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toy store pos
Toys Store POS System
July 13, 2020
Non-profit POS System
Non-profit POS System
July 20, 2020

Today, pets are nothing less than a beloved family member and the owner’s best friend. That said, Ari Pet Store POS System is crafted to offer the customers and pet owners a delightful shopping experience.

How Ari Pet Store POS Helps You Manage Inventory and Boost In-store Sales?

Ari Pet Store POS offers the ‘Product Characteristics’ feature to manage several types of pet supply inventory like food, grooming products, collars, bowls, toys, sweaters, etc.

The POS system allows you to track the inventory units and slow-moving stocks. You can send stock across multiple stores, manage vendors, add purchase requests, and adjust damaged stocks.

The cashier has quick search option, integrated barcode scanner, ability to accept cash & digital payments, and can generate receipts within seconds.

Ari Pet Store POS System helps create custom & personalized promotions with in-built templates. And the pet store owner can define loyalty points program to enhance repeat sales.

Use the ‘Substitute’ feature to display closely related options to a pet inventory. Moreover, sell combo deals like (Food + Bowl or Collar + Chewing Toy) with the ‘Link Items’ feature.

With Ari POS you can enjoy end-to-end pet store management. You have comprehensive reports to track sales, inventory, profits, store-wise sales, customer loyalty, etc.

You can manage multiple pet stores centrally with consolidated data and comprehensive features. Moreover, we can integrate Ari POS with Tally, Xero, QuickBooks, MailChimp, Business Central, etc.

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Key Features of Ari Pet Store POS System

Manage Specialized Pet Inventory

Amaze the pet owners with an extensive choice of inventory for their pets. Moreover, manage inventory specifications, sorting, and variants, with Inventory Management Software.

  • Manage extensive pet inventory including food, grooming products, collars, bowls, sweaters, etc.
  • Use the ‘Product Characteristics’ feature to define custom properties of different products
  • Use the ‘Generic Product’ to define the parent product and manage its color & size variants.
  • Assign Barcodes and Serial Numbers to each product for tracking & billing
pet store POS
pet store POS

Track Inventory & Stocks With Our Pet Store POS System

With Ari Pet Store POS you can track your pet store stocks in real-time. You can also manage stock replenishment and damaged products with the stock adjustment feature in Retail Software.

  • Track stock units in real-time using assigned serial numbers
  • Add purchase requests and manage vendors
  • Check the slow-selling pet inventory and prudently clear stock with promotions (Eg. Sale: Any Pet Toy under $12)
  • Record and manage damaged inventory using ‘Stock Adjustment’
  • Manage supplier data and add purchase requests
  • Move stocks across stores (Stock In, Stock Out)

Pet Store POS Provides Expediate Billing & Transactions

The cashier can manage his shift, generate bills, accept cash & digital payments, and manage other promotional discounts, customer reward program, and loyalty points with the help of our POS for pet stores.

  • The cashier can use a barcode scanner and quick search options to find inventory
  • He can accept payments through cash, card, and digital transfer
  • He can use the ‘Hold’ feature to pause & resume a transaction while simultaneously completing other transactions
  • Ari POS also supports multiple languages, right to left languages, and multiple currency
  • The POS user can manage his shift and has access to POS-enabled cash register
pet shop POS
POS for pet store

Track Pet Inventory, Promote Smartly, and Grow Repeat Sales with Ari Pet Store POS

Check Our Pet Store POS Modules Today!

pet store pos system

Offer Intriguing Deals & Loyalty Points

Attract more pet owners to your store by creating and promoting exciting deals. Further, keep them coming back to your store by managing loyalty programs with the help of Pet Store POS.

  • Build promotions using in-build promotion templates and send them via MailChimp integration
  • Offer deals & discounts to new customers, or build limited time discounts
  • Offer redeemable loyalty points to repeat customers and offer gift cards for referrals
  • Prioritize or override offers in case of two or more offers
  • Extend or shorten the deal validities

Pet Store POS Enhance the Shopping Experience

You can offer a delightful shopping experience to pet owners with the ‘Substitute’ and ‘Link Items’ features in Ari Pet Store POS System.

  • Use the ‘Substitute’ feature to showcase colour/size/pattern options for pet inventory
  • Use the ‘Link Items’ feature to sell combo offers like Food product + Bowl or Pet Grooming Set + Toys.
  • You can also use the ‘Substitute’ feature to showcase upsell features (Eg. 5% off on 2Kg Pet Food)
pet store POS
pet store pos system

Pet Store POS Provides Comprehensive Reports & Analysis

You can manage your pet store prudently with the help of Pet Store POS comprehensive reports. Moreover, we can help you build custom reports for your store.

  • Daily Store-wise Sales Reports
  • Date-wise Consolidated Sales Reports
  • Inventory Purchase Reports
  • Vendor Purchase and Payment History
  • Customer Data and Purchase History
  • Day-wise Cash Report
  • Promotions Status and History
  • Inventory and Stock Report
  • Stock Movement Report
  • Staff Productivity Report
  • Loyalty Ledger Report

Multi-store Management and Integrations

Ari Pet Store POS System allows simplified central multi-store management. Moreover, it integrates with several accounting, email marketing, and ERP, Retail POS Software.

  • You get a comprehensive dashboard to manage sales, inventory, promotions, and pricing across multiple stores
  • You can define store hierarchy and check store-wise reports
  • Ari POS is compatible with QuickBooks, Xero, Tally, Retail Insight, etc.
  • You can integrate Ari POS with MailChimp for promoting deals and updates on email
  • Ari POS also allows you to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
pet shop POS

How We Make the Ari Pet Store POS System Experience Delightful for You?

We help you meet your business-specific goals for your pet store with custom Pet Store POS features and custom reports.

We ensure seamless collaboration with an assigned dedicated account manager. He assists you throughout the deployment, training, and support phases. Try Ari for Free

You have a choice between the on-premise, cloud, or hybrid setup. Our POS experts also analyze your infrastructure to suggest the best deployment strategy.

At Ari, we have a dedicated support team that responds promptly to any assistance request from you. We ensure minimum TAT and dependable support.

Ari Pet Store POS system continues to work during internet downtime. You can easily process transactions and the data synchronizes once you are back online.

You do not have to worry about new POS users. New users can use the ‘Training’ mode to learn the Ari POS without impacting the live data.

Grow your Pet Store Sales significantly with Ari POS System

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