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August 22, 2020
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Ari Supermarket POS is a state of art supermarket POS system. It streamlines and manages billings, inventory, customer rewards, gift cards and back-office operations.

Ari Supermarket POS handles multiple stores from a central location with real-time inventory information. It connects POS System to the Ari back-office using real time synchronization. Whenever the inventory is updated, the back-office and POS exchange information. It tracks every movement of items from one store to another. Ari delivers an awesome customer experience for your shoppers. It also provides Grocery, Fruits, and vegetable POS Systems to small retailers to manage their billing and inventory. Ari POS also supports hypermarkets and departmental stores.

Supermarket POS Software that grows your business!

Ari Supermarket POS is designed to cater to every segment from a single store grocery shop or a multi-chain supermarket. You can create headquarters, various zones, and different stores located in those zones. You can develop a hierarchy structure for stores to communicate.

With Ari Billing System, you can decide different prices for different stores and zones. When you put a price of an item for the whole zone, it can be applied to all the supermarkets lying in that zone. The same is possible for the promotions you provide. As the demand for products varies from store to store, you should set promotions for stores differently.

Ari POS for supermarket provides promotion templates in the Back-Office. You can use these promotion templates as it is, modify them, or take their reference to create the new ones.

Supermarket POS
supermarket pos

Improving customer relationships using supermarket pos software

Besides promotions, you can create a loyalty program with Ari Grocery POS System for regular customers. For that reason, the information of your customer can be taken directly through the POS. Using this, your cashier can create members. The organization can even track a person’s purchase history.

Based on the purchase amount, you can even assign various levels. As the level improves, the benefits provided to the customer will improve. This way, you can attract make more customers easily using Ari Supermarket POS.

You can set different promotions and even make changes in the loyalty programs. Ari Back-office contains reports that you can use for analytics and better decision-making. There are reports regarding stock movement too. These reports help you to make the right product selection for inventory.

All these features taken together make Ari the best POS software for supermarkets.

Supermarket Software for a retailer just like you!

Ari Supermarket Retail Software provides reports which are accessible through POS also. However, it is completely your choice to make them available to the cashier or not. If you have not provided the access, they will appear disabled in the Supermarket POS Software.

These reports are related to total sales taking place every day, regarding the loyalty provided to customers, etc. It will surely help your store manager to know the performance of the store and staff.

Ari Supermarket Billing Software offers scalable technology, easy-to-use interface, integration with leading business apps, to provide better customer experience, real-time sales information, advance reports, and dashboards.

Customers expect Grocery shops and Supermarkets to provide high quality and speedy services. No matter the volume of transactions, Ari Supermarket POS System and Grocery Management System handles them well with lightning speed.

Supermarket POS System
Supermarket POS System

Manage retail business effectively with ARI

With Ari Supermarket POS Software, you can be sure of reduced queues as the billing happens at a faster speed. Further, store inventory management becomes easy as Ari stores product information along with their characteristics.

Ari POS provides role-based security for the store manager and staff. It ensures that the data remains secured all the time. One can only have access on a need-to-know basis.

Ari Supermarket POS System allows you to manage all your business processes from the back office. Right from the Point of Sale to Cash Register Control to Barcode Scanning to Stock Management, Ari simplifies and automates your business.

Automate your grocery point of sale, inventory management, discounts and promotions, customer loyalty program, multi-store management, and reports and analytics, and have full control of your operations with Ari Supermarket POS.

Manage huge inventory smoothly with ARI Supermarket POS Software

We have put in the extensive thought process in Ari Supermarket POS Software. Inventory management is crucial for the smooth functioning of your retail store. Therefore, we have made every effort to cover to meet your customer demands. Go through our article Supermarket management best practices to know more about inventory management, staff management, best practices and more.

Ari Supermarket POS System includes the general characteristic fields such as name, weight, unit of measurement, etc. However, if you don’t find any required field here, you can generate a field of your choice. You can choose whether you want to add text, number, or combination of both to any field.

Supermarket Billing Software with inventory management features

For every product you add, you can assign a serial number. Moreover, you can choose how you want the serial number- as prefix or as suffix. This is important if you have different kinds of products, especially in a supermarket.

supermarket pos

The products must be appropriately arranged in a supermarket to draw the customers’ maximum attention. Have a look at our article Supermarket visual merchandising to know more.

You can add a new item to headquarters, warehouse, or directly to a store. You can also move an item from one entity to another later. It will be updated in the grocery POS system.

There is more to explore in the Ari Supermarket POS System. Just use our free trial to know more about our inventory management features.

supermarket POS

All Your Supermarket Products Handled in the Best Way on ARI POS

No more worry about long queues, manually tracking all products, and entertaining customers. Ari is here for your support.
Supermarket POS

Ari Grocery Store POS Software – gentle learning curve

Ari POS has an easy and intuitive user interface. You can add the barcode information to the Back-office. When the cashier scans a product barcode, it will match the product to the Back-office’s inventory. This is a great benefit with Ari’s broad peripheral support. It makes Ari one of the best supermarket billings softwares.

Besides scanner, one can also connect our Supermarket POS System to printers, payment devices, scales, customer display, and cash drawers. When you connect it with cash drawers, it provides an option which lets the cashier open the drawer only when a payment activity occurs. This helps to safeguard your cash. There are other salient features in the Ari POS System for robust security, functionality, and efficiency.

To make sure that transactions are conducted efficiently we have added features that help a salesperson to find a product in the system’s inventory. There is a search option implemented where multiple filers are present. Using those filters, the product can be identified easily. Or else, the cashier can choose to browse through different subcategories of the product.

Ari POS for Supermarket – Integrations

Ari helps you keep track of every transaction in your supermarket. We have integrated our Supermarket Billing Software with top-class accounting systems.

Ari Supermarket Software integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, QuickBooks, Xero, Retail Insight, and Tally as well. Whatever sales data POS gathers will be reflected in the back-office. From the back-office, you can export the data to any of these accounting applications.

For email marketing, we provide integration with MailChimp. You need to create an audience group in Mailchimp itself. From Ari, customers, walk-in customers, and vendors can be directly transferred to MailChimp. From there, you can send them emails in bulk.

For increasing the functionality, we have integrated Ari Supermarket Software with Power BI too. Power BI is a business intelligence tool aiding in data analysis.

supermarket pos system
supermarket pos system

Supermarket Point of Sale Software – Always available!

POS works fine even when there’s no internet connectivity
Ari Supermarket Software works fine even if you aren’t connected with the head office. As and when the connectivity gets restored, Ari syncs data with the head office and provides you with the latest information.

Multiple deployment options
Ari Supermarket Software can be deployed in multiple ways as per your choice:

  • Cloud-hosting
  • On-premise
  • Hybrid

Ari Supermarket Software is highly scalable, and as you increase your locations and stores, Ari too will grow with you and support you in each step of the way

Customer support
Our world-class Customer support is available all the time, and we promise you with 8 hours of turnaround time.

Centralized Control with ARI Supermarket Software

Centralized Control is one of the most sought after features by supermarket owners. Ari supermarket software provides centralized control in its true sense. Also, it provides flexibility in the hands of owners to delegate as many functions as they want to store managers and other line managers.

  • Centralized master data creation
  • Centralized pricing
  • Centralized discounts and promotions
  • Centralized reporting
  • Centralized staff management
  • Centralized user permissions
  • Multi-store management
Supermarket POS

Benefits of using Ari POS Software for Supermarket

There are tens of thousands of products a grocery store will sell each day. Managing huge amount of stocks is not easy. Use Ari Grocery POS System to keep track of stocks level every day and alert staff when stock level is below a certain amount for re-ordering. Classify product category, items, tracking code etc. to properly manage your inventories using Ari Supermarket Software.

Manage your expiry dates to make sure that you do not sell food or products that were expired. Make use of Ari Supermarket Billing Software to keep track of product batches and dates, so as to sell items with nearer expiry date first or run a sale on products which are approaching their expiry dates to clear stocks.

Streamline operations with Ari Grocery POS Software. Automate processes right from procurement to delivery, and control each component using the system. With an integrated Grocery POS System, easily transfer data to the right department, and keep track of accurate sales, cost price etc. to understand what’s going on and maximize profit.

Preferences of consumers may change overtime. Ari Supermarket POS Software is here to help record data to reflect sales and inventory trends for better decision making. Our grocery stores POS system will come to know slow-moving and fast-moving items and changing inventory trends such as increasing or decreasing popularity. Order more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

Run discounts and promotions centrally using the best POS software for Supermarket. You have the freedom to control what kind of discount/promotion the store needs to run and automate the process such as setting the period of promotion. Easily select which department, store area or store location to run the promotion, and choose from a variety of ready-made promotion templates.

Get customers keep coming back to purchase by offering attractive rewards. With Ari Supermarket POS Software, customers can accumulate points that can be exchanged for other items, offset payments or enjoy member-only special discount. Make use of loyalty program to collect customers’ details to understand their purchasing history, habits and preferences for targeted marketing.

How can Ari Supermarket Billing Software
help your grocery store/supermarket/hypermarket/departmental store?

Manage inventory expiry

Manage inventory expiry

Easily keep track of stocks level, stocks sales, stocks trends and expiry dates using Ari Supermarket POS System. Maintain high volume of stocks efficiently.

Supplier management

Supplier management

Manage multiple cost price and suppliers with Ari Supermarket Billing System. Analyze different suppliers with different costs to understand profit margin.

Offers and promotions

Offers and promotions

For stocks that you want to run a promotion, Ari Supermarket POS System helps you execute all kinds of promotional strategy with ready-made template.

Staff management

Staff management

Ari Grocery POS System allows user access based on password with tight security. Centrally control the system to allow information to be seen only by assigned users.

Multiple-store and multiple locations

Multiple-store and multiple locations

Manage different stores, different geographical locations, different pricing and different currencies centrally using Ari Supermarket Software.

Take an informed business decision

Take an informed business decision

Understand your entire grocery/supermarket business using Ari’s advance reporting tools and uncover insights. Define the next business strategy with Ari Supermarket POS Software.

Ari Supermarket Management System

Expand your supermarket/hypermarket/grocery store/departmental store business with Ari Supermarket POS System / hypermarket POS System / Grocery POS Software

  • Easy inventory management for high volume SKUs
  • Clearly manage expiry dates using Ari Supermarket POS Software
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Multiple stores and locations management
  • Tiered pricing structure and currency management
  • Manage distribution operations
  • Customer rewards program
  • Staff management
  • Discount and promotions
  • Gift Cards
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Secure system
  • Advance reports and analytics

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