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ARI POS System Malaysia - Retailers Reliable Choice

Be The Next Retail Revolution POS System Malaysia

Join hands with Ari Retail POS System Malaysia to speed up all of your retail transactions with rich peripheral support, create customized hotkey buttons and features, use built-in promotions, define user-level access, and more.

Ari POS System Malaysia – The Key To Your Retail Success

Never miss a beat in the Malaysian Retail Market with Ari

Malaysia’s retail sector is outperforming forecasts. Retail sales soared by 96%, and is rising dramatically with better economic circumstances, rising travel spending, and a return to pre-pandemic shopping levels.

Ari Advantage – Ari Retail POS System Malaysia offers some next-gen retail features helping Malaysian Retailers make a Bigger Mark in the market.

The Best Part: You can customize Ari Retail POS Software to your own business needs. Anything from inventory management, promotions, accounting, to retail reports all at your fingertips.


Embrace Ari POS System Malaysia & Be Equipped to Scale With Confidence

POS System Malaysia

Intuitive Dashboard

ARI POS System Malaysia allows you to add customizable Quick Buttons for faster transactions. You also get dynamic search, strong hardware integrations, and so on.

Precise Inventory

Ari POS is the best inventory management software – Classify inventory using variants (color, size, features, etc.); Identify the best- and low-selling inventories; and Receive “expiry” and “reorder” notifications.

Transaction Speed

Speed up cash and digital transactions with the help of the Ari Retail POS. You can also use Multi-currency and Multi-language features, as well as POS-enabled cash register control.

POS System Malaysia

Great Loyalty

Ari’s Consumer Reward Program help you give customers gift cards and loyalty points for their purchases. This increases repeat business and consumer loyalty even more.


Use Ari’s Promotions Management feature to build in-store promotions & deals on-the-go with built-in templates. Further, the “Link Items” function helps you upsell and cross-sell products.

Exchange & Returns

With Ari POS System Malaysia, replacements and returns are easier to manage and track. You can track item warranty, note the cause of the return, track the person who handled the sale, etc.

POS System Malaysia

Robust Reporting &

Ari POS offers end-to-end retail reports including – Sales Reports, Inventory Analysis, Stock Expiration, Loyalty Ledger, Daily Cash Report, etc. Also, check Consumer Preferences and Purchasing Trends.

Centralized Control
of Inventory

You can track stock movements across multiple locations, whether there is simply one or numerous. This way, you’ll be able to assess how much to order and which locations require more supplies.

Industry-specific POS System for Singapore Retailers

Ari is the Best POS System in Malaysia. It’s retail expertise spans across Malaysia’s most flourishing retail sectors including General Retail, Optical, Jewelry, Fashion, Pharmacy, Restaurants, etc.

Make A Mark of Retail Excellence In The Malaysian Market

Take advantage of Ari POS System Malaysia ‘s robust retail Integrations that provide end-to-end retail management functionalities.


Xero integration aids in providing a comprehensive picture of your financials. You can get a real-time view of your cashflow. Additionally, you can reconcile, submit invoices, or create expense claims from anywhere.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

This ERP integration provides a comprehensive view of operations, purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and warehouse management. Furthermore, you may manage the sales process from start to finish in Outlook.

Quick Books

As a Malaysian retailer, you will have more authority over accounting operations. The integration provides excellent data security by encrypting the data. Your data and accounting are in sync, reducing the likelihood of a mismatch.


Ari POS Retail System Malaysia integration with Tally aids in keeping track of inventory and transactions, automated book-keeping. This accounting integration simplifies report creation and assures proper data entry. It reduces the need for regular data import and export.

Mail Chimp

Mailchimp, the well-known email marketing platform, also allows you to create your own website, manage social media campaigns, and much more. As a result, the integration with the Ari POS is a comprehensive branding tool for overall business growth.

Ari POS Retail System Malaysia Unlocks Your Untapped Retail Potential

With real-time payments data, offline connectivity, 24*7 customer support, a dedicated account manager, and free training modules, Ari is the ideal choice for any Malaysian retailer.

This is How We Make The Best POS System in Malaysia’s Implementation Simple:

Import Data Securely: We assist you in seamlessly transferring critical retail data from your legacy systems to Ari Retail POS.

Personalize Your POS System: Our POS professionals customize Ari to meet the demands of your business. Ari also supports a range of payment methods, languages, and currencies.

Enjoy Deployment’s Flexibility: You can deploy Ari on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid setup. Additionally, it is internet independent. So, you keep thriving even when offline.

Get World-Class Customer Support: Your Dedicated Account Manager is always on foot for any technical assistance. We assure minimum downtimes, prompt support, and POS training.

Real-time Synchronization & Offline Functionality: All data is synched with the backend office in real-time. During offline use, the data is safely stored in POS and synched after the network arrives.

Intelligent “Training” Mode: The Ari POS “Training” mode makes it simple for new users to become acquainted with the POS without affecting the actual data.

With Ari POS Retail Software we have established a prominent clientele of retailers and supermarket chains across various countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, Australia, etc.

Now, you too can experience a phenomenal business growth with Ari POS System Malaysia

What our Clients Say

The software, Ari, knows my pain points better than anyone. Whatever issues I had, are gone now as Ari retail POS system became a part of my business. It not only manages things for me; it helps me grow, making my business better.

Ari retail Point of Sale software is now a part of my company. We are attached to the application and can’t think of switching to another one. It has helped us enough in sorting out the business. Nothing’s messy now, and we are handling the customers in a better way.

The retail POS software never gets crashed, they even have the offline mode, small features such as hold, etc. The thing is, my business never stops as I am using Ari. And even when I have any confusion, the support team’s there to help me. That’s all a user need!


Chris Kynaston




Matthew Irvine

FAQs: POS System in Singapore in Singapore

1) I own Fashion & Clothing Stores in Singapore. Does Ari POS help Me Grow My Sales?

Yes, Ari Fashion POS Software for Singapore is designed with crucial features like:

  • Seamless Clothing Inventory Management with Variant Management (size, color, pattern variants)
  • In-store Promotions and Customer Loyalty Management features
  • Accelerated Transactions with Quick Buttons & Multiple Payment Options
  • Muti-currency and Multi-language Support
  • Inventory Tracking with Fast & Slow Selling Inventory Reports
  • Centralized Multi-store Management
  • Integrations with Dynamics Business Central, Xero, Mailchimp, QuickBooks, etc.
  • Consolidated Sales, Inventory, and Performance Reports

To learn more about the features of Ari Fashion POS, you can take a 30-day Free Demo without any obligations.

2) Why is Ari the best POS System in Singapore?

Ari POS is rated as one of the best POS for Singapore retailers owing to several features like:

  • Multi-store Inventory & Sales Management
  • Quick Transactions & Billing
    Multiple Payment Options, Multi-currency, and Multi-language Support
    Easy In-store Promotions Feature
    Customer Loyalty Points Management
  • Offline Mode (during unstable connection)
  • Inventory Tracking (RFID, Fast & Slow-selling stocks, Expiry Schedule, etc.)
    Industry-specific Features (Up to 22 Industries)
  • Detailed Reporting (Sales, Profits, Stock Analysis, Finance)

Moreover, Ari has its head office based in Singapore and has a dedicated POS Support team. Our experts also offer business-specific POS software optimization for retailers in Singapore.

You can opt for a Free Consultation without any obligation.

3) I already have a retail POS system, but I intend to change to Ari. Will your POS system be compatible with the existing hardware I have?

In most cases, Ari is compatible with the commonly used hardware in retail stores, such as scanners, credit card readers, printers, and other equipment. However, if there is a case of incompatibility, we are here to assist you. You can contact us to discuss your case for a better experience.

4) I have a physical retail store and an online channel as well. Will your system give me an integrated view of all my business operations?

Yes, our POS system in Singapore integrates well with eCommerce platforms to streamline your online and offline channels for better business operations.

5) The internet at my place does not work well. Can your POS software run in offline mode?

We do need a stable internet connection for better working of Ari; however, it also performs basic activities in offline mode so that the store operations are not affected.

And this offline data synchronizes with the backend repository and functions as soon as you are back online.

Malaysian Customers Want Enhanced Retail Experience. Are You Delivering that?

90% of Malaysian customers believe that retailers must utilize the advanced technology to make their billing time shorter, loyalty programs better, and promotions more personalized.

Ari is the best POS system in Malaysia that can help you deliver exactly what your customers want. It is the only software you need to achieve end-to-end outstanding retail performance.

Malaysian Customers Want Enhanced Retail Experience. Are You Delivering that

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