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Pharmacy Software with feature-rich Pharmacy POS System & Medical Inventory Management

With the improvement in the medical sector, considerable growth can be seen in the number of Pharmacy Retail stores. Generally, medical stores remain crowded all the time. Dealing with these many buyers can become tough when the cashier needs to conduct the transactions manually. Therefore, there is a need for a properly-structured Pharmacy management software, which can be easy-to-understand for ground-level staff, and at the same time, it should be loaded with a maximum number of features required to manage different aspects of Pharmacy software.

Pharmacy management software

Ari Pharmacy management software comes with an intuitive and easy to use interface. This improves the billing speed and helps you serve more customers. Our Pharmacy management software provides an awesome customer experience and the security you need.

Ari Pharmacy Billing Software supports role-based security limiting the data sharing with the cashiers. Further, it provides an approval mechanism for various functions such as discount beyond a limit, day-end procedures, etc.

Ari Pharmacy POS Software comes with two components viz., Ari Pharmacy POS, and Ari Back-office. You can use Ari Pharmacy POS System for billing inventory management, pricing, and distribution.

Both the segments: Back-office and Pharmacy Software, play a crucial role. You should keep it connected.  Back-office is web-based, and the POS is downloadable software. Whatever changes appear made in the back-office must appear in the Pharmacy management system and vice versa. To build a bridge between both of them, we have implemented real-time synchronization. Whenever you need to change in any of the sides, you can make it instantly visible to another.

For instance, you add a new product to the inventory as a stock item. You can do it with the Back-office. After you add it there, it is available to the POS Software for pharmacy so that the cashier can sell the product.

One can state that real-time synchronization is a significant feature contributing to making Ari’s pharmacy inventory management unrivaled.

Ari management software for Pharmacy offers many such other features, too, which help to manage the inventory in a better way.

For instance, you can add variant products in one go. There is an option to have a serial control in Ari Pharmacy Point of Sale for the products you have. It is even possible to show the movement of stocks from one Pharmacy Store to another store. You can also move it from headquarter to various stores or from a warehouse to a store.

Ari Pharmacy Point of Sale Software allows creating a well-defined structure of your organization. You can create a headquarter, various zones, and in those zones, you can create stores. For a single store, further bifurcation can be provided. And each pharmacy point-of-sale system is considered as a till.

Pharmacy software
pharmacy pos system

A cashier handles every till. You need to provide limited information to him. However, that is enough to conduct all required activities. To have control over the cashbox, you can auto-lock the system when no activity occurs. Ari Pharmacy management software will log the auto-locking.

For the ease of a cashier, we made it easy to find an item by introducing Product Categories, which acts as a filter. Other than that, there is Search and Quick Buttons option, which will help the seller to find the medicine or any other pharmacy related item.

There are a lot many features that Ari Pharmacy Billing Software owns, which we are going to discuss in detail in their respective sections.

Pharmacy management software for Faster Sales

As we discussed, the pharmacy point of sale and inventory software is built in such a way that it provides ease to the cashier. You can define the interface is defined into two sections. The left section shows all the products that the purchaser wants to buy. The right side shows the details of every product.

From the right section of Ari Pharmacy management software, the cashier can use the search option to find out the required item. In the search option, one needs to select the category, and then they can filter items according to a particular feature. For instance, there are medicines with different “milligrams,” then you can filter it for one or more particular “milligrams.”

In case your pharmacy store has a heavy sale of any particular item, you can add it to Quick Buttons. Just by clicking on it will add the product to the retail pharmacy software.

For the ease of customer, we have added an option in our Medical POS Software where you can hold purchase for him. In case he wishes to pay now and take the delivery later, you can provide the Layaway option.

You can even allow a cashier to view reports through the Pharmacy Software, enable a customer to pay in multiple currencies and, through multiple payment methods, provide receipt print in Arabic. This makes Ari, a useful POS for pharmacy stores.

Pharmacy management software
Pharmacy software

Don’t Compromise in Keeping Track of Medicines- Use Ari RMS

Keep proper track of your meds and pharmacy items by proficient inventory management system and sales reports.

Pharmacy management software

Ari Pharmacy Software Integrations

One needs to account for the sales that occur. You can integrate Ari Pharmacy management software with various accounting software programs. You can select one of your choices out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, QuickBooks, Xero, and Tally.

There is another popular software integrated with Ari Pharmacy Software, which is Mailchimp. Using this integration, a user can conduct targeted marketing for specific customers. For targeted marketing, users need to create customer groups. You can do it through Ari by using reports and Analytics.

There is one more widely used accounting software- Retail Insight for which we have provided an integration option. You can smoothly streamline the app with Ari POS for pharmacy, and you can transfer all the data easily from Ari to Retail Insight. You can select the batch size in which you want the data to get transferred to Retail Insight.

Though Ari Pharmacy management software provides an analytical dashboard and reports related to various aspects of your retail business, we have added an integration option for better business insight and decision making. You can use Power BI for this purpose, and it will aid you in having a detailed vision of your company’s growth.

Customer Reward Program using Ari Pharmacy Management Software

Medicines and other pharmacy related items are generally expensive. Hence, a loyalty program that rewards customers with discounts and points usually works, even for the single retail store.

Many times, customers need to buy the same medicines for multiple times. When you provide points that ultimately reduce the amount a customer needs to pay, the customer will return again and again to your retail store whenever he needs to make a purchase.

You can even create multiple levels for customers depending upon the amount of purchase they have made from the store. For different customers, you can assign different benefits and purchase points with Ari POS for Pharmacy, which helps to motivate them to buy more.

In this way, with the support of Ari Pharmacy Software, customers will always prefer your store above other stores in the market.

pharmacy pos system

Benefits of using Ari Pharmacy Software

Optimize medical product management using Ari Pharmacy POS System. Include details like product description, quantity in a pack, daily dose, and medicine strength. Easily search for the right product using the product name, product category, classification, expiry dates, and other dimensions.

Medical products are under strict regulations. When it comes to inventory management, Ari Pharmacy POS Software helps pharmacies to keep track of their stocks, the respective batches, and expiry dates. Medicine with a nearer expiry date will be kept in front for sale while those with a later expiry date will be placed at the back. Staff will know which products were expired and discard accordingly.

Keep track of product sales with Ari POS for Pharmacy. Look at inventory sales at various pharmacies to understand overall sales and individual store sales. Manage your distribution, so maintain accurate stocks maintenance and delivery – if you are selling to other companies as well.

Manage your inventories to understand clearly which medical products are selling high and which ones are slow-moving using Ari Pharmacy POS Software. For fast-moving products, set an alert in Ari Pharmacy Inventory Management System to prompt alert for re-order if quantity is lower a certain amount, so as to avoid the out-of-stock situation. For slow-moving products, use Ari Pharmacy Software to monitor their expiry dates and stop replenish for the time being.

It is of utmost importance to keep customers’ data safe and accessible to only authorized users. Manage customers’ data safely with Ari Pharmacy POS Software, where customers’ details such as name, age, phone number, medical conditions, allergies, etc., together with drug prescriptions history, were recorded clearly in the system. Even if there is a change of staff, you can still serve customers well with accurate data at hand.

How can Ari Pharmacy Billing Software
help your pharmacy?

Manage inventory expiry

Handle prescriptions securely

Ari Pharmacy Point of Sale System allows you to record customers’ prescriptions with other details to keep track of customer progress and information to serve them better.

Supplier management

Keep track of inventory

Manage up-to-date inventory with low-stock alert. Have a clear idea of stock quantity, easily manage product category, and enter accurate product descriptions with Ari Pharmacy Retail Software.

Offers and promotions

Security comes first

Ari Pharmacy POS System is a highly secured system with tiered user access, including passwords. Easily control each user’s access from the back-end.

Staff management

Manage inventory expiry

Easily keep track of stock level, stock sales, stock trends, and expiry dates using Ari Pharmacy Inventory Management Software. Maintain a high volume of pharmacy inventory efficiently.

Multiple-store and multiple locations

Offers and promotions

For stocks that you want to run a promotion, Ari Pharmacy POS Software helps you execute all kinds of promotional strategies with a ready-made template.

Pharmacy Business Analytics with Ari Pharmacy Solution

Understand your entire pharmacy business using Ari’s advanced reporting tools and uncover insights. Define the next business strategy.

  • Ari POS is the one for Pharmacy industry
  • Grow your pharmacy business using Pharmacy Retail Software
  • Control stocks and expiry date using Pharmacy Inventory Management Software
  • Multiple payment modes in POS for Pharmacy
  • Manage multiple stores and locations using our Retail Medical Store Software
  • Enforce tiered pricing structure and currency management using Ari Retail Medical POS Software
  • Manage distribution operations using Retail Software for Pharmacy
  • Maintain Customer medical history record using Ari Pharmacy POS Software
  • Staff management
  • Run promotions using our Medical Store Management Software
  • Secure system Advance reporting and analytics
  • Create a Unique Customer Experience with Ari Pharmacy POS System

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