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Fitness and Supplements Store POS
July 13, 2020
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Pet Store POS System
July 17, 2020

An efficient toys store POS system should be able to handle large and diverse inventory. Moreover, the toy store point of sale should be able to conduct the transaction and generate the bill at a fast pace. It will avoid the formation of long queues and allow the salesperson to deal with more customers in lesser time

Attracting customers is easier for toy/hobby shops through great displays and showcasing new products. However, what if you exhibit promotions and offers along with this using Ari toys store POS system? That could increase the sales to a great extent.

After a customer makes a purchase, what gives you a guarantee that he will return to your shop? Perhaps, if you set a rewards program that allows him to have benefits on every purchase, this may lure him. Besides that, you can retarget him letting him know about the new products in which he might be interested.

There are a number of methods to make management facile and growth exponential. If you choose the best POS for toy shop, you can implement those methods in no time. Ari toys store POS system has everything you require to make this happen.

Our toy store POS system is compatible with most of the devices. It is the interface between the seller and buyer through which transactions take place.

We have the POS system that exclusively caters to the requirements of a toy shop. One of the significant needs is fast billing. Ari toys store billing software has features such as quick buttons, product browse options, hold feature, layaway option, filters, and much more.

Toys Store POS
Toys Store POS

For configurations, Ari has a web-based application known as Ari’s back-office. The back office contains all the settings related to the Toy Store Point of Sale System and even defines its behavior.

The Hobby Store POS system is synced to the back office through real-time synchronization. This means that whenever one makes any change in the configuration through the back-office, it will be reflected in the POS system.

Besides that, whenever there is an addition to the inventory, the product gets displayed through the POS in no time.

Even the inventories of all stores are inter-connected. A seller can check the product stock level of any of the stores through the toy store POS system.

Whenever a toy is not available in the store, it would help the customer to direct him to the closest store where he can find the product.

Ari links all POS devices with the back office. Besides that, the back-office is even integrated into accounting applications such as Xero, Tally, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This helps one to directly transfer the transaction data generated through toys shop POS software to the accounting apps. It avoids the additional task of exporting the data from Ari and then importing it to accounting applications.

Ari toys shop point of sale software also integrates with Mailchimp, an application that can be used for customer retargeting. You can use Mailchimp to create customer groups and then send emails to all the grouped customers in one go.

Toys Store POS
Toys Store POS

This helps to attract the customers whom you think would be interested in what you have to offer. Moreover, it can be used to maintain customer-seller relations by sending them best wishes on special days such as birthdays.

What more you can offer them in addition to best wishes is offers and discounts. Ari has a complete section dedicated to run offers and discounts as it plays an important role in winning a customer.

Though our toy store POS system, you can get the customer data while conducting the transactions. The data may include special days such as birthdays and anniversaries. Through the back office, you can set the offer you wish to apply to the customers having their specials day.

It is a fine addition but strengthens the bond with customers. Ari hobby shop point of sale software has managed to include all the necessary elements required to attract new customers, maintain the current ones, and retarget the old ones. Therefore, Ari would not only be helpful in managing your store but also your growth.

The POS with Exclusive Features

As we mentioned above, our toy store POS system has features to handle a lot of customers quickly. So, how these features work? Let’s have a look.

The user interfaces itself contributes to the handling of customers. We have kept all the features easily reachable to the salesperson. The screen is divided into two sections allowing Ari to show the products, amount, and products’ information at the same time.

The right section of the hobby shop POS is also used to browse the products. The products can be browsed according to the features you include while adding the product. Moreover, they can be searched as per their product category. This feature is useful when a customer needs a salesperson to find a product.

However, when the customer already has the product and requires an addition to the cart, it can be simply done by scanning the barcode. Ari hobby shop POS system can be connected not only to scanners but also to payment devices, drawers, customer pole display, printers, and scales. This improves the functionality of the point of sale system.

Toys Store POS

Another implementation that helps to add a product to the cart quickly is the Quick Button. You can add a number of quick buttons on Ari, which acts as a shortcut to another feature or product.

Ari’s connection to drawers is a security implementation allowing to record every time whenever the drawer was opened during a shift.

Whenever there is a change in shift, the salesperson needs to click on close till which allows another user to sign in. This smoothens the tracking of activities of an individual salesperson.

A feature such as a hold option is a required one. It permits the salesperson to keep a transaction on hold and conduct transactions of other buyers. This avoids queuing of people at the billing counter when a person gets away, leaving his transaction in the middle.

There are many more features in the toy shop POS, letting it help the businesses to entertain buyers in the best possible way.

Toy Store Management isn’t a Game- Handle it Carefully with Ari Toy Store POS
No more need to invest time and cost in managing the toy store. Get Ari POS and run business with a carefree mind.
Toys Store POS

Manage your Inventory with Ari’s Inbuilt Inventory Management

A toy store POS system should be efficient in handling an immense number of products as it is expected that a toy store has diverse items and updates coming in every time.

Many toys store even choose to buy an additional inventory management system. However, this not only raises the total cost but also requires added efforts for transferring data from an inventory management system to POS every time there is a sales or new products come in.

This is nearly impossible as sales may occur every few seconds. Therefore, it’s best to opt for a retail management system that has its own inbuilt inventory management system such as Ari.

On Ari toys store POS system, you can add as many products as you want. For those products, you can add features as many as you require. We have added numerous field options, and if any gets missed, you can add the field yourself through the Characteristics tab.

You can track the product sales by implementing a serialized control. You need to provide suffix, prefix, the total number of digits in the serial number, the initial number, and how many serial numbers you wish to generate.

There are four types of items that you can generate through Ari’s inventory management system. When you add an item, which is a combo of two or more products, it is a kit product, where the constituent products can’t be sold individually. Assembly products are similar to kit products, but in their case, the constituent products can be sold individually. Items other than assembly or kit items are the stock items. The last ones are the service items, which are the services added as products.

Attract Customers through the Loyalty Program

Winning the loyalty of your customer is the primary way of growing your business. For that reason, Ari toys store POS system offers a customer loyalty program.

On Ari, you can choose to customize every inch of the program. You can decide how you wish to reward the customer: points, discounts, priority benefits, etc. The points offered can be redeemed as discounts whenever a customer conducts the transaction.

Based on the total purchase amount of all the transactions, you can assign a level to the customers. For defining a level, you first need to decide on what basis the level will upgrade.

It can be upgraded according to the total points the buyer has in the account or the total points earned till now. You also need to set a minimum number of points required to attain the level.

Toys Store POS

This method encourages customers to visit your shop multiple times as they will be offered with benefits no other shop can offer them. That way, you earn a loyal customer and business growth as well.

Benefits of Ari Toy Shop POS

Ari hobby store POS software offers an analytical dashboard providing insight into the products which are in demand and product categories, which are the most liked ones. It can also be used to compare the sales of different years. For every year, comparison can be done between different stores. The dashboard lets a user know which element of the toy store chain requires attention.

Ari toys shop POS Software offers a number of reports which are accessible through the back-office. Some of the reports useful for a toy store are tax analytics, loyalty ledger, daily sales, stock analysis, etc. You can choose either to view the report in a summarized or detailed way. Moreover, you can select one or multiple stores while generating a report.

PowerBI is an analytical tool used to get a deep insight into the business. We have an analytical dashboard and reports section to provide you with a better understanding of your business. However, we have added PowerBI as integration to facilitate our users with advanced level analytics. This allows them to make analytics-driven decisions.

Ari toy store POS system is designed to keep both single stores and store chains into consideration. For store chains, Ari allows the business to create a virtual representation of their business structure. Here, you can create headquarter through Ari’s back-office and generate different zones under it. In every zone, you can include stores that are the lowest level of the hierarchy system. Besides, you can add warehouses to this system, and even track product movement from warehouse to different shores

Ari toys store POS System has an entire section dedicated to offers, as mentioned before. When you run different offers, two offers may clash with each other. To avoid that, you require setting priority for all the offers. The transaction will take place according to the offer with higher priority when two offers clash.

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