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March 9, 2020
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Furniture Retail Software with Point of Sale for Furniture Stores.

Ari provides a Furniture Retail Software that offers a powerful furniture pos to enhance customer experience.  It’s a complete Furniture Management System providing furniture inventory management, supply-chain management, marketing, and reporting functionalities for a busy furniture store just like yours.

Furniture Retail Software

Ari Furniture Retail Software harmonizes all aspects of a furniture retail business. Your furniture products created or purchased under the company name are first added to the inventory of the head quarter and later it can be moved to the inventory of local stores. It is done through the back office. Ari has two separate interfaces- one which is downloadable, and another is web-based application.

The downloadable POS for Furniture stores is accessed by the cashier who conduct the transactions and make sales. From back-office, implementation of data and Ari configuration is done. With the help of real-time synchronization, both remain connected. Whenever you make any change on the back office, it will be visible in the Furniture Store POS depending upon the configuration. For instance, when you add a product category in the back-office, it will appear in the Point of Sale for Furniture as well.

Web Masters’ Ari Furniture Store Software is designed to provide enterprise-grade features for growing retailers just like you. It handles inventory and supply chain, customer rewards program, promotions management, multi-store management, and offers robust reporting and analytics dashboard in real-time.

Customer preferences change over a period. Take complete control of your furniture business and start selling your product faster, smarter, and in the most effective way. Know your customers’ preferences with Ari Furniture Retail Software. Reach new customers while retaining old with customers reward program. Track customers’ purchase history within Ari and create tailored mailers using Ari + MailChimp integration and drive sales. Stay ahead of your competition with an all-in-one Ari’s the best POS system for furniture stores.

Ari is designed for furniture retailers to cope with industrial challenges. Sell more of what the trend is and add new products at ease in Ari, by adding the characteristics such as product price, images, and user-defined unlimited attributes like brand, size, colour, material, etc.

There can be products which has multiple variants such as chair available in different colours and cushion size. You don’t need to add the product multiple times i.e., each one for a different colour along with different cushion sizes. You can add the product once and mention the variants (example: all the colors and cushion sizes for a chair). Ari POS for Furniture Store will automatically generate the products depends upon the variants’ combinations using the Variant Feature.

Furniture Retail Software

When you keep on adding products, you will need to open the Product tab numerous times. Similarly, you may need to view the reports repeatedly. For that purpose, you can create Shortcut Key for any particular menu option or use the Favourites option present on the menu bar present on the left-hand side.

In short, Ari Retail Furniture Software offers you a complete solution to manage your furniture store’s retail and sales. With its use, you don’t need to worry about mismanagement, loss of transaction details, tracking your products flow and what not. You can try Ari for free using our free trial facility which makes all the options available to you for 30 days without costing you a buck. This is introduced to showcase how our furniture retail software exactly matches with the customer requirement.

Browsing through your store using POS for Furniture Store

Usually a furniture store requires a large space to accommodate all the products. However, it is not possible to provide each piece on display and therefore, they are kept in a warehouse.

When a customer approaches you with specifications, you can find the product through Ari Furniture Store Software by using the filters provided. The search option let you filter the furniture items according to different features. In browse option, you can either scroll down to complete item list or else you can filter the items.

You can assign features to various products and bifurcate them by putting in different categories such as chairs, tables, cupboards, etc. Furthermore, you can assign the characteristics like size, material, brand, etc. and filter them out as per the customer need.

Furniture Retail Software

In case that item is not available in the stock, you can even assign a substitute item. This option is present as Substitute product suggestion option in the back office. Once you assign that in inventory in the back-office, system will automatically detect it when this situation occurs.

There is an option available of linking one item to another item through are Combo Substitute product suggestion. Whenever your customer buys a product, you can recommend him another product by linking it. For instance, if you link an office chair to an office table, whenever anyone buys office table, office chair will appear as a suggested item that the customer may buy. This feature from our Furniture Retail Software directly improves the profitability.

The linking and substitute additions are done through back office inventory. Whenever there is a sale, it will be reflected in the store inventory.

Furniture Retail Software

Ari Point of Sale for Furniture Stores provides for the generation of reports related to sales conducted through the store. You can get the POS summary for any period for all the tills present in the store or for a selected till. The report generated can be filtered document wise, date wise, Item wise, or category wise.

When you need to generate a detailed report, our Furniture Retail Software provides an option for that as well. The detailed report can be generated for sales, payment holds, Void POS, Layaways, and Void Layaways.

If you have lost track of furniture items in your inventory, it is possible to generate a report for it. This will let you know the stock of all items available in the inventory. This information comes along with the price and item category. The stock analysis report from our Furniture Store Software can further be filtered for either the whole organization or a particular store.

When one needs to track the time when till, register, and store opens/closes, separate reports are available for them, which can even be checked through the POS.

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Multiple Stores management using our furniture retail software

Till, register, and store facilitate tight control over retail operations. Ari is not only for the businesses which operate through a single physical store, but also for the companies which own a chain of stores.

When a company only has one store, Ari Furniture Retail Software effortlessly provides its service. When they are multiple stores, we have made sure that same efficiency can be maintained in that case also.

Usually, many of the furniture items are kept at warehouse to save the store space. There can be a situation when in one store the required item is present but absent at another store.

Considering the two cases, it can be stated that it is important to track inventory items through any of the stores. Ari Furniture Store Software gives you the provision where one can find out what are other items that different stores own, and you can also check the warehouse. A user can even transfer items from one store to another as per the customer demand.

Furniture Retail Software

Benefits of using Ari Furniture Store POS

Easily manage your inventory with Ari – be it importing new items or editing attributes – full control of your products is easily done using ARI. Attract customers by understanding their likings and identify trends with Ari Furniture Retail Software.

Easily create a new member account right at the Furniture Store POS Software. Issue and redeem points easily with Ari Point of Sale. Provide incentives for your customers to come again next time. Find out their interests by capturing data from various touch-points and link sales and preferences data to individual customers.

Get insights on all areas of your furniture business using our retail furniture software – be it sales, customers, inventory, staff, expenses, or other areas – you have access to whatever information you need using Ari Furniture POS System. Look at end-of-day reconciliation of cash, items, payment, sales by time, and salesperson – an advanced search function that allows you to find out information in the integrated database within seconds.

Ari Point of Sale for Furniture Stores allows you to create quick buttons for certain products which are frequently sold from your store. These buttons will help you to simply add the product by clicking on them.

Ari POS for Furniture Store provides several payment modes: Cash, Gift Card, Debit card, etc. This functionality is further enhanced by the peripheral support that our Furniture Management System provides. One can connect Ari Furniture Store Software with scanners, printers, payment devices, customer displays, cash drawers, and scales.

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