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March 9, 2020
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Ari Hardware Store POS Software simplifies the task of inventory management for hardware stores.

Hardware stores usually own a vast inventory. There could be different hardware stores depending upon the type of product with which they are dealing. Certain hardware stores may conduct the selling of numerous products. Therefore, keeping a manual track of sales is not possible. Here comes the Ari Hardware Store POS Software in the picture, which owns exclusive features to define a hardware store’s inventory and other aspects which can make the sales management easier.


Ari is designed in such a way that the point-of-sale system can be used offline. Our hardware store POS software can be downloaded in your Microsoft Windows operating system, and it is compatible with almost every POS hardware.

All the transactions occur through the POS system. These transactions get synchronized with Ari’s web-based application, which we call the Back-Office.

For a Hardware store, the back office contains numerous features related to inventory, promotions, reward programs, reports, and handling multiple stores.

You need to add a product to the inventory present in the back office. If the item has a barcode or RFID assigned to it, the information can be stored in the back office.

Ari Hardware Store Software offers real-time synchronization. For instance, you have two stores in the same city, and one’s inventory gets empty, you get the option to transfer it from the other stock. This way, Ari POS for Hardware Store keeps all the stores of an organization connected.

Such features let us deliver efficient multi-store management. You can create a hierarchy structure defining the headquarter, various regional offices, and the stores which come under those regions. In case you own a single shop, there won’t be any need to create such a structure.

You can even deal with multi-currency when your hardware store has consumers from different countries. In case you wish to have your point of sale software in different languages, that possibility is also there as Ari Point of Sale for Hardware Stores owns Multi-Lingual support.

This shows our focus towards delivering the optimum functionality. Talking about functionality, we deliver it by providing integration of our hardware store POS with top accounting software such as Microsoft Business Central, QuickBooks, Xero, etc. Moreover, we also allow you to connect it with Mailchimp which helps us for conducting targeted marketing which can be done based upon the customer trends.


To identify these customer trends, you can make the utilization of the Reports and Analytics section available on the hardware store software. It not only shows reports related to customers, but also for the stock analysis and Tax Analytics. A provision of adding tax is offered when you enter the product details which directly becomes visible on the POS for hardware store at the time of transaction. The cashier won’t need to manually add the tax while making the sales.

Like tax information, any other data can also be implemented while adding a product. We have given our users the complete flexibility to add any of the characteristics for a product.

These characteristics can later be used for filtering the items through the hardware store Point of Sale when cashier searches for it in the item list. In case if any item is found missing there is a Substitute product suggestion that shows a product which can be recommended if the required one is not available.

In case if you want to sell anything along with the item the buyer the purchasing, it can appear as a related product suggestion. This improves the sale of related items.

Inventory Management becomes facile

While using Ari Hardware Store POS Software, you don’t need to worry about handling your inventory. Hardware store will have many items having various uses. Because of this, products would differ with each other any many ways such as size, weight, etc.

This makes the manual handling of the inventory very tough, and a proper hardware store software is required which has the capability where a user can add every characteristic related to hardware products.

From Ari’s back office, you can create the infinite number of products. For these products we have made all the possible fields available. You will find a menu option with the “Product Characteristic” where you can add a field of your own choice.


The custom field which you add can contain text, number, combination of both, check list, and anything required to add as a feature.

You can add different types of products and maintain them using a product category. At the time of purchase, a cashier can easily browse the product through these categories.

It is even possible to add a barcode or RFID tag to the product using hardware store POS Software. When you add the barcode information to the product, it automatically gets detected when scanned. With this, the product itself appears on the POS screen. With RFID support, you get relaxation while performing physical stock count.

For further improvement in management, we have offered the serial control option in our hardware store software. In this option, you just need to add the prefix and the total number of digits. The serial numbers will be generated automatically based on the information provided.

Overall, we have managed to cover your hardware store inventory from all the sides. There are several aspects by which a retail management software should be created for managing inventory efficiently. We have almost covered everything taking care of the security, faster billing, movement from one store to another, or from the warehouse to various stores. This way, we have made it easier for many hardware stores to run their day-to-day operations.

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Keep Track of Your Hardware with Our Software- Ari Retail Management System
We have many features for your hardware store management- easy to use POS, promotions, loyalty programs, and analytics.

Hardware Store Software Integrations:

Whenever an application is loaded with multiple features, it becomes complicated. For this reason, we have kept Ari’s focus just towards the retail management especially for hardware stores. If we would have included other features related to target accounting, etc., it will become tough for a common user to learn the software and manage the data.

Therefore, for widening the functionality even after keeping the learning curve gentle, we included various integrations. Integrations doesn’t affect the user interface of the primary application but synchronizes it with the other application.

We have QuickBooks, Xero, Tally, Mailchimp, Retail Insight, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as our integrations with Hardware Store POS Software. By connecting the software with QuickBooks, Xero, and Tally, the accounting becomes easier.

After you connect with any of these accounting software, data generated through Ari POS for Hardware Store, and Ari Back-Office will directly sync with these software programs. This saves the job of manually entering of invoices or the purchases made by your retail store. You can also take its help to generate extensive reports which can aid you in decision making.

You won’t even need to maintain the inventory in these accounting programs. The inventory transactions made in Ari Hardware Store POS Software can be synchronized and tracked through the integrated software.

Apart from these applications, there is Mailchimp present for targeted marketing. You can create customer groups using Ari POS for Hardware Store. Then we can send bulk email to them regarding offers, discounts, sales, etc., using Mailchimp.

You can also get the choice of integrating it with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which in addition to accounting can also support in Relationship management, Human resource management, Project & Resource management, and Service Order Management.

Retail Insight is one another integration that can be used to manage the accounts. You even get the flexibility of setting a batch size of the postings that will be done on Retail Insight by collecting data form the Ari Point of Sale for Hardware Store.

Effortless and efficient product selling using POS for Hardware Store

Ari’s Hardware Store POS Software owns a user-interface which lets anybody understand the program and use it without trouble. There is a training mode added to the POS which is preloaded with sample data. The store manager can use it to train cashiers on Ari POS for hardware store and this will save the time they take to learn it.

After they go through every aspect, they are ready to conduct transactions. When a transaction is conducted, the cashier only needs to scan the barcode and it will appear on the POS. If not, we have included search as well as filter options. It is also possible to add Quick Buttons on the POS which you can directly click to add a product. This is useful when you need to add the same product multiple times for different buyers i.e., when you sell a popular product.


There are a few basic reports available through the point of sale for hardware store which the store manager can use to track the working of his store. However, it completely depends upon the hardware store owner whether he wishes to give access to these reports or not.

Through Ari’s Hardware Store Retail Software, one can even move a product from one store to another to meet the customer demands. On this basis, one can unquestionably conclude that Ari Hardware Store POS Software is the best solutions for managing multiple hardware stores as well as single hardware store.

Benefits of using Ari Point of Sale for Hardware Store

Let Ari Point of Sale for Hardware Store inform you what to buy and what not to buy; what kind of promotions to run and what shouldn’t; which items need to be discounted and which ones don’t. With Ari Hardware Store Point of Sale, you have a clear view and vision of your hardware business and make smart decisions.

Understand your customers by identifying their needs and preferences, know their spending habits and see how frequently they purchase from your store. Get insights from Ari POS for Hardware Store and target customers by providing them a personalized shopping experience.

You can easily automate the process for stocks intake – directly import stocks and automatically reorder stocks using Ari Hardware Store Software. Save time and energy on managing stocks to increase productivity so that your staff focuses on the kind of stocks to bring in instead of doing administrative work. Easily track your items based on location, counter, department, supplier, barcode, RFID and keypad entry. Find out availability of stocks in other stores using Ari Hardware Store POS Software.

Promotions is one of the best ways to attract customer and sale items which are having lesser sales. On those items you can run discounts or promote them using “buy one get one” or other such techniques. In Ari Hardware Store POS Software, we have added sample promotions for your hardware store and our implementation team can add customized promotions as per your requirement.

Customer reward program is the solution for getting long lasting customers who will always prefer you rather than choosing the other options available in the market.

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