Web Masters’ Ari Supermarket POS streamlines billing process, manages inventory, customer rewards, gift cards and back office operations. It allows you to manage multiple stores from a central location and have access to real-time inventory information. 

Ari offers scalable technology, easy-to-use interface, integration with leading business apps, to provide better customer experience, real-time sales information, advance reports and dashboards.

Customers expect Grocery retailers and Supermarkets to provide high quality and speedy services. No matter the volume of transactions, Ari handles them well with lightning speed. Ari POS for Supermarket allows you to manage all your business processes from the back office. Right from Point of Sale to Cash Register Control to Barcode Scanning to Stock Management, Ari simplifies and automates your business.

Automate your point of sale, inventory management, supplier management, procurement, shipping and receiving processes and have a full control of your operations.

How can Ari Retail Management System help your grocery store/supermarket?

Manage inventory expiry

Easily keep track of stocks level, stocks sales, stocks trends and expiry dates using Ari POS. Maintain high volume of stocks efficiently.

Supplier management

Manage multiple cost price and suppliers with Ari. Analyze different suppliers with different costs to understand profit margin.

Offers and promotions

For stocks that you want to run a promotion, Ari POS helps you execute all kinds of promotional strategy with ready-made template.

Staff management

Ari allows user access based on password with tight security. Centrally control the system to allow information to be seen only by assigned users.

Multiple-store and multiple locations

Manage different stores, different geographical locations, different pricing and different currencies centrally using Ari.

Take an informed business decision

Understand your entire grocery/supermarket business using Ari’s advance reporting tools and uncover insights. Define the next business strategy.

Ari POS for Supermarket/Grocery Stores

Expand your supermarket/grocery store business with Ari Retail Management System

  • Easy inventory management for high volume SKUs
  • Clearly manage expiry dates
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Multiple stores and locations management
  • Tiered pricing structure and currency management
  • Manage distribution operations
  • Customer rewards program
  • Staff management
  • Discount and promotions
  • Secure system
  • Advance reports and analytics

Create a Unique Customer Experience with Ari