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Boutique POS System
Boutique Pos System
November 16, 2022

With our user-friendly General Store POS System, you can optimize your retail operations and maximize profits. From automated billing, inventory management, customer rewards, promotions to reporting; our software is multi-functional and robust- an ideal choice for you.

The General Store POS - Empowers You with Next-Gen Retail Technology

Using the Ari General Store POS System, you can easily track stock levels, sales, trends, and expiry dates. Manage general store inventory efficiently and automate replenishment.

Ari Supermarket POS Software for your general store aids in the creation of role-based access and security for general store managers and employees.

With Ari, the General Store POS, there are no long lines or tedious billing processes; the cashier can scan product barcodes, handle payments, and produce receipts.

Manage pricing, employees, inventory, and access for multiple general stores and geographical zones from a single location. Continually expand your multi-chain general store business.

With Ari’s General Store POS System, you get extensive analytics and reporting, you may examine inventory data, sales reports, trends, and so on. We can even tailor reports to your specific needs.

With Ari POS Software for general stores, you can encourage repeat purchases from your customers. Set up membership programs with member-only discounts and offer loyalty reward points.

Ari POS has ready-made promotion templates that you can adjust for promotion planning and management. Optimize your promotions to get more general store sales.

Ari General Store POS system has advanced retail integration. The POS system integrates seamlessly with Xero, Microsoft Business Central, QuickBooks, Mailchimp, etc. This makes your general store operations and management very simple.

It’s Time to Elevate Your General Store to the Next Level!

Access Now! Ari General Store POS FREE Trial (No Commitment, No Credit card required)

Outperform Retail Competition with Our Customized General Store POS System

Ari’s General Store POS Provides Hassle-Free Inventory Tracking

Ari, the General Store POS System monitors the stock levels in all of your stores in real-time.

Maintain your inventory without spending time. Inventory should be classified using variations (color, size, features, etc.). You can also check expiration dates, and fast- and slow-selling stocks, and receive reorder reminders.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Combine inventory data from several channels.
  • Supply chain management should be automated.
  • Check inventory expiry dates, notify about early clearing schedules, plan stock replenishment, and so forth.
  • Shrinkage control entails tracking item movement and minimizing losses.
  • Create new barcodes and RFID chips.
  • RFID data is used to check stockpiles.
  • Centralized product catalog and inventory data hosting
  • Warehouse management with guidance
General Store POS
General Store POS

Manage Multiple Stores Centrally With Our General Store POS

You can handle store- or zone-based pricing and inventory movement for your general stores via the backend. Ari is also highly renowned for its grocery store POS system.

Combine customer data from several locations, create awards, coordinate specific promotions across multiple general stores, and track employee performance across multiple stores.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Manage pricing across several stores or zones.
  • Utilize consolidated reporting with data from all locations.
  • Forecasting smart stocks
  • Stock transfer between locations
  • Manage specific (or similar) campaigns and offers across multiple stores.
  • Consolidate customer, vendor, and sales data across all locations.
  • From headquarters, manage currencies, access levels, and employee performance incentives across many outlets.

Accelerated Billing Procedures With Our General Store POS System

Queues at your general shop can be easily managed. The software supports barcodes, RFID, Quick Buttons, Search Options, Multi-Currency Payments, multi-language support, and many more functions.

With Ari, the General Store POS Software Your client lines will move considerably faster.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Accept cash, credit card, or digital transfer payments.
  • Hold payment for a customer while continuing with other payments.
  • Layaway- a payment plan that allows you to receive money and reserve a product for a customer.
  • Support in multiple languages and payment in multiple currencies
  • Employee shift scheduling
  • Cash drawer limits to protect cash
The General Store POS

You'll reap excellent benefits with Ari’s robust integrations, intuitive interface, and excellent personalization options

General Store POS

Increase in Customer Loyalty

You can use the pre-built templates provided by Ari, the General Store POS system to attract customers and convert them into loyal lifetime customers.

You can rapidly track the results of these marketing efforts and design the necessary in-store promotions and discounts. Ari is a trusted POS system for small businesses.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Manage your loyalty points.
  • Use behavioral insights from customers to upsell and cross-sell.
  • Using the ‘Linked Items’ functionality, display replacement products, and combo deals.
  • Gather consumer information and construct customer profiles
  • Provide customized deals based on past purchases.
  • Use a membership program.

Access to Powerful Reports & Analytics

With Ari’s analytical dashboard and comprehensive reports, you can enhance the performance of your general store by making data-driven decisions.

The software provides a complete image of the inventory, overall sales, sales by different categories, payments, taxes, consumer purchasing trends, and other performance metrics.

Important Reports Generated for Your General Store:

  • Report on Purchase Analytics
  • Report on Tax Analytics
  • Consolidated Sales Reports on a Daily and Monthly Basis
  • Report on Item Expiry
  • Daily Payment Reports in Depth
  • Stock & Inventory Report
  • Report on Stock Movement
  • Report on Employee Productivity
  • Report on Loyalty Ledger
General Store POS
General Store POS

Establish User-Level Access With Our General Store POS

You can utilize Ari General Store POS System to construct corporate headquarters and business zones, add general stores to the zones, and centrally control access for a large number of people across several stores. Ari secures every data unit, from inventory data to client purchase history to cash drawer access.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Create a user hierarchy with multi-level access.
  • Consider role-based security for POS users (store managers and staff)
  • Maintain centralized access to the granular level
  • Control access to the cash drawer and the Cash Register
  • Keep track of access sessions and information for security purposes.

Discover how Ari POS can transform how you manage your general store with innovative features.

Use Ari POS Software to Take Advantage of Robust Integrations


The integration of Ari, the general store POS, with Tally facilitates automated bookkeeping and the tracking of transactions and inventories. With this accounting integration in the enterprise POS system, data input accuracy is guaranteed, and report creation is simplified. It does away with the need to frequently import and export data.


Xero POS Integration helps you to always have a complete picture of your financials. You can get a real-time view of your cash flow. Additionally, you can reconcile, submit invoices, or create expense claims from anywhere.

Quick Books

As the proprietor of a general store, you have more authority over accounting operations. The integration provides excellent data security because the data is encrypted. The likelihood of a mismatch is minimized by the synchronization between your data and its accounting.

Mail Chimp

Making your own website, managing social media campaigns, and doing much more are all possible with the well-known email marketing platform Mailchimp. This software integration is a complete branding tool for business success. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Thanks to this Microsoft dynamics POS connectivity, you can fully comprehend operations, purchasing, production, inventory, and warehouse management. Additionally, Outlook gives you complete control throughout the sales cycle.

Key Advantages of using Ari POS, the top-level General Store POS System

To make transactions in your retail business more user-friendly for your customers, you can connect scanners, RFID, printers, customer display screens, various payment methods, weighing scales, and cash drawers.

Data and information from Retail POS System is synchronized with back-end office in real-time. Any adjustments made in the back office can also be immediately seen at the POS level. When there is a connection interruption, POS can still function in offline mode and sync once the connection is restored. 

Ari is an integrated platform that gathers data from all touchpoints and compiles it into readable, graphical reports. Ari POS displays thorough reports on tax, loyalty, expiration dates, purchase analysis reports, sales analysis reports, and other topics.

Ari POS is a top-notch POS software for general store retailers with the best technical support available. Whether you opt for Ari Optical POS, Pharmacy POS, or Ari General Store POS, we have customer service representatives on hand round-the-clock to respond to your questions in a flash. You get a dedicated account manager for you as a single point of contact.

There will surely be unique methods and challenges in your general retail store. Ari, the general store POS system for general stores is designed uniquely for general stores and enables customization of functionality, custom reporting, accounting connectors, etc.

The Ari POS system makes managing your general store business a breeze so that you can focus on taking care of your customers!

Start Using the Best POS System for general stores to your advantage!

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