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Transform your retail business with the advanced retail management software of Ari

Ari is a premium retail management software developed and provided by Web Masters, an industry leader in the IT sector. It is a retail management system suitable for various retail businesses associated with different fields. Some of these industries include fitness, shoe, gifts, jewellery, bikes, pets, pharmacy, consumer electronics, toys, supermarket, hardware, health and beauty, furniture, fashion retail, and many more.

The increased digitalization of the retail industry and the rising customer expectations have resulted in the implementation of IT solutions that address their business challenges. This is where a robust retail inventory management system plays a role, and that is when Ari’s retail management system finds its true calling.

One of the biggest challenges for retail store owners is maintaining a fine balance of inventory so that products are never out-of-stock or items are overstocked that they expire without being sold. Ari’s retail management software helps maintain a balanced inventory to take care of demand-supply dynamics in the store. Furthermore, such a POS system optimizes inventory in the best way possible to consider the space utilization of store and data synchronization between multiple stores.

Handle your marketing campaigns, manage your supply chain network, complete the billing transactions successfully, design customer rewards program, generate reports and insights, and many other activities with Ari’s single retail management software.

The all-in-one retail POS system of Ari addresses all your retail business concerns; it can be customized for you depending on the unique needs of your business. Whatever the case be, Ari’s retail management system empowers you to create amazing customer experiences through efficient operations, effective transactional flow, and a smooth retail lifecycle, driving business growth always.

Retail Management System

  • Barcode scanning
  • RFID chips
  • Quick Buttons
  • Multiple payment options
  • Stock tracking
  • Managing multiple stores
  • Gift vouchers
  • Real-time analytics
  • Multi-lingual
  • Hold and layaway
  • Customer rewards programs
  • Customized features
  • Employee scheduler
  • Synchronization of back-office with POS
  • Designing promotional strategies
  • Touch screen
  • Entire store management
  • Multi-currency support
  • User-friendly interface

Ari POS System – Business Growth Enabler for every retail business

Retail Management Software features

Ari guarantees you multiple features in its retail management system that will cater to all the operational needs of your retail store. We are sensitive to your unique requirements and, therefore, provide customized solutions to take care of your special requirements.

It is extremely crucial to make your customers’ experience at your retail store hassle-free and smooth. It requires efficient queue management at the billing counter. Ari’s retail management system helps you effectively manage the queues to avoid any yelling customers. The features of barcode, RFID, Quick Buttons, Search Option, and many others add intense speed to your customer queues.

With one device, you can remain connected to all your stores and keep a tab on all the stores’ operations. The chain of outlets can be managed as a single unit with a detailed tracking of stocks for each store, transfer of stock from warehouse to a store or store-to-store, detailed reports and insights of the business across various factors, and many more. Thus, Ari retail management software manages multiple stores with ease.

Ari manages the real-time stock level of all your stores. You need not waste time keeping a manual track of your inventory. With Ari’s retail management software, you can keep alerts for a low stock situation or out-of-stock situation, depending on the time taken to order and receive the items from the suppliers.

Ari’s retail POS system has the functionality of sending a request for the products that are low in stock so that the purchasing department sends the orders to the suppliers or the manufacturing units. The retail management system also guarantees an automatic view of all the items ordered in all the orders to get a clear picture of the products in demand and the ones not in demand.

Retailers can define loyalty programs and promotional strategies to attract new customers and retain loyal customers. Such features made possible on Ari’s retail management software help in building customer relationships. The POS system software keeps you in constant touch with your customers to stand out amidst the crowded retail environment.

With Ari’s analytical dashboard and insightful reports, you can make data-driven decisions specific to your store to improve your performance. The retail management software gives a detailed view of inventory, overall sales, sales by different categories, payments, taxes, customers’ purchase behavior, and other performance indicators.

You can design distinctive marketing strategies that best support the growth of your business. To help you draw customers and subsequently convert them into loyal, lifelong clients, you can use pre-built promotion templates offered by Ari retail POS system. You can also create desired in-store promotions, discounts and easily keep track of the results of these marketing tactics.

Carve the new retail reality with Ari's multi-featured retail management system

Benefits of using Ari

  • Ari Retail Management Software has the aim of changing how retail businesses work by inducing automation in a better, newer, and highly integrated way and creating a unique customer experience.
  • It is possible for small and medium-sized businesses to compete strongly with the top players by providing complete customer satisfaction and streamlined business operations because of Ari retail management system.
  • Ari Retail Management Software focuses on how you can automate and harmonize the business, letting you have more results with lesser efforts. Besides that, we make a business grow with a rise in sales numbers.
  • Ari Retail Management System makes the tiresome job of handling customers look effortless, as it takes care of everything you need while you are busy attending to the customers.
  • Ari provides you the option to integrate your retail POS system with multiple accounting and email marketing integrations to integrate the data so that duplication of work is avoided.
  • Ari provides you access to in-house sales and software experts and professionals who are capable of resolving your doubts regarding the Ari point-of-sale system anywhere and everywhere with utmost dedication.

ARI – a POS that works for you, your employees, and your customers

What do our clients say about Ari?

  • Store Manager
    I was looking for a comprehensive retail management system that will ensure all the business operations of my store are automated accurately with the fastest speed. I found my answers in Ari's retail management software. Additionally, it generates reports and analytics that provide us insights into our sales numbers, customers' buying behavior, and the performance of employees. We are happy with the product and Ari's customer services as well.
    Store Manager
    Food store
  • Store owner
    Ease of use, multiple integrations possible, flexible – these are some of the best features of Ari's retail shop management software. The real-time synchronization of the Back Office with the POS machine removes duplication of efforts and gives everyone a second eye on the operations to keep them on track. Overall, the point-of-sale system from Ari keeps my employees, my customers, and me happy. Thanks to Ari, always!
    Store owner
    Fashion retail store
  • Storeowners
    We have a family business of a chain of supermarket stores across the city. We intended to compete with the big players in the industries. Yes, we did find our standing amongst the giants. Some of this has been made possible by Ari's retail management system, as it streamlined inventory management, customer relationship management, supplier management, and promotions management. We found the most comprehensive, feature-rich, and complete POS system, and we surely recommend it to everyone reading this.
    Supermarket store


Do you provide support and assistance of any kind after purchasing Ari retail management software?

Yes, we provide pre and post-purchase support. Before purchasing Ari, if you have doubts about your existing hardware’s compatibility with the Ari POS software or you want to know about Ari’s suitability for your retail business, we provide answers to all your questions.

Post-purchase, our POS software experts would help you in the setup and implementation of the software in your system. Other assistance services include a free consultation, training to use the software, user manuals, and additional support if you have issues in handling the software in the initial stages. Overall, our software deployment professionals ensure that it is running smoothly so that your experience remains hassle-free.

Is your software ready to use, or do you customize it for every client?

We have ready-to-use software, which is updated frequently based on clients’ feedback. We also provide customization based on your unique requirements, considering your retail industry, number of stores, or any other specific requirements you prefer to have.

I am currently using a POS system from another vendor. I intend to switch to Ari. Is it possible to transfer data from my current software to Ari's retail management system?

Yes, it is possible to transfer data from your existing POS system to Ari, provided the current software has the functionality of exporting data. However, it is better for you to have a discussion with our software experts for a better opinion.

Smart retail POS system for smart retail business decisions


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