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pet store POS
Pet Store POS
July 17, 2020
Pharmacy POS
Pharmacy POS System
August 22, 2020

Our non-profit POS system is designed in such a way that it will minimize your efforts by automating your retail business operations. The non-profit store POS software is compatible with most of the devices making its setup suitable for your business.

Our non-profits POS System has a simplistic user interface. The interface is developed by ensuring that it’s easy to learn for the ground level staff as well as management. Our non-profit retail software has a gentle learning curve and it comes with training videos and user manual to quickly get started with it.

We have divided the Ari retail management software into two sections. The software has a back-office where you can perform the configuration related to your retail business operations. Another is the installed POS system, which is used by the salesperson for performing the transactions.

Both segments are synchronized with each other. Therefore, whenever you make a change in one segment, its impact will be reflected in the other segment instantly. For instance, you add a product on the back-office for one of your stores. The product will be reflected in the POS of that store.

Similarly, when the salesperson conducts the transaction on the POS, it will be reflected on the back-office. The information of the customer, the amount, the purchased items, etc. everything will be visible on the back-office in real time.

Non-Profit POS
Non-Profit POS

After an item gets purchased from the store, it will automatically be moved out of the store’s inventory. The non-profit POS system even takes care of the stock levels of all your products.

The synchronization even helps when you run a promotion through back-office. On Ari non-profit POS system, you can generate promotions using our predefined templates. All you need to do is to select the template and add the products to it on which you wish to run the promotions.

On Ari non-profits POS, you can assign a category to a product. For instance, you put products of the same brand under one group. Thus, the brand becomes the product category. So, you can directly run the promotion by selecting all the products of one brand by choosing the category.

You can even choose on what dates, weekdays, and timings, you wish to run the promotion. Further, you can also assign an expiry date to the offer or discount.

Whenever a buyer approaches the cashier with the products placed under the promotion, the Ari non-profit point of sale will automatically detect the products and promotions running on it. The cashier would only need to scan the barcode, and the final price obtained will be calculated automatically by Ari non-profit store POS.

Similarly, the synchronization even supports effective customer rewards program. Under such a program, you can provide customers with rewards for doing business with you. With every purchase they make, they earn points or discounts for their next purchase.

The points are stored on the back-office of Ari non-profits POS System. When the customer approaches the cashier during billing, the cashier inputs the customer data. He automatically receives the information of his points stored in the back-office. Using points while making a purchase will reduce the total bill amount. This would surely encourage the customer to make more and more purchases.

Non-Profit POS
Non-Profit POS

As both segments are synchronized, the details of the transaction generated in the non-profit POS Software are transferred to the back-office. From back-office, it can be transferred to the accounting applications using the Ari integrations. Further, the data can be used for customer retargeting by using Mailchimp.

To make sure that your non-profit store is moving forward in the right direction, we bring you reports and analytics. The analytical dashboard gives an insight into your business sales and the performance of your stores.

Ari can even manage multiple stores as its design links various stores to each other. Further, those stores can be linked to headquarter. The application has got everything your retail business would need to reduce effort and intensify growth.

Loyalty Program to Earn Long-Lasting Customers

The loyalty program or customer rewards programs offered by Ari non-profit POS system is an efficient feature which will help your business to earn customer engagement.

First, you set the number of points a customer earns according to the purchase amount. Then you need to set the rewards points currency conversion factor. This means setting the monetary value of each point. The customer can use these points in his next purchase and get a discount on the total price as per their monetary value.

You can even set different levels for customers. The levels can be defined as per their total purchase amount. There are two ways offered by our non-profit retail system by which levels can be generated: total awarded points and total available points.

Non-Profit POS

In the case of total awarded points, the level increases as the buyer purchases more and more. Talking about the second case, total available points, level increases as the total available points increase. After the customer uses those points, the level gets decreased.

For setting up a level, one needs to set a threshold, i.e., the number of points required to reach the level. Further, you can set higher rewards points currency conversion factor for a higher level. This will encourage the purchaser to reach higher levels by dealing with your business as much as possible.

Get a Cost Effective Yet Full-fledged POS for Non-Profit Businesses
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Non-Profit POS

Reports and Analytics for Better Growth

Ari non-profit POS system will not only manage your retail business, but it will also be a resource to have business insight.

Ari offers an analytical dashboard that provides information about your top-selling products. You can check overall top-selling products as well as for individual stores. Besides products, Ari non-profit store POS also exhibits the top product categories.

Through the Analytical dashboard, you can even compare the working of different stores and identify which stores require attention. Further, you can determine the growth rate for your stores by comparing annual sales.

Besides the analytical dashboard, our non-profit POS system has a dedicated section for reports. Ari offers reports related to all your business aspects such as loyalty ledger, tax analytics report, items expiry report, daily sales report, sales analytics report, stock analytics report, and much more.

For every report, you have the option to generate a detailed report or just the summary report. This will let you have the business insight in a way you wish. Further, you can choose to generate a single report for multiple stores by select the zone.

You can even use filters such as a particular period, product category, etc. to generate a highly specific report.

Integrations widening Ari’s Functionality

Ari non-profit POS system offers you various accounting applications integrations. Ari has made an attempt to integrate with top accounting programs such as QuickBooks, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics POS, and Tally.

By connecting the applications to Ari, the data transfer becomes facile. First, the transaction data is transferred from the non-profit point of sale system to Ari’s back office. From the back office, it will be shared with the accounting app.

You first need to add the accounting program credentials on Ari and map the fields. The mapping of fields is a one-time process. After that, the data transfer will be automated. It will be saved as a draft on the accounting application. After you approve it from the accounting program, it will get added. This feature provides an additional check on the data transfer.

Non-Profit POS

Similarly, in the case of Mailchimp integration, you need to map the fields. However, here instead of transaction data, customer information is shared. This customer information can be used to send targeted emails to customers from Mailchimp. This is useful when you need to convey information regarding a new product launch, discounts, and sale.

Benefits of non-profit POS System

On Ari non-profit POS system, the products can be filtered according to the category assigned to them. Further, the specific product can be found by choosing a particular category. This helps a lot when the cashier needs to find a product matching customer demand.

Quick Button feature is an exclusive option offered by Ari. It is included to reduce the requirement of finding and adding frequently bought products. The cashier just needs to click the quick button, and the product will be added to the cart. You can give a name and define a color to the quick button.

When there are long queues in your store, hold feature can be useful. If a customer leaves a transaction in between and tends to return, the cashier can hold his transaction using the hold button. The sale will remain on hold in the background, and the cashier will be able to conduct transactions of other buyers.

In the case of layaway feature, our non-profit retail software will let a customer make the payment or partial payment for a product, and take the product away later. This feature is useful when the customer needs to book a product prior to its purchase.

When a cashier finishes its shift, he needs to log out from his non-profit point of sale account. Before logging out, he needs to end all the transactions under hold, then enters the total earning during his shift, and finally, click on close till.

The till symbolizes the POS system on which the cashier conducts the transaction. There can be a set of POS systems under one section of the store. That section will be represented as Register in the POS. You need to close the register when the shift for the whole section ends. Finally, you need to close the store when you physically close it.

Ari non-profits POS system provides an option to directly close the store instead of closing the till and register. You can use it when you are the only one handling your non-profit store.

Using Ari’s efficient inventory management, you can add variants of a single product in one go. You need to add the product and then variant type such as color, size, etc. For that variant type, you need to add the number of variants that exist (example: products with four different colors, three different sizes, etc.). Ari non-profits POS Software will automatically generate all the variants. This saves the time required for adding the products one by one.

Ari’s non-profit store POS can be connected to various devices such as printers, payment devices, customer display, scales, scanners, and cash drawers. Connecting with printers allow Ari to print the receipt instantly after the bill generation. As it supports various payment devices, your buyers will get several options to make the payment. Customer display allows customers to track the products added on the cart. Ari’s interface with cash drawers keeps the cash safe as a log is maintained every time the drawer is opened.

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