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Hardware Store POS
March 10, 2020
Electronics Store POS
Electronics Store POS
March 12, 2020

Web Masters’ sporting goods POS enables retailers to gain tight control over inventory and order fulfillment, which enhances the customer experience.

Our Sporting Goods POS provides a retail solution to maintain procurement, multi-store, discounts & promotions, customer rewards, and reports & analytics.

It allows sporting goods retailers to bulk import the data of sporting equipment, apparel, and footwear. With Ari’s Sports Store Software, retailers can quickly assist customers with price look-ups, inventory levels, sales transactions, returns, gift cards, layaways, and discounts & promotions.

Whether you have a single store or multi-store, Ari Sporting Goods POS Software has the tools you need to scale and grow. Ari is integrated with Mailchimp, which is an exclusive software that helps companies to conduct email marketing. Ari Sports Store POS Software is easy to set up and use. Ari Sports Store Software connects to the best business apps in accounting as well, such as QuickBooks, Xero, Tally, etc. This lets you directly send the sales data to these software programs for accounting.

Furthermore, the store requires to maintain and organize inventory in the best way. This is done through the Back office, which is Ari’s web-based application. We have added multiple inventory-related features that allow you to assign every desired characteristic to an item.

The addition of Variant Product Feature facilitates the classification of products based on size, color, style, or any feature the sporting item has. As there can be a single item to which there can be different varieties. For instance, diverse footballs are purchased by your sporting goods company with the same specifications, but with different colors, then you don’t need to add all the footballs as separate items. Just add one item and provide the variations, and Ari Sporting Goods POS will automatically let you create different items for it. There is no limit on the number of variants that can be added for a product.

Sporting Goods POS
Sporting Goods POS

Moreover, we have made sure that you get the privilege of adding all the required information about a product. There could be a possibility that products keep coming into the inventory, and you need to go to the Product tab multiple times. In such a situation, you can add a Shortcut key, and when you press it required window will get open. This can be created for any of the Ari tabs. Another method that serves the same purpose but in a different way is Favourites, which allow the user to add the sections under the “Favourites” tab.

We make sure that Sports Store Billing Software and back-office work along with each other to deliver the user experience. For this reason, real-time synchronization is made available. Whenever you add a product in inventory, create a new promotional scheme, add a new product category, etc., those changes will be visible on the Sports Store POS Software with the help of live synchronization.

One significant advantage which comes with Ari Sporting Goods POS is its hardware integration capability. It can be integrated with payment devices, printers, weighing scale, scanners, customer displays, and even the cash drawers.

As it is integrated with the cash drawers, you get the option to “only provide access when a sale occurs.” This prevents theft and keeps a proper track of your earning.

To avoid any loss, Ari Sports Store Software houses a feature where the cashier is required to take a physical count of the amount collected from customers in the form of cash, gift card, credit card receipt, etc., and add it to the POS at the time of closing the till. The amount so counted has to match with the system, and if there’s a difference, the store manager is required to approve the difference.

There are a lot of features to study customer trends, which let you manage the sales in a better way by conducting predictions as per the sales.

Overall, Ari Sporting Goods Software is the prime solution that you need for managing your sporting goods store. The Sporting Goods POS effectively conducts fast billing with the help of Quick Button.

Sporting Goods POS
Sporting Goods POS

It even takes care of adding customer-related information whenever a new customer arrives. It can also identify the previous customers and how much they have contributed to the sales.

In case, if you wish to provide loyalty points to these customers, that’s also possible. When a company owns multiple stores, they can choose to create a global customer who let him redeem the points from any of the stores of your company.

Ari Sporting Goods Software comes as a full-fledged retail management software with premium level support. We have simplified the interface for the ease of every user.

For the same, we have introduced a training mode, which included pre-added data that a user can utilize to learn how Ari Sporting Goods POS works. This feature is useful as the retail industry suffers from high staff turnover. A new salesperson can log in to the training mode and learn all the features of Ari Sports Store Software by himself and start ringing the sale!

A Sporting Goods POS with a well-organized user interface

Ari Sporting Goods POS has been designed, keeping in mind that users must be able to learn and use the application effortlessly. The POS serves the primary purpose of conducting sales transactions. You can use the barcode scanner to identify the product, or else you can browse the product by selecting the product category. There are filter options added which can support the cashier to search a product according to a specification.

For the products which have high sales, you can add a Quick button in the Sports Store POS Software. You need to click on it to add it. It saves time required to browse the sporting item every time.

Sporting Goods POS

The interface has hold and layaways features that are easily reachable. When a customer pauses the payment for a while, the cashier can put it on hold and entertain the next buyer. When the previous customer again reaches the cashier, payment can be made at that time. In Layaways, the customer can book the item and choose to take the delivery later at his convenience.

In the left-hand side section, the Sports Store POS Software shows tax amount, the discount provided, gross amount, and all the other payment-related required information. This interface lets you conduct the essential functions as well, such as adding a new payment, deleting the ongoing payment, previewing and printing the receipt, and putting amounts on hold.

Moreover, the interface also gives us the facility to check various reports related to hourly sales, customer wise sales, loyalty ledger, etc.

sports equipment
Ari RMS- One-stop Solution to Handle and Increase Sales for Your Sporting Goods Store
We believe in lessening the management burden and increasing the sales by our efficient features for all business needs.
Sporting Goods POS

Inventory management with Sports Store Software

For the control of the inventory, the back office provides functionality to add as many characteristics as you wish. These characteristics are the features of a sporting goods product such as weight, volume, etc. When taking an example of a football as an inventory item, you may need to add characteristics such as packing, brand, bladder detail, etc.

Ari Sports Store Software provides Serial Control, which lets a person assign a serial number with a suffix or prefix added to it. Serial controlled items are unique items, and they are tracked serial number wise in Ari Sports Shop Software.

When you add a product, it is optional to assign the serial number to it. However, you compulsorily need to add a name, choose the organization to which it belongs, select a category to it, and give a unit of measurement. In addition to it, you can even specify the dimensions, enter the tax percentage for it, and much more.

You can link barcode information to a product; whenever the cashier scans a barcode, Ari Sporting Goods POS will automatically identify the product. Ari Sporting Goods Point of Sale supports adding multiple barcodes to a product.

To improve your sales, Ari Sports Store POS Software has introduced multiple ways. Two of them are Link Product and Substitute Product. The link product option allows a user to add an item that will be suggested to the customer along with his purchase. For instance, a customer buys a cricket bat; a cricket ball appears as a suggestion.

The substitute product feature let the cashier know that when a particular item is not available in inventory, what alternate item he can recommend to the customer.

With Ari Sporting Goods Software, you won’t need an additional application for managing the inventory. It includes every feature you can think of for handling your products. In case if you find anything absent, you can add it through the Characteristics option.

Manage multi-stores remotely

You don’t say- when there are multiple stores, you can’t be at every. Therefore, you need a system that can track your sales by avoiding any chance of mismanagement and theft.

Ari has designed a Sporting Goods POS, which provides “all that is necessary” information to the cashier and nothing additional to it. With limited information, the cashier can only check the inventory of your sporting goods stores, make the sale, take payment, check a few reports as per your choice.

Ari Sports Store Software makes sure that it mimics your organizational structure. This is done by implementing a multi-level hierarchy that lets you create required, companies, zones, departments, divisions, branches, and stores.

For every store, you can set different attributes individually, such as pricing, assortment, setting return policy, enabling gift cards, adding taxation, etc.


When you use the Sports Store POS Software, first, the store manager needs to open the store, which allows different departments of the stores to open the register. Only after this, a till can be opened and transactions can take place. The same discipline is followed at the time of closing the store; first, the till, then the register, and finally the store. However, a store manager has the privilege to close the store, register, and till all at a once just by clicking a button provided for that purpose.

It helps in inventory management, as well. You can add items to the headquarter and move them to a lower level in different zones. It empowers the staff and allows them to work along with the other stores. The procurement manager is provided with relevant reports to ensure that you never run out of stock and lose a sale. Stock items can be transferred from one store to another or procured and delivered straight at a store to ensure that all stores have enough inventory on hand.

Benefits of using Ari Sporting Goods POS Software

Keep track of everything in Ari Sports Store Billing Software – Sales, Customers, Inventory, Marketing, Staff, Expenses, and many more. View end-of-day reconciliation of cash, items, payment, sales by time, and salesperson using Ari Sporting Goods POS. Whatever information you need, you can access them to live from one integrated database anytime, anywhere.

Improve your operations and reduce expenses with Ari Sporting Goods Software. Leave everything IT-related to Ari so that you can concentrate on the real business instead. Make use of data gathered from Ari to make better decisions and strategies. Be more aware of what’s going on in your business and allow your employees to work more efficiently and effectively.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to grow your retail business. Ari Sporting Goods POS allows you to take the information of your customers, such as email IDs, which can be used for email marketing. For your ease, we have integrated Ari Sports Store POS Software with the Mailchimp application. The email IDs collected through Ari can be directly transferred to this software. From here, you can send bulk emails to the targeted audience. For advanced targeting, one can utilize the reports and analytics done by Ari Sporting Goods Software.

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