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Bike Shop POS Software | Point of Sale for Bike Store
June 30, 2020
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Vape Shop POS
July 3, 2020

Ari Salon POS System is designed by putting together advanced-level features, features that will deliver ease to management and growth of your cosmetic and health store.

A health and beauty store has customers with different demands. These varied demands need to be entertained using different products. While handling a customer, it is essential to provide him with what he is looking for, without spending much time. Ari Salon POS System provides ease of operations for your store and much more to help you grow and succeed.

Meanwhile, when you are handling the current customers, you have to aim for new ones as well. That’s how growth can be achieved.

The key way to experience growth is to attract customers using promotions, turn them into loyal buyers by providing continuous rewards, and study analytics to find out how you can retarget them & have more repeated customers.

An all-rounder Salon POS Software should efficiently manage your information, customers, and growth, at the same time. Ari POS System for Hair Salon is the answer when the question is which POS system would be competent enough to do that?

For proficient management of all the above-mentioned attributes, there would be a requirement of a lot many tools and features. Therefore, we have implemented all the tools on the Ari Salon POS System and then segmented them wisely. The careful segmentation makes the user interface uncomplicated, and Ari’s learning curve is gentle.

Salon POS System
Salon POS System

The POS software works efficiently on almost all devices. Its software acts as a medium of interaction between the seller and buyer; it is the interface where all the transactions take place.

If we talk about the configurations, it can be done through the back-office, the web-based application loaded with the features using which you can define your business’s retail management.

The POS installed in the devices, and the back-office are connected using real-time synchronization. Therefore, whenever there is a change or addition done in the back office, its effect becomes visible on the POS. Similarly, when a transaction occurs, or customer data is added to the POS, it is transferred to the back-office.

The real-time synchronization improves the functionality of our Salon POS System exponentially. Even when there is no internet, the POS locally saves the data and transfers it to the back office when a connection becomes available.

As the cashier uses the POS system, we have made sure it is easy to learn by any of the members of the team. Our Salon POS System comes with a ‘training mode’ which enables newcomers to learn Ari Salon POS System quickly without affecting the original data. Moreover, this saves the time required for training a new staff member.

Your Salon must be having a lot of cosmetic products. Out of those products, there must be some products which show exceptional sales. On Ari Salon POS Software, you can choose to add quick buttons to these products. You won’t need to add the product every time by searching it through inventory. Quick buttons allow adding the product to the cart using a single click.

It is one way how you can expect Ari to deal with customers fast. For the same reason, we have added search and filter options that let you find a product using its characteristics or product category. You assign a product category to a product while adding the product to the inventory.

Salon POS System
Salon POS System

On Ari, we have added the features of both health store POS and beauty store POS to satisfy your retail management necessities. Ari allows you to add all characteristics of products as you can generate user-defined fields.

It is necessary for a salon pos system product inventory management system to track the expiry dates of the beauty products related to skincare, haircare, supplements, etc. On Ari, you can not only add an expiry date but also keep track. You will know which would be the products that are getting expired soon. This would help you to know about which products you should prioritize for selling.

With the help of promotions and discounts, you can attract customers and also clear your stock. Ari has promotions designed exclusively for Salon POS Software stores. Our salon pos system even allows running multiple promotions in such a way that two promotions never get overlapped. You can choose to prioritize a promotion as per your choice.

Similarly, there are many other features added to Ari salon pos system with the objective that businesses of our users grow at a rapid pace.

Earn Long Lasting Customers

On Ari salon pos system, you can run a loyalty program. The loyalty program is created with a step-by-step procedure through Ari’s back office. You need to set the number of points you want to provide as per the purchase amount. For instance, a customer earns a hundred points on a purchase worth a hundred dollars.

Furthermore, you can set the value of the point when the customer wishes to redeem the points. You can wish to provide a discount in the form of a reduction in the total amount or percentage.

You can set different levels for your customers according to the total amount spent. As the buyer progresses, the level changes. With the change in level, you can provide him additional benefits. For instance, with the change in level, he will earn 1.2 times more points. This would motivate the customers to engage with your business.

Salon POS System

You can set an expiry date for the points using our salon pos system. It can be done in two ways. You can either set a validity period or set a fixed date on which all the points will get expired.

Moreover, you can choose whether your customers can redeem the points from any of your salon stores or only from the stores where they have made the purchase.

Ari’s customer rewards program is the ultimate key to attracting potential customers, keeping them engaged all the time, and turning them into loyal buyers.

salon pos system
Your Business’s Health Will Remain Optimum When You Use Ari Health and Beauty POS
Add products, product categories, promote them, generate loyalty program, give-away points, and earn credibility- Everything through a single App.
salon pos system

Integrating Salon POS System with Other Applications

Ari Salon POS System offers a number of integrations. With Ari, you can integrate with major accounting applications such as QuickBooks, Tally POS, Microsoft dynamics pos, and Xero.

Whenever a transaction occurs, the transaction data such as the amount, tax, etc. is transferred to Ari back-office. You can choose to integrate Ari with any of the above-mentioned accounting applications. You need to enter the credentials of the application and map the fields using a one-time process.

After getting integrated with the applications, you can choose how many transactions you need to transfer in one go. Moreover, it allows you to save the transactions as drafts in any of the accounting software you choose. You need to approve the transactions from your accounting app before they get posted. This allows an additional check on the transaction. You get the option to avoid it if the additional check is unnecessary.

Along with the transaction data, customers’ data is also transferred to Ari’s back office. Now, you would surely wish to put this data to use. Therefore, here comes the Mailchimp integration, which provides a way to retarget your customers.

All the customer data is transferred to Mailchimp after you input the credentials and map the fields. The customer data can be divided into various groups in Mailchimp.

Whenever you have an offer, sale, or new product launch and you can let customers know using Mailchimp. You need to create a group of people who would be interested in the campaign. Then, just draft an email, and you will be able to send the email to the whole group in one go.

Know your Customer Behavior using Reports and Analytics

One primary requirement of growing your business is knowing your business. For that reason, the Ari Salon POS System has designed an intuitive analytical dashboard that shares the details about the best products, best product categories, monthly sales, yearly sales, etc. The data is shared in the form of graphical representation allowing the user to set different comparisons for ease in decision making.

You can check out the product categories, which are showing low sales and work to increase customers’ interests. Besides that, you can check the products which are showing high sales and increase your purchase accordingly. There are many more such ways by which our analytical dashboard can be put to use.

Salon POS System

Apart from the analytical reports, Ari offers reports related to every aspect of your retail management. Whether you talk about tax analytics, loyalty ledger, item expiry, or sales analytics, Ari has it all.

The reports generated in Ari can be customized. You can select the stores for which you wish to generate the report, add the specific period, and make the report highly specific. Ari Salon POS System can put the data in the way you require to find out the trends and observe the patterns. This will aid you in making smart decisions in this highly competitive industry.


While adding the customer data, you can ask them about their special days, such as birthdays and anniversaries. This data can be integrated into promotions. You can choose to provide discounts or exciting offers for particular days, weeks, or months as per the customer’s special day.

For tracking products that you added to the inventory, serialized control is introduced by Ari Salon POS System. You need to add the number of digits, suffix, prefix, and starting number. Ari will automatically generate the serial number and assign it to the products.

Ari’s back office is loaded with features. Some of the features are used more frequently than others. Each time, following the path to reach the required feature, can be tiresome. That’s why we have added a favorites option. You can choose the feature and add it to favorites. It will create a shortcut allowing you to directly access the element through the left panel present on the dashboard.

From the back office, you can generate gift cards of any amount. These gift cards will be visible on the POS system, just like products. Gift cards can be used when someone requires a refund; instead of returning the amount, you can provide him a gift card of the same value.

On Ari Salon POS System, you can sell a product as a combo pack of different products. Such products are called kit items. For instance, a shaving kit consists of a razor, cartridges, aftershave, etc. The components of the kit can’t be sold individually. Besides kit items, you can also create assembly items that are similar to kit items, but its component products can be sold individually. Ari Salon POS Software also allows you to break these kits and assembly products so that they can be sold individually.

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