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September 22, 2020

Ari Jewelry Software facilitates Jewelers to provide an advanced-level customer experience.

Jewelry business certainly has a variety of products to be sold, earrings, anklets, bracelets, bangles, or necklaces, Ari Jewelry Software overhauls your way to deal with your jewelry inventory. Our Jewelry Store Software will change the way you deal with your customers.

Ari Jewelry POS Software has several options that enable a jewelry retail business to be more golden! Jewelry retail business is all about having repeat customers by providing them world-class jewelry and customer service.

There could be instances where a customer might want jewelry to be designed in a specific way. Ari Jewelry Software supports this by way of providing the facility of capturing a special order like this. It also makes it easy to track the status of the special order. Ari Jewelry Store Software has back-office management and a forefront Jewelry POS which helps jewelry businesses to function smoothly.

As Ari Jewelry Point of Sale and back-office are kept separately, it becomes easier for the cashier to conduct transactions. As the learning curve of our POS System for jewelry store is very gentle, ground-level employees will not have issues while using the retail jewelry software. You won’t need to provide extensive training for your employees. We even provide training videos on our website from where you can check how Ari Jewelry Business Software can be used.

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This also provides limited access to cashiers, which is helpful in safeguarding the data. Through Ari back-office, you can configure the access levels. You can choose what all tabs you wish an employee to view. There are a few reports provided on the Jewelry POS Software. You can choose to provide or not provide access for every particular report.

These reports are related to total sales, customer wise sales, hourly sales, loyalty ledger, etc. These reports help a jewelry store to find out its performance. Based on reports, the store can out about where the scope of improvement lies and make decisions based on it.

For decision making, you can also take the help of the Reports and Analytics section present on the back-office. In addition to the reports present on the POS for Jewelry, you can also find reports related to stock movement, item expiration, weighted average cost, tax analysis, etc.

Besides helping in decision making, these reports also aid in jewelry inventory management. There are several features included to make sure that your jewelry inventory is managed with ease. Using the automatic serial control feature, tracking of items becomes more accurate. For physical stock calculation, you can add an RFID tag to the jewelry item. This also aids in keeping the security optimum and saves the store from an act of theft.

Overall, Ari Jewelry Software coves all the requirements that a jewelry business has. It keeps your data and products secure; it allows your customers to ay as they want; the transaction can be done fast, special orders can be tracked, decision making can be improved. Therefore, you can choose Ari Jewelry POS over other POS systems without a second thought.


Jewelry Inventory Management

In business, the inventory should always be kept in check, Ari is an advanced level Jewelry retail software that takes jewelry inventory management to the next level. It creates a link between the back-end and the front-end Jewelry Store Software, which makes the management and organization of the inventory in the best possible way.

A jewelry item has many characteristics, and different features associated with it, with Ari Jewelry Software, inventory management becomes smoother and more efficient. It makes it possible for a jewelry retail business to add multiple characteristics for different items. Ari Item master has a facility to capture item name, category, unit of measurement, multiple photographs, tax percentage, and multiple user-defined characteristics. Ari Jewelry POS Software believes in making management as easier as possible; it has a serial control feature that enables you to create and track unique serialized items.


To make the sales and inventory management easier, you can link the barcode detail to the product, Ari Jewelry Point of Sale will scan the barcode and identify the product and fetch all the details related to the product. This feature will be useful to increase the productivity and enhance the efficiency for the retail staff.

To boost your sales, Ari Jewelry Software has got tremendous ways. With the related product feature, it will recommend your products as per your choice with the already purchased item. For instance, a customer buys earrings, and it will recommend a necklace too.

Whenever an item is not in stock, the substitute product suggestion will recommend you an alternative of the same product with a slight difference. Say, for example, a customer wants gold earrings, and they are not in the stock, Ari Jewelry Store Software will recommend a different kind of earrings with a similar design.

Ari POS System for Jewelry Store gives you complete control over your inventory, knowing the status of your product, tracking product details centrally.

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Ari Efficiently Manages Jewellery Store and Even Owns Safety Features for Your Jewellery
Our POS, back-office, and inventory are aligned with each other making the Jewellery tracking accurate and simplistic.

Jewelry Software with loyalty program and promotions

Ari Jewelry Software enables you to provide incentives to your customers by way of offering gift cards and vouchers. To increase the functionality, you can easily print, redeem, reuse, and manage those gift cards and vouchers using Ari. With Ari Jewelry Store Software, create a new membership account right at the jewelry POS and keep track of all customers from there. Know your customers’ purchase history, preferences, habits, frequency of visits etc. and run relevant promotions for them.

When a new customer is added to Ari Jewelry Software, you can choose to add him to the loyalty program. Here, you can provide him a discount or points for every purchase. You can configure the value of each point and how it can be redeemed. Based on the amount of purchase, you can divide the consumers into different levels. For these various levels, different benefits can be rendered. This would motivate your customer to conduct more and more purchases and choose your store above others.

It is difficult to keep track of customer choices. However, with state-of-the-art reporting and analytical capabilities of Ari Jewelry Store Software, it is easy to understand what you should sell. You can analyze customer buying patterns and understand what is working for your business and what is not. Based on this, you can run various promotions. This can be done for the items whose sale has gone down or for whom you need to clear inventory. There are some predefined promotions for your jewelry business, which are added to the Ari Back-office.

Accounting integration

Ari is a powerful jewelry Point of Sale software. It provides integration with popular accounting applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralXeroQuickBooksTally, and Retail Insight.

Transactions saved in Ari Jewelry Software can be automatically posted to the accounting software and duplication of efforts can be saved. Ari Jewelry Store Software maintains a complete log of transactions sent for accounting posting and eliminates chances of an error.

You don’t even need to maintain inventory in those accounting software programs. From here itself inventory can be uploaded there directly. Even the movement of inventory can be synchronized with these accounting applications.


Benefits of using Ari Jewelry Store Software

Ari Jewelry Software provides a state-of-the-art POS System that is not only user friendly but also lightning fast. One just has to scan an item and bill is generated side-by-side. One can also put a transaction on hold and serve the next customer till the time the previous customer comes back and wants to checkout. The Jewellery POS is provided with the facility of the “Quick Button” option from where the cashier can directly add an item to the cart.

Ari Jewelry Retail Software helps you keep connected with your customers. It provides Mailchimp integration to send promotional mailers, birthday or anniversary greetings and more. It maintains the complete customer database for you so that you can be in touch with them as needed. It provides you insights on their purchase history, likings for their brand, jewelry article, purity and so on so that you only suggest them items which will draw their attention.

Ari Jewelry Software is tightly integrated with Power Bi to provide you state of the art BI solution. It provides pre-defined analytical reports for various departments including purchase, sales and inventory. Power users can customize the reports as per their requirement and others can reach out to Ari’s customer support to have them designed a custom Power Bi report.

Using a legacy system and wanting to switch over to Ari Jewelry POS? No problem. Ari Jewelry Business Software provides a Quick start to get started with Ari in no time. Further, it provides a facility to run Jewelry Point of Sale System in ‘Training’ mode. Training Mode enables a user to record all transactions as he would normally do and understand Ari fully without impacting the live POS data. This is a boon for store managers as employee turnover in jewelry retail is huge.

Ari POS System for Jewelry Store comes with multi-lingual capability and supports left to right languages like Arabic and Urdu. No matter what your language is, you can always access Ari Jewelry Software in the language of your choice and carry out your retail store operations.

Ari Jewelry Retail Software enables you to link with devices that you can think of- printer, scanner, payment devices, cash drawers, scales, and customer display to make the sales efficient and accurate. This provides advanced-level functionality to Ari. One can choose the payment method of his own choice. Moreover, linking it with cash drawers will help to keep your cash safe.

Ari Jewelry Point of Sale establishes a bridge between the customer, inventory, cash management, rewards program, product pricing, sales promotion scheme and accounting system which makes the job of the retail staff smoother and more efficient. Customers are the king of market, it is said and to satisfy the loyal customers Ari has customer reward programs which offers them loyalty points based on the purchases made at the store and the same can be redeemed as per the rules defined.

For multi-store environment, it is difficult to manage inventory, keep a tab on sales happening at each store, staff management and procurement management especially when you have a centralized purchasing. Ari multi store management helps controlling all the stores from the once central headquarters.

One of the most pivotal challenges in a jewelry retail business is to safeguard and keep a track of exorbitant items. As there are abundant customers who come in everyday, Ari Jewelry Software provides RFDI support which is a promising feature to keep a track of jewelry in stock, if it is out of a confined zone then it will be detected, and security systems can be alerted. Implementation of RFID in jewelry business provides a strong anti-shoplifting mechanism. RFID tagged jewelry can be easily tracked and it helps immensely in carrying out the physical stock take.

Inventory management is an essential element of Ari Jewelry Store Software, to cross check and track the items sold and items added, our Real time synchronization will help you match, the physical stock with book stock. For instance, whenever there is an addition or reduction in the present stock, and you update it in the back-office then it is automatically synced in the forefront POS.

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