All-In-One POS System in UAE


A smooth shopping experience is what customers wish for. We provide you that experience with our Ari POS System in UAE. Our POS in UAE is suitable for every business regardless of the industry sector of operations, number of employees, size of the company, or the type of operations. Our retail software solution is the top-performing POS software in UAE. It empowers retailers to run their businesses in the way they want without any hassles.

Ari POS system for retail in UAE is a comprehensive retail software solution, which is easy to use, simple to learn, and perfect for your store operations. It is suitable for any of the industries, including but not limited to fashion retail, supermarket, pharmacy, electronic stores, furniture, gift shops, jewellery, pet store, hardware shops, health and beauty, and many others.

It is a flexible POS with inventory management, customer relationship management, multi-store management, billing, customer rewards program, promotions management, and reports and analytics capabilities. Thus, our POS System in UAE manages all the activities easily to give customers a complete shopping experience and a stress-free working environment for store owners.

Ari POS in UAE can be integrated with any hardware you are already using for retail operations. Ari point-of-sale system for retail in UAE works on any desktop, computer, or laptop device with a web-browser. Our hardware setup and software integration assistance with guides, walkthroughs, or a personal visit from our expert team enables you to learn using it in no time.

An effective product for an effective business – that is Ari’s retail software solution in UAE for you!

  • Holistic POS software
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use POS
  • Customer Rewards and Relationship
  • Extensive Promotions
  • Powerful inventory management
  • Supports Online and Offline mode
  • Retail POS system for Multiple Stores
  • Supports multi-currency
  • Fully Compliant with local tax laws
  • Generation of reports and analytics

Retail Software Solution with a state-of-the-art POS system in Dubai

Facing front-end customers, Ari’s Retail POS system in UAE provides a world-class customer experience. It supports offline billing where you can complete your sales transactions even when your internet connection is down.

Quick Buttons on Ari Retail Software Solution in UAE help you complete a transaction in the fewest possible clicks. It saves time and provides an awesome customer experience.

Ari Point of Sale Software supports multiple payment options. A customer can choose to pay in cash, credit card, debit card, or two or more options simultaneously.

With Ari’s POS system in UAE, you can hold a transaction, continue with the other ones, and resume back whenever required. Moreover, layaways let a customer book an item, and delivery is possible later.

Ari’s retail POS system is developed, keeping in mind the requirements of a busy retail environment. Its user interface is simple and intuitive. Cashiers need not visit multiple screens and options to complete a sale. Ari POS system in UAE makes it possible to ring up a sale in minimum keystrokes, saving time and costs and providing an unmatched retail experience to customers.

To make a product more accessible, Ari POS allows you to browse products by category.

Customer Rewards Program made possible in POS System in UAE

The marketing teams of retail stores bombard the customers these days with many options, and hence, they are spoilt with choices. A customer rewards program should be capable enough to handle customer database, purchase history, points balance, rules for awarding points, and multiple stages in the program.

Ari POS System in UAE provides the best solution to manage a customer rewards program.

Ari, the point-of-sale system for retail in UAE, allows you to record customer data and set customers levels based upon their purchase amount.

The rewards system in Ari’s POS in UAE is highly customizable. You can set a rewards point system of your own, decide the value of those points, and determine the ways to use them.

After creating a retail POS member, you can view their purchase history, special days, and other information and conduct email marketing through our Mailchimp Integration.

Create customized rewards programs on Ari’s POS software in Dubai and bifurcate your customers into various levels based on the purchase amount and make your loyal customers feel privileged.

Promotions Management allowed through POS in UAE

Promotions can help better sales, provide benefits to customers, and maintain a good profit margin simultaneously.

With the most popular POS software in UAE, setting up discounts and promotions is never difficult. You can easily set up discounts and promotions and run them as per the schedule defined.

Setting up a promotion with the back office of Ari’s POS in UAE is facile. Still, we have created some sample promotion templates for delivering a better user experience for you to apply and customize as per your marketing strategy quickly.

A step-by-step wizard is provided for you to set up a promotion quickly. You just need to provide basic information to get started.

There could be multiple promotions running for the same item. Ari handles this smartly and allows you to prioritize promotions on the POS software and decide how to settle the overlapping of these promotions.

With Ari retail software solution, you can select the particular weekday when you wish to run the promotion or set a specific time. If you run multiple stores, you can choose the stores you wish to set the promotions.

Achieving Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Easily track your inventories from a warehouse to front-end stores. Optimize your operational procedures, such as delivering more stocks to stores with higher demands, which lower their chances of running out-of-stock. With the Ari POS system in UAE, it is easier to know what sells fast and what the slow-moving items are. It enables you to decide which types of goods you need to buy more and which ones need a faster clear off.

You may have items with various attributes such as brand, colour, size, style, material, etc. You can create variant products for them without having to create those items individually.

Ari retail management software in UAE provides you an option to create a kit item for two or more items you want to sell only in bundles. However, if you want to sell them in a bundle as well as individually, you can go for an assembly option.

Ari point-of-sale system for retail in UAE provides you with the fields to add all the possible information about a product. You can also add user-defined fields from your side to maintain specific information about the product.

This option is added to the retail POS system to simplify the billing and inventory management processes. Using a barcode scanner, you can easily complete a sale or take a physical stock count.

Multi-store management with Ari POS System in UAE

With Ari’s POS in UAE, you can control multiple stores from a single location. You can define pricing, discounts, access rights, and various parameters from Ari headquarters. You can also define differential pricing in various shops using the Ari POS machine in Dubai.

Create a virtual representation of your organization structure using Ari Point of Sale. Various structures, such as group, company, branch, location, department, and store, can be created and maintained.

You can follow a differential pricing for various stores depending upon their locality, customers, and other factors.

Ari Retail Software Solution supports creating user-defined fields. These fields provide you an option to capture textual and numeric data. You can also create lookups and apply them to a screen on Ari retail software in UAE.

Ari supports stock transfer between stores based on requisitions. It enables effective inventory management.

Reports & Analytics Dashboard

Intelligent reporting is vital for any business. Ari POS Software collects information from all sources and provides you with actional insights. You have separate dashboards for sales, purchase, and inventory relation information. They help immensely in decision making and taking corrective actions.

Our POS system in UAE provides a dashboard allowing you to check the sales and purchase of top products and top categories. For every category, you can identify month-wise and year-wise sales and purchases too.

The POS system for retail in UAE lets you analyze fast-moving products and slow-moving products. It will help you make strategies to increase the sales volume of fast-selling products and eliminate those not contributing to revenues.

You can conduct store wise sales analysis and get to know about the performance of various stores, take corrective actions, and achieve your business goals.

All the reports generated in Ari POS Software for retail in UAE helps you compare the current and the past data according to which you can draw insights and conclusions. Based on these insights, you can forecast your sales, purchase, and inventory levels.

Ari’s multi-featured POS system enables you to create an Exceptional Customer Experience.

Why Ari?

Our retail POS system is easy to use. Our professionals have the expertise to train your staff for using the system. You will never face any difficulty in running it if you learn how to handle it once. Its user-friendly functions make it one of the most popular POS software in UAE.

Our customer support experts and professionals are adept at providing personalized support for the setup and implementation of the Ari point-of-sale solution in UAE. We are always at your service through phone or email to solve your queries or doubts.

No matter your business, where you run it from, how many employees you have, which retail services you provide – our Ari POS in UAE syncs all the required relevant data instantly. Applications of accounting and email marketing can be fully integrated into it to ensure the management of all aspects of your business. Hence, it is one of the top-performing POS systems in UAE.

Ari’s point of sale system for retail in UAE supports multiple currencies to cater to the travelers and global business community. It is an attractive feature for customers visiting the retail stores as it empowers them to make payments in any currency.

Ari POS system in UAE applies to a diverse range of retail businesses, including fashion retail, supermarket, jewellery, pharmacy, optics, furniture, hardware, sporting goods, and consumer electronics stores. It is capable of improving the sales, inventory, and operations of all these industry sectors. It helps retailers have better efficiency and effectiveness in their store operations by providing a better customer experience.

Customer testimonials

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    When we started our small-scale business of a gift shop, we had to find the right retail POS system to streamline our operations. We came across Ari’s POS system in UAE for retail. They were professional enough to let us try it for a month. It was so good that we purchased it and have been using it for two years. In my view, it is the best POS system in UAE. Its multi-featured functionality, generation of reports and analytics, and multiple integration facility make it a recommended POS in UAE.
    Store owner
    Gift shop
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    If and when you are looking for point-of-sale software for retail in UAE, just buy Ari’s POS System in UAE. Their POS software is easy to use, flexible, and can be customized for your industry. The retail software solution enables proper stock tracking, a holistic view of the operations, extending promotions and rewards to customers, and managing multiple stores. I would recommend the Ari POS in Dubai to anyone looking for a POS machine in Dubai.
    Supermarket store
  • about-img
    Flexible, easy to use, powerful, fast, and effective – I would use these five adjectives for Ari’s POS system in UAE. A friend recommended me Ari, and I would recommend their Point of Sale to others looking for a strong POS system in UAE. It makes product browsing easier, transactions faster, provides multiple payment options, barcode scanning options, extra product characteristics, and facilitates coordination between multiple stores. It is one of the most popular POS software in UAE. Use it to benefit from it!
    Store owner
    Furniture store

Accelerate the operations of your retail store with our POS in Dubai!


Do you provide the implementation support and services?

Yes, we do provide implementation services at an extra cost.

What about the safety of my data?

Your data will always remain safe in the cloud server, which is highly secure and safe. With Ari retail software solution in UAE, you never have to fear your data loss.

Is it mandatory to purchase the hardware from you?

No, you are free to buy the hardware from the place of your choice. We will share the recommended POS hardware specifications with you so that you purchase the hardware system before we come for the installation of the software on your system.

Is the trial version of the POS system for retail in UAE available?

Yes, we offer a one-month trial for every industry. You can try our top-performing POS system in UAE, check its functionalities and decide whether you want to buy it or not. We are sure you will.

Revolutionize your retail business with Ari POS System in UAE