Ari electronics store POS helps you mention the warranty period and return approval period on your bill receipts. You can also manage the warranty claims from customers.

  • The cashier can mention the item warranty period on the bill receipts or issue warranty cards
  • He can also mention if there is any return acceptance period on the bill receipt
  • The cashier can prepare a Job Card to manage the warranty claims by customers
  • This ensures a better customer experience and increases repeat sales

Leverage Promotions & Grow Repeat Sales With Electronics Store POS System

You can easily increase the sales of your electronics store by building and managing promotions. Moreover, you can win repeat purchases by building a loyalty program through Ari Retail POS Software.

  • Plan first-time purchase vouchers for new customers
  • Use the in-built templates to build promotions easily
  • Allocate loyalty points to customers for each purchase
  • Allow them to transparently check and redeem their points
  • Manage promotions centrally for multiple stores
  • Override and prioritize offers in case of two or more offers
Electronic POS System
Electronic POS System

Manage Serialized Inventory, Promote Better, and Grow Sales With Ari Electronics Store POS.

Check our Electronics POS Modules today!

Electronics Store POS

Electronics Store POS Make Transactions Fast & Seamless

The Ari Electronics Store POS System speeds-up billing and transactions for your store. The cashier can dynamically search products from serial no., scan barcodes, and facilitate transactions with the help of Retail Software.

  • You can process payments via cash, card, or digital transfer.
  • The ‘Hold’ feature helps you pause a transaction while continuing another transaction.
  • The ‘Layaway’ feature helps you collect and reserve a payment from a customer.
  • Ari POS is compatible with multiple languages and multi-currency payments.
  • You can link the cash register with the POS to safeguard it from unauthorized access

Upsell and Cross-sell Smartly

You might want to display different brand substitutes for a product, it is possible with Electronics Store POS. Also, you can link related products for cross-selling combo offers in POS System.

  • Use the ‘Substitute’ feature to add relevant substitutes for a product. You can display these substitutes easily on the customer display.
  • Use the ‘Link’ feature to add related products to a product. This can help you cross-sell better. E.g. You can link speakers or keyboard with a laptop.
  • You can plan good combo offers to increase the average purchase value per customer.
Electronic POS System
Electronics Store POS

Utilize Reports for Informed Decisions

The Ari Electronics POS System helps you facilitate smart store management. You can analyze a long list of reports and analyze the data to take informed decisions. Some reports include:

  • Daily Store-wise Sales Reports
  • Date-wise Consolidated Sales Reports
  • Stock Adjustment Reports
  • Inventory Purchase Reports
  • Customer Data and Purchase History
  • Day-wise Cash Report
  • Inventory and Stock Report
  • Stock Movement Report
  • Staff Productivity Report
  • Loyalty Ledger Report

How We Make the Electronics POS System Experience Delightful for Your Business?

Our retail POS experts will be happy to learn about your specific electronic store requirements. And we can customize the features, and reports for your Ari Electronics Store POS solution.

We make the POS implementation and support seamless for you by assigning a dedicated account manager. The manager makes a single point of contact for each of your queries too.

We help you find the best deployment strategy that befits your business. You have the flexibility to choose on-premised, cloud, or hybrid deployment.

Ari Electronics POS System comes along with prompt post-deployment support. Whether you require any technical assistance or face any downtime issues. Get a free trial today, our support team is just a call away.

Loss of internet is no more an issue as the Ari POS works even during internet downtime. And the data automatically synchronizes with the backend when you are back online.

When you hire a new staff member, he can learn the Electronics POS System easily using the ‘Training’ module. Any functions in this module does not affect the live POS data.

You can use Ari POS to manage multiple electronic stores simultaneously. You can define a headquarters to manage promotions, user access, and inventory centrally. Moreover, you can define individual access levels for different users.

Manage Stocks & Returns and Boost Electronics Sales with Ari Electronics POS System

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