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March 12, 2020
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Ari Optometry Software helps you grow your business

As an Optical Retail Store owner, you want customers to keep coming back to your store whenever they need. Be it shopping for frames, getting an eye check-up, or buying contact lenses, you should be the go-to brand for consumers.

Ari provides an easy to use Optometry Software and manages frame and contact lens inventory, coupled with marketing features to grow your business. Ari opticians software seamlessly integrates all business processes from the POS at the store to the managers at the Head Office, lowering the overall cost of operations and simplifying expansion to help your business bring the bottom line into focus with increased profitability.

There can be a huge number of frames in the inventory. Therefore, when the transaction takes place, it can become tough to find the frame which your consumer desires. For that reason, you require a reliable Optometry Software from which you can find out the frame based upon the specifications that your buyer states.

For instance, he specifies the shape and color of the frame; then, you can use the “Search” option present in the Optical Software for Retail Store. In that search option, you can select the category for the shape and then check-mark the color options to filter frames. This will enhance your customers’ shopping experience and boost optical sales.

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There is one more option- “Browse,” where instead of filtering, you can go through all the frames present in the inventory. Moreover, You can let the customer view all the frames through this option, and they can choose one themselves. This even reduces the efforts required to entertain the buyers and also help to reduce the human resources you need in a store. Eventually, it will add up to cost-cutting in some way.

Think of it- If one feature can make such a difference, what impact whole Ari Optometry Software will make? Ari opticians software is loaded with options essentially designed in such a way that it exponentially improves the working of a retail business.

Talking more about Optometry software that helps to find items in the inventory, next comes the “Quick Button.” This feature helps to add items to a customer’s cart with ease. You can create buttons for the items which you are sold frequently. Therefore, it saves the time you require to find that item multiple times in the inventory.

Ari Optometry Software takes care of every small element that can make your retail business work efficiently. There are situations when you may need to keep a transaction on hold.

Let’s say, when a customer needs to add any other frame to the cart, he may ask to hold a transaction. You can do that just with a click and proceed to the next customer. This makes optical retail store management effortless.

The Optometry software contains a “Layaway” feature, which lets the customer pay for the item at that time, but he can take it item later. It can be helpful for the customer as well as the owner as it adds up to the customer experience.

For improving the customer experience, Ari Opticians software even comes with multiple payment options. For a single transaction, you can bifurcate the payment in different payment methods. The customers can pay in cash, credit card, debit card, gift card, etc.

Talking about the gift card, you can create one with definite value through Ari’s Back-Office. Those gift cards will be available as items in the Optical Retail Software. You can directly add them to the buyer’s cart. However, if you want to add a gift card of a specific value, you need to add its value through the optometry software.

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Gift card is one of the ways to attract consumers. The other two that Ari Optometry Software for Retail Store owns are Customer Reward Program and Promotions and Offers. The Customer Reward Program is one of the best ways which let you earn regular customers. Those customers will come back to you again and again and prefer your Optical store above other stores. They would know that maintaining a long-term relationship with your store is beneficial for them.

The promotions that you run through Ari Retail Optometry software may not bring a particular customer multiple times. However, it will attract a huge crowd at once. For instance, you run a promotion where you provide one frame free when two someone buys two frames. For this, a predefined template is already present in the application. You can even run this promotion for specific stores if your optical retail business owns multiple stores.

We offer a free trial for Ari Optometry software. Using that, you can find out how to boost revenue, gain a competitive advantage, and win loyal customers with Ari.

Have a keen eye on your inventory using our Optometry Software

Many of the Optical Retail Store Management Software do not offer an optical inventory management system. This adds to the cost and effort the user would require to manage the inventory. However, Ari Opticians software has a full-fledged optometry software with all the features that a user would require.

You can add as many characteristics as you want for a product- name, description, dimensions, weight, unit of measurement, etc. However, if any required field is absent here, you can create a field of your own. It can be numeric, alphabetical, a combination of numbers and alphabet, checklist, etc.

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You can even create different product categories and assign different products in those categories. This supports the management of product by bifurcating them under different sections. This helps in finding a product through optometry software, running promotions and discounts on a separate category, etc.

There are more options that help you to track inventory better. Every item has an exclusive barcode, and you can add this barcode information to Ari Opticians software. Once a customer brings an item to make the purchase, you just need to scan the barcode. Ari optometry software will match it with the provided information and automatically add the product to the cart. As sales occur, the item will be deducted from the inventory.

If you need to implement security in addition to the product tracking, we offer RFID support. Furthermore, it also makes the physical stock count easier.

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Deliver Clarity to Your Business’s Vision with Ari Optometry software

Ari opticians software delivers management ease with its personalized features for an optical shop.

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Multi-store Management with Ari Opticians Software

Ari Retail Optometry software allows you to create a headquarter of your organization. It acts as a parent store. Besides that, you can create separate zones, and in those zones different stores appear. Ari lets you create a hierarchy structure giving efficient management.

Most of the retail management is done through Ari Back-Office. However, Ari optometry software also has a few feature which aid in providing multi-store management. Through optometry software, the cashier can check the inventory of other stores. He can also let customers know in which stores the desired item is available.

For instance, the customer liked a frame that was not available in the store at that time. Then, you can check other stores to find out if any of the stores have that frame.

When there are multiple stores, one needs to take care of the sales of all the stores. This can be done through the dashboard and the reports section available in opticians software. You can filter the various reports- sales, purchase, tax, etc. for a specific store. Similarly, you can put the organization filter on the dashboard. This helps to compare the profit generation through different stores. Besides that, it is beneficial to identify why a store is unable to provide good sales.

You can make decisions based upon the reports. This helps to manage multiple stores, and you get the complete idea of what promotions you should run for a store. This helps to manage optimum sales for multiple stores.

Optical POS System Integrations

You may need to conduct accounting for the data your stores generate. For that reason, we made Ari optometry software seamlessly integrate with Business Central, QuickBooks, Xero, Retail Insight, and Tally. These are the accounting programs widely used.

You need to select what all data you want to appear in these accounting programs. We offer a step-by-step mapping process, which makes sure that no issue occurs while you post the data. You can also choose the batch size for the posting of data. If you enter batch size as one, the posts take place whenever there is an entry.

For improving the sales, you run promotions and offers, but how would a customer know about an existing promotion? For that, you need to tell them. It is not possible to contact everyone personally, as an optical retail business may have a huge number of buyers. Therefore, you need an application that can support you in reaching out to your customers.

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Mailchimp is one such application to which Ari optometry software has integrated efficiently. Whenever you make any change in Ari, it is synchronized and visible in Mailchimp. Through Mailchimp, you can send emails to targeted customers.

There is one more application in the Integration section- Power BI. This application is for generating reports and analytics. Ari opticians software has a reports section of its own. Also, one can access the analytics for sales and purchase through the dashboard. However, this application enables users to take advanced data-driven decisions.

With Ari Optical Inventory Software integration, accounting, marketing, and decision making, all three become facile.

Perks of Using Ari Optical Software for Retail Stores

Find out your customers’ tastes and preferences by identifying trends and the types of products they bought using Ari optometry software. Mix and Match to provide personalized promotions so that it caters to various customers. Optimize your inventory with Ari by automating mundane processes and collect full-view data of your stocks.

Easily create a new member account right at the optometry software. The issue and redemption of points are made easy with Ari Optical Store Software. Most importantly, provide incentives for your customers to come again. Find out their interests by capturing data from various touch-points. . You can apply these insights for better growth.

Make use of Ari opticians software to empower your staff so that they can help to create a unique experience for your customers. Staff can access information that they need. Be it stocks or customers; they have adequate knowledge while serving customers. Staff will know what items to suggest based on customers’ liking. Incentivize your staff by coming up with commission plans easily using Ari Retail Optics POS Software.

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