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June 30, 2020
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July 3, 2020

A vape shop deals with a variety of products. Dealing with all the products manually could be a tough task. Therefore, using a vape store POS software would be an excellent option to lessen down your burden of managing the transaction manually.

Our vape store POS software has a straightforward user interface allowing you to deal with the buyer fast. The vape shop point of sale system is connected to a web-based application where you can do all the configurations.

Vape Store POS

The web-based application or back-office allows you to configure each business aspect as per your suitability. The application allows one to add an infinite number of products to the inventory with all the required characteristics.

As you add the product to the back-office, it gets reflected on the Ari vape shop point of sale system. It is because of the real-time synchronization allowing POS to remain synced with the back-office. Apart from products, whenever there is a change on the POS or back-office, its effect is reflected on the other side instantly. It helps vape shop in a lot of ways, such as managing customers, managing promotions, handling loyalty points, etc.

When it comes to managing the promotion, you can set promotion from back-office and run it on different stores. A promotion is a benefit provided to the customer for getting their attention, and improve sales. From Ari vape store POS software, you can set promotions by using our exclusive templates for vape shops.

Our smoke shop POS system lets one run promotions by just adding the products as per the defined templates. You can also set the timing, weekdays, and period for which you want to run the promotion.

Ari even takes care of two or more promotions that are clashing with each other. As Ari takes care of even the minute details by which you want to run the vape shop, it makes it the best POS for vape shops.

Besides promotions, Ari vape store POS software has inbuilt loyalty program features for attracting customers. For each product they buy, you can provide a reward to them as per your wish in the form of points. The Vape Shop POS Software allows the buyer to redeem the points as a discount on the total price. As the vape shop always needs a permanent customer, this can be beneficial. The customer would prefer your shop as they would be getting points for every purchase.

Vape Store POS
Vape Store POS

Now, if you attract a lot of customers, you need accounting applications that take care of your transactions. Let’s say you already have accounting software, but the question is how you would send the transactions from Ari to the accounting application. For that reason, we have integrated Ari Vape Store POS Software with major accounting applications such as QuickBooks, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Tally.

The integration feature will help you make the data transfer process easier. You won’t need to export data from Ari Vape Store POS Software, take it in the local system, and then upload it again on accounting software.

Ari has everything that a vape shop needs to manage its customers. It will allow you to put the lesser effort in bringing the customers, keeping track of inventory, retargeting old customers, and managing the accounts. Overall, Ari vape shop POS system is the one-stop solution for all your retail management requirements.

POS with a Highly Intuitive Interface

Ari vape store POS software is divided into sections. The left section displays the products added to the cart and the amount associated with it. It also shows the total billing amount and tax amount on it.

When you click on a product present in the cart, it will show you its complete information on the right section. The right section is also used for browsing the products. When you add a product to your inventory, you need to assign a product category. You can choose the product category as per the brand, product type, etc. According to this product category, the cashier can filter the products from the Vape store POS Software for finding the required one.

Products can also be searched using a characteristic such as a flavor, etc. on a smoke shop point of sale. These advanced browsing features help a lot when the cashier needs to check the stock levels.

Vape Store POS

Besides the browsing option, you can add a quick button to add a product to the cart directly. Quick buttons are accessible from the right section where you just need to click on them, and the product will be added. It acts as a shortcut for the product.

The right section is also used to select the payment method which the buyer is going to use. Ari Vape Store POS Software gives a number of payment method options such as credit card, debit card, gift card, cash, etc. The customer can even make the payment through different methods for a single transaction. Ari vape store POS system prepares a report on the amount collected through various payment methods. This would help you track sales, and let you know which payment method is used the most.

The vape shop is often crowded, and you would not want other customers to wait in a queue if one customer leaves the transaction in the middle. Here, you can use the hold function. This allows keeping a transaction on hold when the customer is away, and lets you serve the other customers waiting for their turn in the queue. The feature helps to avoid queuing and enhance the customer experience.

There is a layaway feature too in Ari Vape Store POS Software, which would help to deliver ease to your buyers. The layaway feature lets a customer book a product by proving the payment or a part of the payment (depends upon your store policy). After booking it, the customer can take its delivery whenever he finds it suitable. You can even set a layaway end date for a layaway product. If the customer does not come and receive the product, it gets added back as a stock product.

Ari Vape Store POS for Managing a Huge Number of Customers without Trouble
With our retail management system, you save cost, resources, and time in taking care of each aspect of retail
Vape Store POS

Manage your Vape Shop Products Effortlessly

A vape shop has many products, and thus, the vape shop requires powerful inventory management software to handle the retail inventory. Ari vape shop Point of Sale Software provides an option to add as many products as you want. For the added products, you can track the transactions done from the POS. Because of this, you will be able to check the inventory levels in real-time.

While adding a product on Ari’s Vape Shop Inventory Management System, you can add the basic as well as crucial information of the product. You can add the name, the store from where the product will be available, unit of measurement, the product category, whether the tax is applicable or not, its dimensions, the profit you would earn, expiry date, and all the necessary information required. We have a characteristics option where you can define a new field.

Ari smoke shop POS system allows a user to add four types of products. Every product added to the inventory is treated as a stock item if it is not an assembly item or kit item. The assembly items are created by grouping two or more products as a combo product. These products can be sold as a combo or individually. Kit items are almost similar to the assembly items. However, you can’t sell the Kit items individually. The last ones are the service items. These items are added as items, but for them, the stock management feature is not required.

Before the addition of products, it is necessary to generate serial numbers for those products. The serial numbers can be generated automatically. All you need to do is to add the prefix, initial start number, and the number of digits.

For better tracking, you can assign the product to a particular product category. This bifurcates the products as per the category. It is helpful while filtering the product.

Ari, the best POS for vape shop, comes with an inventory management system that is efficient enough to eliminate the needs of buying additional inventory management software. Therefore, it saves your retail management cost.

Multi-store management

With one store, management would be easy. But, when you have multiple stores, complexities would increase. Therefore, vape shops need POS system which can reduce the complications and have exclusive multi-store management features.

When one talks about multi-store management, Ari Vape Store POS Software has an ample number of features providing an efficient linkage between the different stores and headquarter.

Initially, when you set up your organization, you need to add headquarter of the company. Under headquarter, you can set up multiple zones as per the geographical location. Under those zones, vape stores are added. This virtual representation would help track the inventory products, manage the pricing, comparing the reports, etc.

Vape Store POS

From the Vape Store POS system, a cashier can check the stock levels of other stores. It is because of the multi-store support which Ari provides.

Moreover, when you generate a loyalty program or gift card and want it to be applicable for all the stores, it is only possible when stores are linked. Using Ari Vape Store POS Software, you can create global customers, i.e., it will allow the customer to use his rewards points at any of your vape stores. Similarly, a gift card generated at one store can be used at different stores.

The multi-store management allows a user to have different aspects of different stores on a single screen. Through Ari, you can compare different stores using the reports and analytical dashboards.

Whenever you need to make a change at all your stores, you won’t need to do it one by one at every store. By directly implementing the change in headquarter, it can be made visible to all the stores. Similarly, by making a change in a zone, you can implement it on all the stores of that zone.

Ari Vape Store POS Software Benefits

Mailchimp integration is an exclusive feature of the vape store POS software, which allows shop owners to conduct customer retargeting. You can transfer the customer data from back-office to Mailchimp just by adding your Mailchimp credentials on Ari and mapping the fields. You can create different groups on Mailchimp and send emails to the whole group in one go.

There are two types of special days: one which everyone celebrates, such as Easter Day, and another which the buyers celebrate individually, such as Birthdays. In both cases, you can give away special discounts to your customers using Ari Vape Store POS Software. On festive days, you can run discounts for everyone using Ari’s predefined templates, whereas, on birthdays, you can give discounts to individuals.

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