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POS System for Clothing Store
Clothing Store POS
March 9, 2020
hardware store pos
Hardware Store POS
March 10, 2020

Offer personalized experience to every customer, manage inventory, and win BIG revenues with Ari Furniture Store POS. It doesn’t just accelerate billing but offer end-to-end furniture store measurement.

How Ari Furniture Store POS System Helps You Boost Your Furniture Sales?

You can now manage custom furniture design orders with much ease. Ari furniture POS software helps you generate ‘Job Cards’ for custom requests. Share these with your staff and add them to the billing.

With Ari Furniture Store Software you always have a track of your inventory. You can check stock reports, track the production progress, and manage ‘Product Characteristics’.

The cashier can add job cards, use dynamic search, accept cash/card/digital payments, and produce descriptive billing. He can also add delivery & instalment charges, and tax.

You can increase the average purchase value per customer easily with Ari Furniture Store POS. You can display Substitute options and sell combo furniture sets with impressive offers.

Our furniture retail software helps you bag more sales each day with in-built promotion templates. Moreover, you can boost customer loyalty by establishing loyalty points program.

Ari Furniture POS brings you reports for sales analysis, tracking stocks, managing employee productivity, etc. You can also integrate the POS with Mailchimp or popular accounting software.

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Key Features of Ari POS System for Furniture Store

Managing Custom Orders With Furniture POS

You can easily generate ‘Job Cards’ to meet and manage custom furniture design requests from customers using the Ari Furniture Retail Software.

  • Generate ‘Job Cards’ for custom design requests and share it with the staff
  • Add the ‘Job Cards’ to the billing to calculate custom pricing
  • Manage the staff productivity based on ‘Job Cards’
  • Deliver better personalized experience to your customers
furniture pos
furniture store pos

Automated Inventory Management With Our POS System for Furniture Store

You can now keep a better tap on your in-store furniture inventory and inventory in production with the help of Inventory Management Software. And you can even define custom furniture product characteristics.

  • Define furniture dimensions and specifications using the ‘Product Characteristics’ feature
  • Assign barcodes or serialized control to your inventory
  • Track in-store and in-production inventory
  • Increase or decrease production rate
  • Manage inventory brochures on the Furniture POS

Managed Transactions & Billing With Furniture POS

With the help of furniture store software, the cashier can search products based on serial no., name, assigned barcodes, or add Job Cards. POS System can also calculate tax and add installment & delivery charges to the bill receipt.

  • The cashier can accept cash, card, or digital payments
  • He can search a product for its serial no., name, or Job Card no.
  • He can scan the barcodes assigned to the products
  • He can use the ‘Layaway’ feature to accept advance payments for custom orders
  • He can check tax and add delivery charges to the bill receipt
  • He can use the ‘Hold’ feature to pause and resume a transaction while processing other transactions simultaneously.
  • The POS also offers Shift Management and POS-enables Cash Register Control
furniture store pos system
furniture pos

Upsell and Cross-sell Services With Furniture Store POS

In our furniture POS system, you can add product options through the ‘Substitute’ feature and also create combo deals (e.g. Couch + Chairs + Table) using the ‘Link Products’ feature.

  • Use the ‘Substitute’ feature to display several colors, wood, dimension options easily to a customer
  • Upsell smartly by displaying offers on substitute furniture products
  • Use the ‘Link Products’ feature to create combo deals – E.g. Furniture Set (Couch + Chairs) or (Bed + Almira)
  • Showcase digital brochures on the customer display for better options and enhanced customer experience.
furniture store pos system

Track In-store & In-Production Inventory, Promote Better, and Grow Sales.

Check Our Furniture Shop POS Modules today!

Manage Promotions & Grow Customer Loyalty

Ari Furniture POS allows you to create custom promotion deals on the go. And you can develop a Loyalty Points Program for growing repeat sales with the help of POS Systems for Retail.

  • Use in-built promotions templates to create custom offers
  • Offer first-purchase discounts to new customers
  • Offer redeemable loyalty points to customers and boost customer loyalty
  • Define store and location-specific offers and manage promotions for multiple stores centrally
  • Offer Referral Sales Points to customers and boost referral sales
  • You can prioritize or override offers in case of two or more offers
furniture store pos
furniture pos

Useful Reports for Store Management With Ari Furniture POS

Manage your furniture store prudently with comprehensive data-rich reports from Ari Furniture POS. With help of Ari’s Retail Software, we can also build custom reports for your furniture business.

  • Daily Store-wise Sales Reports
  • In-store Stock Reports
  • Stock Production Reports
  • Tax Analysis Reports
  • Vendor Purchase and Payment History
  • Customer Data and Purchase History
  • Day-wise Cash Report
  • Stock Movement Report
  • Staff Productivity Report
  • Loyalty Ledger Report

Useful Integrations and Multi-store Management

You can integrate Ari furniture POS with MailChimp, Business Central, and several Accounting Software. Moreover, you can centrally manage multiple furniture stores at different locations.

  • Leverage email marketing with Mailchimp integration
  • Integrate with Xero, QuickBooks, Tally, Retail Integration accounting software
  • Manage inventory, stock adjustment, store-wise promotions, and user access centrally
  • Define your central headquarters and get a comprehensive dashboard
  • Automate business management with Dynamics 365 Business Central integration
Ari Point of sale

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Benefits of using Ari Furniture Store POS

Our POS experts analyze your business-specific requirements to customize the Ari Furniture Store POS for you. We also help you with custom reports and Retail integrations.

We make your POS implementation and support experience seamless by assigning you a dedicated account manager. He is your go-to person for any queries and support requests.

You can deploy Ari Furniture POS on the premise, on the cloud, or opt for a hybrid setup. Our POS experts can also analyze your infrastructure to suggest profitable deployment tactics.

At Ari, we have a dedicated post-deployment support team. We help you resolve downtime issues and technical queries within the minimum TAT(Turnaround Time).

Unlike traditional POS system, Ari Furniture Retail POS continues working even during the loss of internet. And the POS data synchronizes with the backend when the system is back online.

Adding a new POS user is not an issue. He can learn Ari POS using the intuitive ‘Training Mode’. And any changes in this module do not impact the live data.

Grow your furniture sales significantly with Ari Furniture Retail Software

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