Toys Store POS System
July 13, 2020
Non-profit POS System
Non-profit POS System
July 20, 2020

Managing a pet store cannot be easy, and thus, we are here to support it with our pet store POS system. A pet store has many business aspects, all requiring continuous attention. Besides products, there are accessories with which you need to track. Ari pet store point of sale system has exclusive features for handling products and accessories.

At a pet store, you will always find customers who are looking for different products and accessories. Showing them all the products one by one could be time-consuming. However, if the information is available to the salesperson, he can directly deliver it to customers as per the demand. We allow storing data on the pet store POS system for this reason.

Pet Store section

Our pet store POS system can accommodate all the information about supplies and accessories. When the salesperson needs to find out a particular product, he can filter it as per the characteristics of the product.

The characteristics are the details regarding the item you add to the inventory. For instance, there are different food supplies; every food supply has a brand. Thus, the brand becomes a characteristic of the product.

This information is added on the back-office, which is Ari’s web-based retail management software, from where the entire configuration takes place. The back-office has a dedicated section for inventory management. In that section, you can add the products and their information.

Besides inventory management, the back office offers features related to promotions, discounts, a loyalty program, reports, analytics, registers, and all the business aspects.

First, you need to set your organization through Ari’s back office, and then input the items on inventory. Further, you can set promotions and discounts on the products whose sales you wish to increase. Lastly, to earn loyal customers, a loyalty program can be established in the Ari Pet Store POS System.

The functioning of different retail business aspects can be tracked using reports and analytics. You can generate reports for your different stores and then compare them.

The analytical dashboard showcases the sales, purchase, top items, etc. in a graphical presentation. It can also be used for comparison of sales at various stores and even the performance of a store in different years. This will let you know how the stores are performing. Based on the data, you can take decisions for the improvement of sales and profit.

pet store
pet store

One way to improve sales with Ari pet store POS system is to run different discounts and promotions. These options help a lot in engaging customers with your retail business. For instance, you can provide a dog bowl free with four boxes of dog food. This may encourage the buyer to buy more boxes. Such promotions will surely improve your sales.

Through this program, you can reward customers with loyalty points and discounts. The buyers on their next purchase can utilize the reward. You can further define different levels for your customers. The customer reaches a higher level as they earn more points. By reaching on a higher level, you can offer them more benefits such as more points, accessibility to exclusive supplies and accessories, etc.

When a business grows, the number of transactions increases. With the rise in the number of transactions, it becomes tough to maintain the books of accounts. With Ari pet store POS software, you can directly transfer the transactions data from Ari POS to your accounting software.

Ari pet store POS system reduces the requirement of human resources, saves cost and time, and helps businesses to track their growth. It is the support system, every retail store requires.

Managing Supplies, and Accessories

Inventory in the case of pet shop is a bit different. Besides the products, there are accessories which you need to take into consideration. It is necessary to provide complete information about the products to the customers. Moreover, you need to keep track of the movement of products.

Ari pet shop POS system has kept all such requirements into consideration. Whenever any new product arrives at the store, you need to add the characteristics of that product. In the case of products such as food supply, it is convenient to add the information. All a user needs to do is to add characteristics such as quantity, ingredients, etc.

However, in the case of a pet house, the information could be comprehensive such as dimensions, material, etc. Therefore, we have allowed users to generate user-defined fields for adding characteristics. You can create a field where you can add the dimensions of the pet house. This additional information will be visible on the pet shop point of sale system. The salesperson can deliver this information to the customers using Ari pet shop POS Software.

pet store

For food and supplies, you can choose to add the barcode number of products on Ari pet shop retail software. The products will be directly added to the cart after you scan them with a barcode scanner.

In addition, you can have a serialized control on the products. By just adding the initial number, prefix, suffix, the number of digits, and last number, Ari pet shop POS system will automatically generate the serialized products.

All Pet Supplies and Accessories Managed from One Stop- Ari RMS
Ari’s allows the addition of all your products, track their sales, give offers to loyal customers, and learn about store performance.
pet store

Manage multiple stores of your company

There are retail management systems that claim to handle multi-stores single-handedly. However, when it comes to tracking the movement of products, these applications fail. It is because they are designed to track products placed at one location.

Ari’s multi-store management not only allows you to track products efficiently but also lets you have a well-defined visual representation of your business. After you start using Ari, you first need to create a company headquarter.

Headquarter is considered to be the topmost level of your company. Under headquarter comes the zones divided as per the geographical locations. Under the zones, comes the store. Further, you can add additional places, such as accessory manufacturing plants, warehouses, etc. When the products are moved from one location to another, it can be tracked through the back-office or even with the Ari pet shop point of sale software.

When the items are received, the cashier needs to approve the items. Only after the approval, they are added to the store’s stock.

Multi-store management also helps in improving the functionality of promotions. When you need to run a promotion on all stores of a zone, you can create a promotion and implement it in the whole zone. It will automatically be executed in all stores in that zone. This is only possible because all the stores are interlinked.

Similarly, in case of a loyalty program, you can choose whether you wish consumers to redeem the points from any of your pet shop point of sale or only from the store where they have made the purchase.

Ari’s pet store POS system interlinks the stores, and further links them to upper-level bodies, delivering efficient management.

Easy to Learn & Use POS System

Pet store point of sale system is designed to cater to the unique demands of the customers. Also, the unambiguous interface helps the salesperson to learn the application quickly.

The application has an efficient search tool and filter option by which the cashier can check the required product in a few seconds. He can let the customer know if the item is available or not through the POS. Further, he can even convey the item quantity left in the inventory.

When a product is purchased frequently, it can be added to the POS system as a Quick Button. The quick button feature helps the salesperson to add the product to the cart by a single click.

Furthermore, the POS system has advanced level functionality due to its peripheral support. Ari pet shop point of sale can be connected to scanners, payment devices, printers, customer displays, cash drawers, and scales.

pet store

As it can be connected to various payment devices, the customer gets the option to make the payment via different credit cards and debit cards. Further, he can even make the payment using gift cards and cash. For a single transaction, multiple payment methods can be selected.

By connecting Ari to cash drawers, it will keep your cash safe. Ari will record every time the cash drawer opens. This will not allow the salesperson to open the drawer without mentioning the reason.

Besides these features, Ari pet store POS system provides reports which are related to the particular store where the POS is installed. This helps the store manager to keep a check on sales and targets.

Benefits of using Ari Pet Shop Point of Sale Software

There are two different ways by which you can upgrade the customer level; according to total available points or total awarded points.

In the former case, the level will be according to the available points. This means after the buyer uses the points, the level will decrease again depending upon the points.

In the latter case, the level of the customer will be defined according to the total points he has earned by making the purchase. Even after using the points, the level remains the same.

Ari pet store POS system has a special feature where you can give discounts on special festive days such as Christmas, New Year, etc. You can run them for the whole week or even for the entire month, depending upon your requirement.

Further, you can even run promotions on specific special days of your customers, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This will also help the bond between the customer and your business.

Mailchimp is an application that allows sending bulk emails to the buyers. You can create customer groups in Mailchimp and send them targeted emails, letting them know about a sale, new launch, offers. The customer data can be sent directly from Ari’s back-office to Mailchimp.

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