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Vape Store POS Software
July 3, 2020
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Fitness and Supplements Store POS
July 13, 2020

Running a shoe store requires skills to manage the customers and product movement at the same time. Doing it manually could be a tough deal, especially when you have a lot of customers to deal with. For that reason, Ari brings you shoe store POS system having inbuilt footwear inventory management features. This saves from the additional requirement of purchasing an inventory management system for your footwear store POS system.

On Ari shoe store POS system, you can add footwear products without a limit. For those products, we have provided numerous fields where you can define their characteristics. In case if you find the required characteristic field missing, you can create one using the Characteristics tab.

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These characteristics define the products, making it easier to find them through the footwear store Point of Sale system. You can even categorize the products in different product categories. Through the point of sale system, you can search for a product by putting the product category as a filter. Additionally, you can search the shoes according to their characteristics. This is helpful when you need to check the availability of a product in the store.

Through the shoe store point of sale, the salesperson can even check the availability of stock at other stores. This will help the salesperson to guide the buyer regarding the required purchase. One can also send products from one store to another and track the movement through POS. The store receiving the shoes needs to make a stock transfer-in document. This keeps a check that the store has received the product.

The aforementioned is one of the features of Ari shoe store POS system, which shows its efficiency in handling multiple stores at once. For handling numerous stores, we have introduced a hierarchy level system mimicking the original structure of your retail business.

You can even compare the performance of different stores using Ari’s analytical dashboard and reports. Moreover, reports will give an idea which section of your business requires attention. There are reports related to inventory, taxation analytics, loyalty ledger, sales, etc. This helps a business to move in the right direction.

You can grab the attention of potential customers using promotions and offers. The discount offered by your business can get customers in your shoe shop. This also helps in clearing the stock.

When a potential customer purchases at your shoe store, you can use Ari shoe store POS system’s customer rewards program. Here, you can reward the customer for his purchase, which will drive him to come back to your store.

Growth happens when window shoppers turn into your loyal customers. However, promotions and loyalty programs won’t be enough. You need to have consistent communication with your customers, letting them know about your new offers, events, and product launches. We know of the essential requirement of having communication. For that reason, we have integrated Ari with Mailchimp application, which can be used for retargeting and sending emails in bulk.

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When the customers increase, there will be an increase in customer data for sure. This is when you will require automation in accounting. Even now, you may be using accounting applications such as QuickBooks, Xero, Tally, etc. We have connected Ari shoes store POS system with major accounting applications to facilitate your accounting. You can directly send your transaction data from Ari to the accounting app without the need for import and export of the entries again and again.

Overall, Ari Shoe store POS system takes care of your footwear business management and also focuses on how you can improve the current business. The accounting programs’ integrations help to lower down the accounting burden, and Mailchimp assists in retargeting the buyers. It can even be used for shoe inventory management saving your efforts of dealing with additional software.

Footwear Store POS system- Handle Multiple Customers with Ease

Ari’s shoe retail POS store has an intuitive touch-screen interface allowing your staff to entertain customers at a faster pace. For the same reason, we have kept the features easily reachable without making the interface complex. With our smart representation techniques and state-of-the-art design, the items and bills appear simultaneously on the screen.

We have already discussed the browsing options, which is an element contributing to the POS’s ability to provide exceptional customer experience.

Through Ari footwear store POS system, you can provide your customers with multiple payment options such as credit cards, vouchers, gift cards, etc. You can even check how much payment is received through different payment methods. Customers can also choose to make payment using multiple payment methods for a single transaction.

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The salesperson can sell gift cards from POS, which will have unique serial numbers. When a customer wishes to return an item, a salesperson can provide a gift card in the exchange from the POS itself.

When there is a change of shift, the salesperson needs to close the till. Before closing the till, it is necessary to count the cash and enter the detail into the footwear POS system. It provides better control over operations at the store level.

For Ari shoe store point of sale, all users have their separate login and passwords. This helps us to keep track of activities done by every salesperson.

Moreover, Ari offers hold and layaway options. The hold feature allows you to put a customer’s transaction on hold, and at the same time, transactions of other customers can be performed. This provides better customer experience and efficient queue management.

The layaway feature lets a customer book an item by making the payment or part of the payment. He can take the item later as per his convenience. This way Ari shoe store POS system makes the customer experience better.

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Ari Shoe Store POS Ensures Perfect Management for All Your Business Aspects
Make it easy and effortless to handle your retail business with our efficient POS, promotion features, and analytics.

Run a Customized Loyalty Program

Our footwear store POS software even facilitates a customer rewards program where customers can be benefitted by points, discounts, priority benefits, etc. The reward program can be set through the back office. The loyalty program can be set up using a step-by-step process, which makes it easier for the user to implement it.

You are allowed to set up as many loyalty programs as you want. However, you can only run one loyalty program at a time. For running a loyalty program proficiently, you can generate loyalty cards, all having unique serial numbers.
Moreover, you can set different levels for your customers. At the time of the first purchase, the customers are at the initial level. When they conduct more purchases, the level, as well as points, will increase.

There are two types of systems according to which you can define customer level: total available points and total awarded points. In the former case, the level increases as the points increase. However, the level again goes down as the person uses the points. But, it’s not the same in the latter case. The level keeps on increasing based on the total points he has earned by making the purchase.

For configuring a level, you need to define the customers for whom you are running the loyalty program. You also need to set the minimum points required to attain the level. For each level, you need to set a reward point currency conversion factor. It is the value that each point holds in terms of currency.

What more Ari Retail Management Software has for you is the ability to provide specific plans for specific customers. The reward point currency conversion factor can differ with different currencies. It can even be changed as per the geographic locations. Besides that, you can decide whether you wish to allow your customers to redeem the points from any of your stores or only from the store from where the purchase was made.

Multiple Stores managed using one Application

When there is only one shoe store, the management is facile. As the number of stores increases, the handling of stores becomes challenging. Keeping that into consideration, we have specially designed the Ari shoe store POS system to make the multi-store handling effortless.

Ari’s multi-store management functionality is associated with different business aspects such as customer-business interaction, inventory and product movement, implementation of promotions, etc.

One significant benefit of Ari’s multi-store management is its hierarchy level system. When you begin your journey with Ari, you need to set a parent company and provide details. After setting it, you can create headquarter. Under headquarter comes the various zones, and under the zones, you can define the stores. The virtual hierarchy level represents your company’s structure. You can even add warehouses to this structure. With its help, you can follow the movement of products.

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Linking of the stores delivers high functionality to gift cards, promotions, and loyalty programs. For instance, a person receives a gift card from one of your shoe stores and tries to redeem it from any of your other stores. As the gift card will be generated from POS system, its information can not be provided to the other stores if they are not linked.

Similarly, you can create a single promotion and run it at two or more stores. It is only possible as the stores are linked with headquarter.

Benefits of Ari Shoe Store POS System

On Ari, there are several reports available. While running a report, you can select the stores for which you wish to run the report. Additionally, you can choose the end date and start date for the report. There are many more filters that make it possible to generate highly specific reports.

Ari shoe store Pos system offers pre-defined promotions which can be configured through back-office. However, much configuration isn’t required as the promotions are already prepared, and one just needs to add the footwear, period for which you wish to run the promotion, and define the customer group for which you want to run it.

When you export data from a retail software and upload it to accounting software again, you need to match the fields every time you transfer the data manually. The matching of fields is done as per the columns present on the accounting software. However, with Ari footwear store POS system, you will only need to do the mapping once, and then Ari will automatically transfer the data

Ari offers an Analytical dashboard that shows various statistics. The dashboard has a section letting the user know the top five products which have demonstrated the highest sales. You can even check the product categories, which are in high demand. This can be done for all your stores individually.

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