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March 9, 2020

Ari POS System for Clothing Store is curated to provide advanced grade features for flourishing retail businessmen in the market.

Ari Fashion Retail Management is the ideal software which manages the fashion related requirements like the maintenance of inventory, regulating supply chain management, offers customer reward programs, facilitates multi-store management, organizes promotion management and provides vigorous reporting with the analytical dashboard management with real time synchronization as it is accessible from anywhere. Ari POS System for Clothing Store comes with the two sides – Back-office and the Front-end POS which helps it function effortlessly.

POS system for clothing store could be abundant with products such as footwear, accessories, cosmetics, besides clothing. Ari overhauls your way to deal with customers in a more enhanced way. Ari has a variety of options to make your fashion retail business a profitable affair!

Fashion retail business is about customer satisfaction with the customer reward program Ari helps you build a friendly relationship with the customers. Easily customize according to the customer according to what is the most suitable for your fashion retail business.

Promotions act as a tool to boost up sales, Ari organizes promotion management which will ensure the best kind of promotions are being offered to the customers. Ari gives you the robust report with analytics, which will help you monitor and take decisions in the nick of time. Ari spoils you with options, it will offer you such unmissable offers like say for instance, a customer buys t-shirt and it will offer discount on pants, it will suggest the related items, to stimulate the sales.

Fashion Retail Management
Fashion Retail Management

Fashion is the department which runs through customers, and to satisfy the customers Ari has managing Gift cards and customer loyalty cards which serves the customers satisfaction by giving points after every purchase to ensure customers keep shopping with you. Offering them such benefits will enhance customer loyalty and when the customer is satisfied, he will further tell it to more people which will bring in new customers.

Fashion and trends never remain constant, the most picked product may become the least picked one. A Fashion store is always flooded with customers, and it becomes difficult to perceive customer trends, Ari POS Systems for Retail Clothing Stores helps you Observe customer trends by displaying the most selling and the least selling products. Ari offers mailchimp integration through email marketing, which is a very effective way to boost sales and encourage more customers. Stay ahead of your competitors, with the one stop solution Ari POS for fashion retail.

Many times, there are customers who request to put the transaction on hold as they are out of cash or have to shop more, the cashier can put the transaction on hold and continue with the remaining customers. Ari POS System for Clothing Store has hold and layaway options to make sales easier. So, when the customer returns to purchase the product again, he will directly make the payment and take the item.

To ensure the inventory does not go out of stock and halt the sales it is necessary to keep a check using an efficient clothing inventory management software. With Ari’s Real time synchronization, you can always keep a track of inventory, the items added or removed from the stock to the sold items, it will help you tally the live stock present with the stock present in the warehouse. For instance, there are ten blue pants present in the live stock and three are sold, this data is updated in the back-office then it will automatically revise the data in the forefront POS system for clothing store.

A store has several branches and to handle it all is what the Ari’s multi store management helps in, it will make it easy to maintain all the stores by managing it centrally

Fashion has a huge variety of products to offer, with Variant product feature you can easily classify the products according to various attributes like color, brand, size, material and various other features associated to a clothing item. There can be a variety of options available for the same product, for instance same tops with different patterns are there n the stock. With Ari Clothing Store Inventory Software you don’t have to individually list all items, just add the main product that is the top and add different attributes to it. Ari will automatically list them as different items. make as many as attributes for the item possible and it will organize it all.

Fashion Retail Management

With quick button you can add the new customer on the go, without the need to open the main screen multiple times. Customize the quick buttons as per your choice and make your accessibility easier.

A fashion store is always buzzing with customers, and it becomes difficult to go to the product tab multiple times, so Ari Fashion Retail Management has an option to add a favorite tab where you can all the products and options you want to. Ari has the fast billing option which makes the job of the cashier easier.

Inventory management and cash management are two sides of the business that need to be handled. To prevent any theft, Ari will recognize when the sales do not occur and auto lock when the cash drawer is idle. Maintaining cash is a difficult task, but not anymore with Ari POS System for Clothing Store the cashier does not have to count the money manually after each purchase with automated cash up the money is auto calculated.

Ari enables you to link with six devices that you can think of- printer, scanner, payment devices, cash drawers, scales, and customer display to make the sales efficient and accurate. to enhance your accounting experience, Ari is integrated with Microsoft 365 Business Central, QuickBooks, Retail Insight, Xero and MailChimp.

Ari POS System for Clothing Store has been designed to meet all your retail business requirements, you name it and Ari has it all listed. Ari fashion store POS has been made in a way that it is easy to use, to upbeat your learning experience better we have a training mode which will enlighten you about the functionality of Ari, it has got already existing data.

Ari provides robust control over retail operations by providing POS level information that helps in increasing revenue. Further, its Clothing Store Inventory Software helps you keep a check on your inventory.

Handles multiple stores

Reaching out everywhere and focusing equally can be a task but with Ari Fashion Retail POS Solutions, management of multiple stores is made easy. You can focus equally on the status and management of all stores with just one solution Ari POS System for Clothing Store.

You can allot different levels of access for multiple stores. You can decide the extent till which the cashier can access Ari POS for Apparel store, he can collect cash, manage the inventory, keep a check on the analytical reports, put sales on hold and layaways.

With the Ari multiple store management, the communication chain becomes easier. The hierarchy of stores, communication at the different levels as well as the same level is possible to ensure the sales happen smoothly.

Fashion Retail Management

Inventory management was never so easy, with Ari Clothing Store Inventory Software, you can shift the items from the central to the store level and so on. Any time the items can be added to the central level. The job of retail staff is eased because whenever any store goes out of stock, they can procure it from different stores. Ari ensures your fashion retail business can avail the most benefit with us to boost their sales. The store manager is the only authority who can access the till management after opening and the same at the closing. However, he has the liberty to close the store without closing the till.

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Manage Your Clothing Inventory, Create Loyalty Program, and Check Reports- All at One Place
Fashion Retail Management

Fashion Retail POS Solutions with immense features

When it comes to fashion, there tend to be multiple options and different patterns associated to it. A single black t-shirt will have different details like sleeves, style, pattern, material. To address this, Ari POS System for Clothing Store allows you to add the attributes to just one and the rest will be updated. You won’t have to list down the items separately.

Ari Fashion Retail Management facilitates the functioning of your fashion store, it makes it easy for the retail staff to keep a track of different items all at a place. It will differentiate the products based on the category to which it belongs to. Say for instance, a black shirt with red stripes is a specific attribute which you can allot to the product.

Rewarding customers using Gift card and Loyalty card

Customers are the sole of a fashion retail store, to keep them happy and satisfied is the primary agenda of Ari Fashion Retail POS Solutions. Customers who leave with a smile after shopping, is what we ensure. Treating them with benefits that incline them to shop more.

Gift cards and loyalty cards builds faith in the customer, it is a strategy to maintain a good customer relationship. As we say, ‘one happy customer leads to the other’. A satisfied customer will appreciate and indirectly encourage more people which will bring in new customers.

Gift cards and loyalty cards works even in the off- season times, when the stock needs to be cleared, the customers start purchasing those items too because of the benefit of earning loyalty points and redeeming it during their next purchase.

Such strategies ensure the trafficking remains and the sales keep ascending more. Ari POS System for Clothing Store also allows you to recharge your gift cards and loyalty cards so that you can avail the maximum benefit while shopping.

Fashion Retail Management

Inventory management at ease

Inventory management is necessary to keep the business afloat, to ensure the inventory is available whenever needed, Ari Fashion Retail Management makes inventory management possible on an advanced level. Manually keeping a track of inventory becomes difficult, but Ari creates a bridge between the back-end and the Front-end management to make the operational activities easier.

Add the inventory from the central level to the other stores and you will never run out to stock. With Ari- clothing inventory management software your fashion store business becomes easy and efficient. We know that when it comes to fashion there is plethora of options available, so with Ari you can end number of attributes and manage products efficiently.

Ari believes in making the management as efficient as possible, so when you want to find a product based on certain features, the serial control feature will help you search the product from the stock. It can have alphabets as well as numerical. This will minimize the efforts and increase the productivity.

When it comes to a product it has multiple characteristics associated to it, while adding the products to Ari POS System for Clothing Store, it is necessary to assign a product name, to assign an organization it belongs to, assign a unit of measurement if any, add the other information such as color, material, price, size and others as per your requirement.

When a product is not available, Ari will suggest substitute product of the same item. For instance, a blue jeans is not in stock, it will suggest blue ripped denims. This will engage the buyer to purchase something else but with a little difference.

Ari Fashion Retail POS Solutions have a series of options to increase your sales, like one such feature is related product feature which a smart way to increase sales, say for instance a customer purchases a skirt it will suggest a top along with it to make it a complete purchase.

Ari is the most productive clothing store inventory software which will help you organize your inventory, keep updated with the status of the product and manage all operations centrally.

Benefits of using Ari Fashion Retail POS Solutions

Ari is an advanced fashion retail management software which facilitates retail management. It is integrated with the best accounting software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Xero, QuickBooks, Tally, Retail Insight etc. these will give an automated financial report. You just have to link it with the software of your choice and Ari will automatically calculate it.

Ari reports and dashboard analytics is a complete report of your business visually, through colorful graphs, which highlights the area of focus, and enables you to determine the status of your business. The figures shown through this are important so that you can take a decision accordingly.

Ari Fashion Retail Management Software has enormous strategies to enhance your marketing level, like the mailchimp integration- it is the most effective way of increasing human trafficking. Through email marketing customers are attracted, the old ones are satisfied, and the new ones get attracted. Ari PO System for Clothing Store helps in building long term relationship with customers.

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