Ari JewelleryPOS empowers jewellers to provide a next-level customer experience. Whether you sell bangles, bracelets, earrings or anklets, Ari transforms the way you deal with your customers. Jewellery retail business is all about locking in customer loyalty and Ari helps you do the same. Ari helps you manage special orders and provide timely updates to customers.

Whether you have a single store or multi-store, Ari has the tools you need to scale and grow. The biggest challenge in a jewellery business is to keep track of valuable items. Ari not only tracks inventory but it provides valuable insight as to target marketing, fast and slow moving items and more.

Ari provides analytical reports and dashboards that helps you take a right decision at the right time. Ari is integrated with MailChimp, it helps you do email marketing. Ari POS for Jewellery Store is easy to setup and use. Ari connects to the best business apps in accounting and marketing so that you can provide world-class customer experience.

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