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Ari is the gift shop management software that can aid your business in managing its storefront efficiently with minimum manual intervention.

The gift shop POS software has its unique interface distinguished from any other retail management software in the market. It has back-office for configurations and front-end POS for transactions & billing. Running a gift shop requires keeping a wide range of articles to attract customers who have different demands. The management of these articles is challenging, needing technological support.

Gift Shop Pos

There are various gift store POS software applications in the market, which claim to provide the aid you need. However, will you get state of the art gift shop point of sale, inventory management, loyalty program, promotions features, and analytics on a single Retail Management Software? It is tough to find single software holding all these features. But, Ari has it all.

Ari gift shop POS software is designed in such a way that it eliminates your dependency on other software programs for managing different aspects of retail. For instance, you won’t need separate gift shop inventory software for managing your inventory. With the help of Ari retail software for gift shop, you can manage the products’ movement directly from the back-office.

Our gift shop POS software even takes care that your store never runs out of the customers. We have advanced promotions and offers features to keep attracting the buyers. If you want to earn loyal customers, you can create a loyalty program that provides rewards to consumers on every purchase.

For letting people know about the promotions, offers, and sale, you can choose Mailchimp integration. The Mailchimp can be used for retargeting and sending emails to multiple customers in one go.

You can use our inbuilt Analytical dashboard, which gives basic analytical information. The information is good enough to make data-driven decisions leading to more profit. It allows you to keep a close eye on your gift stores. For having a detailed view, you can generate reports from the back-office.

Besides back-office, there are a few reports which you can view from the gift shop point of sale system. The reports available in the POS are related to daily sales, daily collection, and other POS transactions, etc. You can restrict the viewing of reports by your employees as per your will.

gift shop
gift shop

Ari gift shop point of sale delivers advanced level features in a simplified way, making it suitable for a salesperson. It has an unambiguous user interface having search options, filter options, reports, etc., readily available on the surface. You won’t need to dig much to find the needed features.

Ari POS is a gift for the gift shops to make their management easier and sales higher than ever. It is easy to understand, inexpensive, and fulfills all your requirements. Moreover, we are here to guide you wherever you require our help. Along with the gift shop point of sale, you can also take advantage of our implementation and configuration services.

Other integrations that Ari offers are related to accounting and analytics. A user can connect with accounting software such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, QuickBooks, and Xero with a few easy steps. It will help to keep track of your books of accounts along with the management of a retail business. This makes Ari, the most comprehensive Gift shop POS software.

Let the customers gift you with their loyalty

For a gift shop, it is necessary to earn loyal customers. A loyal customer will surely take your gift shop above every other. Benefits such as discounts in the form of reward points keep your customers engaged with your business. On Ari gift shop POS software, you can choose to offer points on every purchase made by your buyer.

You need to configure it on back-office, which is Ari’s web-based application, where the entire configuration takes place. You can even adjust the number of points a customer can earn on an amount.

You can select how you want the customer to redeem the points. The points can provide discounts in the form of deduction of a flat amount or deduction of a fixed percentage of the total cost.

gift shop

You can set different customer levels as per the total amount of all the purchases customer makes. When a customer reaches a higher level, you can offer him more benefits. It will encourage him to reach higher levels by making regular purchases.

You can even set an expiry date for the loyalty points. It could be a fixed date when all points of a customer get expire. Else, you can choose a period for which points remain valid after the customer makes the purchase.

There are many more features, such as giving additional benefits on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can also create local or global customers. That means if you have a chain of gift shops, you can choose whether to allow the loyalty point redemption only at the store where the purchase took place or it at any of the stores.

Overall, our gift store POS software is all you need to keep your customers engaged.

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Ari Retail Management Software has a Lot of Gifts and Surprises for Your Gift Shop
Reward Customers with amazing offers and discounts in the form of a loyalty program. Manage all your products at Ari RMS one-stop solution.
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Easy to use Gift Shop POS system

The gift store POS software is the software which salesperson uses to handles the transactions. It is divided into two sections displayed simultaneously. The left section displays the items billed and the total amount the buyer needs to pay, whereas the right section displays a product’s details and the payment options.

A gift shop has various articles. These articles can be bifurcated into different categories, such as toys, cards, etc. It helps a seller to find a product from POS. Another option is to check the product using the barcode. The point of sale can be connected to a barcode scanner. As the products’ barcodes get scanned, the product appears on the POS screen for the billing purpose

Besides barcode Scanner, the gift shop point of sale can be connected to weighing scale, payment devices, pole display, printers, and cash drawers. Connection with cash drawers provides security to your earning. The salesperson will only be allowed to open the drawer when a transaction takes place.

Additional features such as the hold option which permit the seller to hold a transaction while continuing with other transactions. It makes Ari gift store point of sale time-efficient and ready to manage large crowds effectively.

You can even allow a user to pay with multiple payment options for a single purchase. For instance, he can choose to pay half of the amount by cash and the other half using the gift card. One can issue the gift card from the POS itself by adding it as a product.

If your gift shop frequently sells gift cards or any other item, it can be added as a quick button. By doing this, you will be able to add those products to the cart by a single click.

Integrations improve Ari’s functionality

Ari gift shop POS software offers integrations related to accounting, marketing, and analytics. If we talk about accounting applications, they are the need of the hour. Accounting is necessary to keep track of sales, profit, and loss. Therefore, Ari integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, Tally, Retail Insight, and Microsoft Dynamic 365.

Any of the applications can be integrated into Ari with easy steps, almost similar in each case. All you need to do is to add your accounting software account on Ari by performing a login. After that, you have to map the fields, which is a one-time job.

There are some features that you need to configure, such as selecting the date range for which you wish to post the data. You can also choose the transaction posting status, which lets you save the data shared with accounting software as a draft. You need to provide approval through accounting software before posting. This provides an additional layer for checking whether data is transferred correctly or not.

gift shop

Another integration is Mailchimp, which is used for retargeting. At the time when a transaction takes place, you can optionally choose to collect the customer data such as name, contact number, email, etc., through POS. That data is transferred to the back-office instantly by using real-time synchronization.

The data is then transferred to Mailchimp after logging in to Mailchimp account and mapping the fields. On Mailchimp, you can create different groups which can be related to customers, or even vendors and employees.

For analytics, PowerBI integration is present, letting you know about the performance of different stores and how to make it better.

Benefits of using Ari POS for Gift Shop

You can handle multiple stores with Ari Gift Shop POS Software. It is also possible to mimic your organization structure. You can create multiple companies, branches, zones, departments, stores, and any such levels as necessary to have proper control over your retail operations.

From Ari Headquarters, you can add all the details of different gift shops. You can also compare the performance of gift shops through the analytical dashboard and customized reports.

The characteristics feature allows adding any attribute of the product. While adding a product, Ari has fields for most of the product features such as brand, size color, weight, price, name, etc. However, if in case you need an additional field, you can use item characteristics to create as many fields as you want.. Furthermore, you can even filter the products through POS based on these characteristics.

Ari gift shop POS software offers you to run promotions and offers, which plays a primary role in attracting the customers. In Ari, you get pre-defined promotions where all you need to add are product or product categories. For instance, if there is a buy two get one free promotion or get 20% off above minimum purchase of $50, the only requirement is adding products on which this is applicable.

Moreover, you can select the period for which the promotion is applicable. It is also possible to run it on specific working days.

It is neither necessary nor recommended to share all the aspects of your retail management software to your employees. Using the superuser login, you can select what all aspects of the application are accessible to an employee.

For instance, a general manager can be provided access to the reports related to the store. However, access to those reports is not required for the salesperson.

Role-based access provides comprehensive security and control over your retail operations.

Ari is an application loaded with well-defined features, each one burdening down the retail management effort in some way. Using Ari will give a boost to your business without a doubt.

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