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shoe store POS
Shoe Store POS
July 3, 2020
toy store pos
Toys Store POS System
July 13, 2020

There are many POS systems out there in the market, but a fitness and supplement store needs the one which can take care of the inventory without additional cost. Our Ari fitness store POS system is one such application that offers a full-fledged inventory management system along with an intuitive POS, having features such as customer rewards program, loyalty management, reports, analytics, and necessary integrations.

Ari’s fitness store POS system has an intuitive touch screen interface allowing the cashier to conduct transactions at a rapid pace. It also includes a supplements store POS system. The POS system is connected to the back office, which is the web-based application used for configuring features of the POS software. Ari offers real-time synchronization, which is useful as it shows instant changes on POS made from back-office. Similarly, whatever sales occur from the POS system, the customer data, and the transaction amount will get transferred to the back-office.

fitness and supplements store

This synchronization helps the seller in terms of gift card management, loyalty management, inventory management, etc. Whenever a customer approaches a cashier, the cashier can check his loyalty points data, which is stored in the back-office. The gift cards are generated through the back-office, and a serial number is provided to them. As soon as they are generated, they are reflected in the fitness store or supplements store POS system. From there, the cashier can assign a value to the gift card. These gift cards can be given in exchange for the returned item.

The POS system has many more features, which makes Ari an exceptional choice for fitness stores. For instance, your store has numerous fitness equipment and supplement products stored in the inventory. Now a customer comes demanding a specific product. You can check the cost, details, expiry date (if applicable), and stock level of a product by using the browsing features.

While checking the stock level, if the seller finds that the required product is unavailable at the store, he can even check the stock level of other stores. This helps the seller to guide the buyer to the store that has the item in inventory.

Another way to provide the buyer with the required item is by requesting the other store to transfer the product. When the other store transfers the product, one needs to approve the product at the outlet where the product is transferred. The same is done when products are transferred from headquarter or warehouse. If the cashier does not approve the product from the Supplements Store POS system, it will appear in the pending stock-in report. This way, Ari helps to provide adequate supplement inventory management.

We strive to make efforts for our users and satisfy them, and similarly, you would also wish to have satisfied customers. That will convert your buyers into permanent customers. With Ari fitness store POS system, you can use the customer reward program, and reward your buyers for every purchase. They can use these rewards on the next purchase.

fitness and supplements store
fitness and supplements store

Also, Ari fitness store point of sale has exclusive options to run promotions, offers, and discounts. These offers attract customers by providing them financial benefits on supplements and fitness equipment. Such features help a lot to deliver growth to the business.

As growth happens, the number of transactions increase. This requires accounting applications to take care of your transactions. However, it is not practical to export data from Ari’s back office and transfers it to accounting software. The task would be tiresome and time-consuming. Therefore, we have integrated accounting applications to Ari. This eliminates the requirement of exporting the data from Ari and manually editing the fields as per the accounting software.

Ari offers every possible feature it can, without making the user interface complicated. We have achieved a great level of functionality by striving to offer our users every possible element that can provide ease to their efforts.

Make customer prefer your fitness & supplements store

Using Ari’s loyalty program and pre-defined promotions, you can make the customers prefer your store above other stores.

The loyalty program or the customer rewards program allows your buyer to earn points on every purchase. The number of points earned depends upon the amount of purchase. You can set the value of points which one earns. For instance, fifty points on the purchase of a hundred Dollars. You can also set a minimum purchase value below which a person won’t receive any points. This will push them to purchase the threshold value.

Furthermore, you need to set a point-currency conversion rate according to which discount amount will be offered. For instance, the value of one point is equal to one cent. You can choose only to allow a fixed number of points on every purchase.

fitness and supplements store

A person may earn points, but it may not be enough to keep him engaged. What if we upgrade the customer’s level as the purchase amount increases? With the rise in level, you can provide the person more benefits such as an increase in the value of point, priority on new products, etc. In this case, you need to set a minimum number of points required to attain the level.

The whole system works in two different ways: total awarded points or total available points. If you choose the total awarded points, the level will never decrease. However, if you total available points, the buyer will end up at the initial level if he spends all his points.

Besides the loyalty program, we have discounts and promotions, which is an equally efficient tool in attracting customers. Ari supplements store POS has pre-defined templates for promotions, and you only need to add the product on which promotions are applicable.

You can set the start date and end date between which you wish to run the offer. During this period, if you only wish to run it on specific weekdays, then also it’s possible. For the select weekdays, you can select the day timing for which promotion will remain ON. You can even choose two or more timings of a day.
On birthdays and other special days, you can let the customers enjoy additional benefits. Ari fitness store POS allows providing discounts for the people having their special days. Such acts induce trust in a customer’s mind and make him more engaged with your business.

fitness and supplements store
Keep Your Business Fit and Good in Shape by Using Ari Fitness and Supplements Store POS
Ari RMS owns every attribute that a fitness store needs to ensure management and growth.
fitness and supplements store

Ari integrations boost the functionalities

As we mentioned before, Ari fitness and supplements store POS is integrated with accounting applications such as QuickBooks, Xero, Tally POS, and Microsoft Dynamics POS. For integrating with these applications, you need to add the credentials of your accounting application through Ari. Then you need to map the fields for all the aspects of your accounting app. You can also configure the posting features.

On Ari fitness store POS system, you get the complete flexibility that how many documents you wish to get posted in one go. You can choose to post the transaction data as per the shifts of cashiers.

One crucial feature which Ari delivers is the transaction posting status. After the data gets transferred, one needs to approve it from the accounting application before it gets posted. It acts as a security check whether the data is transferred correctly or not.

Besides accounting applications, Ari integrates with Mailchimp, which can be used for customer retargeting. The customer data which is collected through the POS system is transferred to the back office. When you integrate the back-office with the Mailchimp by adding the credentials, you can transfer the data to it.

After the data transfer, you can create various customer groups, and send them emails regarding new product launch, offer, sale, etc. By knowing which customers are interested in a particular brand, you can even send them exclusive deals related to that brand.

Benefits of Ari Supplements Store POS System | Fitness Store POS System

Ari fitness store POS system allows you to create a virtual representation of the company through the back-office. First, you have to create headquarter from where all activities are managed. After that, you need to create zones, and lastly, the stores which will represent your outlets. The benefit of creating zones is when you need to make a change in all the stores of a particular geographic area, you can make the change in the zone. The change will be reflected in all the stores present under that zone.

When you begin your journey with Ari fitness store POS system, the first thing is to set a parent company. While adding the parent company, you need to add the basic as well as exclusive information about the company. Ari has provided its users with sufficient fields. However, if you require including some information but not sure where to add it, you can generate your own fields. These fields generated on Ari are known as attributes.

The cashier can access both of these features from the POS interface itself. These features are one of the most useful ones in terms of customer management. The hold feature allows stopping a transaction in the middle even after adding the items and keeping it on hold. This is useful when a customer gets away from the billing counter during the transaction for any reason, such as getting more items, etc. Meanwhile, you can entertain other customers, and it will avoid queuing and delay in the processing of transactions.

The layaway feature is used when the customer needs to book a product. The use of this feature is optional. After booking the product by making the payment or a part of the total payment, the person can get the delivery of the product as per his convenience.

The supplements store POS system offers reports which are accessible through the POS itself; one doesn’t need to look for them at the back-office. The reports provide data regarding the working of the store. The reports help the users to get information regarding the sales, employees, and purchases.

There are multiple payment options available in the POS system. A buyer can make the payment through credit card, debit card, gift card, cash, etc. Even for a single transaction, the customer can make the payment through two or more different payment methods.

The back-office has an intuitive dashboard providing basic insight into your business. Through POS, you can know products which are in high demand, in which month your performance was high, compare the sales of different years, etc. Based on these analytics, you can make decisions regarding your business, such as which products you need to purchase more, which stores require attention, etc.

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