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Electronics Store POS
Electronics Store POS
March 12, 2020
Gift Shop POS System
Gift Shop POS Software | Point of Sale for Gift Store
June 26, 2020

Manage product characteristics, eyeglass prescriptions, promotions, and boost sales, all with ease, with Ari Optical POS software.

Sell Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, and Contact Lens Efficiently with Ari Optical POS System

Our optical shop software’s Product Characteristics feature allows defining custom characteristics for each inventory. You can manage inventories like eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, etc.

One can add the eyeglass prescription image with the customer’s receipt at the POS level or create a ‘Job Card’. The optical software allows you to add the other characteristics to raise a ‘Purchase Order’ for the supplier.

It is impossible to keep a physical copy of every type of lens and frame at the store. You can display your complete range of frames and glasses as ‘Substitute’ and ‘Linked Products’ on the customer display.

Ari Optical POS allows advanced purchase – You can expect advance payments and generate receipts with delivery dates. The cahier enjoys faster transactions with barcode scanning and quick buttons.

Build and manage promotions with ease using inbuilt promotion templates in Ari Optical Software. And you can even share promotions with Mailchimp integration. Further, manage loyalty points for repeat sales.

The optical POS system comes integrated with comprehensive reporting. You can analyze day-wise sales reports, store-wise sales, tax analysis reports, stock analysis, etc.

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Key Features of Ari Optical POS System for Retail Stores

Comprehensive Inventory Management With Optical POS

An optical inventory management software is most likely to sell different optical products under different categories and specifications. Here, Our Ari Optical POS helps you make this inventory management simpler.

  • Use the ‘Product Characteristics’ feature to define custom characteristics
  • Classify eyeglasses & contact lens by type, shape, brands, gender, specifications, etc.
  • Add barcode to the inventory
  • Manage prescription-based inventory
  • Keep these sections alongside the images and add a “Read More” button after 3 bullet points
optical pos
optical pos system

Eyeglass Prescription Management With ARI Optical POS

The POS manager can add the specifications of an eyeglass prescription with the help of the Retail Management System. He can then raise a ‘Purchase Request’ to the vendor for supplying an eyeglass or contact lens directly through Ari Optical Software.

  • One can add the image of the prescription at the POS level
  • He can also create a ‘Job Card’ for the supplier based on the prescription
  • One can add attributes of the optical prescription manually to the system
  • The store manager can add ‘Purchase Orders’ for the vendors to supply the requested eyeglass/contact lens.
  • You can also check the Sales Analysis Report to check vendor-specific orders and add the ‘Purchase Orders.’

Offer Impressive In-store Customer Experience

You can display your complete range of frames, sunglasses, contact lenses, and brochures through the Optical POS. This allows you to offer a better in-store customer experience and grow optical sales.

  • You can use the Substitute feature to display substitutes of a frame or sunglasses.
  • You can also use the ‘Link Item’ feature to show and sell combo offers and upsell (Hydrophobic coating, anti-glare, etc.)
  • The cashier can also sort inventory faster owing to ease of classification.
optical pos system
optical software for retail stores

Manage Several Types of Optical Inventories and Grow Sales through Promotions

Check our Optical POS Modules today!

optical software for retail stores

Advanced Purchase & Faster Transactions With ARI Optical POS

The optical store manager can accept advance payments and produce receipts with the estimated delivery dates using Ari Optical Software. Moreover, ARI has a well-optimized POS system for small businesses that allows the cashier to speed up transactions and billing.

  • The cashier can use the ‘Layaway’ feature to take advance payments for prescription-based inventory.
  • The cashier can add delivery dates when the customer can collect his order.
  • He can scan barcodes and even use Quick buttons
  • He can accept payments via cash, card, or digital transfer.
  • The cashier can use the ‘Hold’ feature to pause a payment while continuing with another customer.
  • You can add POS-enabled cash drawer access
  • Ari Optical POS is compatible with multiple currencies and languages.

Manage Promotions and Customer Loyalty With ARI Optical POS

You can attract high sales for your optical store by promoting customized offers with the help of optical pos. Use the inbuilt promotions template to define promotions. Also, establish a referral program for increased sales.

  • Build custom offers to increase in-store sales
  • Use inbuilt templates to build offers
  • Establish referral programs and manage referral points
  • Offer customer loyalty points for repeat purchases
  • Integrate with Mailchimp to promote offers through email marketing
optical shop software
optical pos

Informed Decisions with Analytics & Reporting

Ari Optical Software offers a comprehensive list of reports that you can use to analyze sales, track inventory, manage promotions, and even customer loyalty.

  • Daily Store-wise Sales Reports
  • Date-wise Consolidated Sales Reports
  • Stock Expiry Reports
  • Inventory Purchase Reports
  • Customer Data and Purchase History
  • Day-wise Cash Report
  • Inventory and Stock Report
  • Stock Movement Report
  • Staff Productivity Report
  • Loyalty Ledger Report

How We Make Ari Optical POS Experience Delightful for your Business?

Our POS experts help you customize the optical shop software features and reports for your business-specific requirements.

We make coordination simple by assigning you a dedicated account manager who remains your single point of contact for our optical software for retail stores.

We can help you deploy the Ari Optical Inventory Management Software on-premises, cloud, or a hybrid setup.

Whether you face system downtime issues or require technical assistance, our dedicated support team is prompt to assist you.

You do not have to wait for POS operations until the internet is back, and the Optical Software works even with low or no internet connectivity. The data syncs with the backend when the power is back.

New staff can learn and explore Ari Optical POS using the ‘Training’ mode. And this mode has no impact on the original POS data.

You can manage the promotions, sales, and inventory for multiple stores centrally from the headquarters. Moreover, you can define specific access levels for each type of user in Ari Optical Software.

With Ari Optical POS Manage inventory, promotions, and orders seamlessly for your Optical Store.

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