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Non-profit POS System
Non-profit POS System
July 20, 2020
Supermarket POS
Supermarket POS System
September 22, 2020

From tracking bin locations, and managing stock batches to building customer loyalty, our Pharmacy POS Software multiplies your pharmacy sales.

How Ari Pharmacy POS Helps You with End-to-end Pharmacy Management

Seamless Batch & Expiry Management

A Pharmacy Point of Sale software helps to manage different medicine batches with different characteristics and pricing. Further, you can utilize reports to track expiry schedules and receive expiry-related notifications.

Classify Inventory with Ease

You can classify pharmacy inventory by therapy, diseases, specialty, dosage information, generic salt name, roots of administration, etc. Also, assign multiple units of measurements with Ari’s pharmacy inventory management system.

Accelerate Billing and Receipts

Ari Point of sale allows cashiers easy access to the classified inventory, scan barcodes, and generate receipts. Pharmacy Management Software can manage transactions for multiple payment methods and currencies.

Bin Location & Substitute Management

Ari Pharmacy POS Software allows you to track bin locations that speed up inventory tracking. And you can sell same-formulation medicine substitutes with ease.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Wish to increase repeat sales for your pharmacy store? You can create and manage loyalty points transparently for the retail pharmacy business. You can even offer member-only discounts.

Manage Referrals & Wholesale Distribution

Ari Pharmacy POS System offers features to manage referrals for doctor-referred patients. And you can sell pharmacy directly to hospitals through Ari’s backend transactions. 

Comprehensive Reporting for Smarter Analytics

You have access to reports like sales analysis reports, slow-moving stock, repeat sales records, etc. Our POS experts also help you understand and build custom reports for your pharmacy business

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Key Features of Ari Pharmacy POS System

Pharmacy POS Offers Seamless Batch & Expiry Management

Ari Pharmacy POS classifies your inventory batches for their individual pricing, expiry schedule, characteristics, etc. Also, receive stock expiry notifications and make stock adjustments with the best pharmacy management system.

  • Batch management feature
  • Add individual characteristics and pricing to different batches
  • Check stock expiry reports
  • Receive stock expiry notifications
  • Use the ‘Stock Adjustment’ feature to mark shortage of expired stocks
Pharmacy POS
Pharmacy POS

Use Pharmacy POS Software to Classify Inventory with Ease

Use the Product Characteristics feature of Ari Pharmacy POS System to define custom characteristics for your pharmacy inventory. The store staff can sort inventory faster with the pharmacy inventory management system.

  • Classify inventory by therapy, specialty, disease, generic salt name, etc.
  • Add other characteristics like dosage information, roots of administration, etc.
  • Assign multiple units of measurement (Box, strips, or capsule units, etc.)
  • Add barcodes to the inventory

Pharmacy POS System Accelerates Billing and Receipts

Ari Pharmacy POS System integrates seamlessly with the barcode scanner, customer display, cash drawer, and multiple payment gateways. Boost the billing process with pharmacy Management Software.

  • The cashier can scan barcodes to access inventory information
  • He can accept payments via cash, card, or digital transfer.
  • The cashier can use the ‘Hold’ feature to pause a payment while continuing with another.
  • The ‘Layaway’ feature allows the cashier to accept and reserve a payment while the user collects the order later.
  • You can safeguard the cash with POS-enabled cash drawer access.
  • Ari POS supports multiple currencies and languages.
Pharmacy POS
Pharmacy software

Track Inventory Faster, Manage Stocks and Grow Repeat Sales.

Check our Pharmacy POS Modules today!

Pharmacy POS

Bin Location & Substitute Management

Make it easy for the cashier to procure inventory with bin location management. And the ‘Substitute’ feature allows him to sell the same-formulation substitutes of medicines.

  • Assign bin locations to your stocks.
  • Staff can track inventory location through Pharmacy Point of Sale software.
  • The cashier can use the ‘Substitute’ to check for the same-formulation substitute.
  • The cashier can use the ‘Link’ feature to show the customer products usually sold with the requested medicine.

Pharmacy POS System Boost Customer Loyalty

Retail pharmacy businesses benefit immensely from repeat sales. And so, Ari Pharmacy Management Software allows establishing loyalty points program.

  • Customers can check their loyalty points for each purchase.
  • The cashier helps customers redeem their loyalty points for each new purchase.
  • You can even establish a membership card
  • You can offer member-only discounts to boost repeat sales
Pharmacy POS
Pharmacy POS

Comprehensive Reporting for Smarter Analytics

Our Ari Pharmacy POS System comes integrated with an extensive list of crucial reports. You can view store-wise sales, day-wise profits, individual customer reports, tax analysis, and much more for your pharmacy business.

  • Daily Store-wise Sales Reports
  • Date-wise Consolidated Sales Reports
  • Stock Expiry Reports
  • Inventory Purchase Reports
  • Customer Data and Purchase History
  • Day-wise Cash Report

FREE Trial (No Commitment, No Credit card required) – Get Started Today!

How We Make Ari Pharmacy POS Experience Delightful for your Business?

We help you customize the Ari Pharmacy POS Software for your business-specific processes. And our analytics experts can build custom reports for your business.

We assign a dedicated account manager for your project, and he serves as your single point of contact. He also helps you resolve any possible queries regarding Ari Pharmacy POS.

You can deploy Ari Pharmacy POS Software on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid setup. Moreover, we make sure it fits seamlessly with your business infrastructure.

Our dedicated support team is just one call away. We can help you recover from software downtime situations or technical queries within the minimum TAT.

Our Pharmacy Point of Sale software works seamlessly even during low or lost connectivity. You can still process transactions and capture data, which automatically synchronizes with the backend later.

Ari Pharmacy POS comes inbuilt with the ‘Training Mode’ feature. Thus, a new user can get his hands on the software through the instructive training module. And this mode is isolated from the live POS data.

Ari backend transactions features allow you to manage wholesale distribution to clinics, hospitals, and pharmacy stores.

You can define different access levels for different type of users. And you can manage multiple stores centrally from the defined backend headquarter.

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Manage your inventory seamlessly and boost repeat sales for your Pharmacy Store.

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