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Retail Management Software Features

Ari Retail Software Solution empowers retailers to run their businesses in the way they want! Therefore, it’s the best POS system.

  • Holistic Retail Software
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use POS
  • Customer Rewards and Relationship
  • Extensive Promotions
  • Powerful inventory management
  • Supports Online and Offline mode
  • Retail point of sale system for Multiple Stores
  • Supports multi-currency
  • Fully Compliant with local tax laws
  • Flexible, adaptable, customizable
Best Retail Software

Retail Software with state-of-the-art POS/Point of Sale

Facing front-end customers, Ari’s Retail Point of Sale system allows retail staff to run daily operations in the store smoothly. Data collected at the POS level will be synced with the Back-office in real-time and vice versa. Whenever there is any change in configuration or addition of a product on the Back-office, it will be visible on the POS System.

At the time, when internet connectivity stops, real-time synchronization is not possible. However, Ari effectively solves this issue by saving the data locally at the POS level until the internet connectivity returns. After getting back connectivity, data will be synchronized instantly. There are many more features which make Ari POS one of its kind:

Ari is developed keeping in mind the requirements of a busy retail environment. Its user interface is simple and intuitive. A cashier need not to visit multiple screens and options to complete a sale. It makes it possible to ring up a sale in minimum keystrokes, saving time and costs and providing unmatched retail experience to customers. Thus, making Ari a preferred POS system for small businesses.

To make a product more accessible, Ari Retail Software comes with the option where you can browse the products as per the various categories to which it belongs, and it also gives the on-hand stock information.

Quick buttons act as the helping hands, which let you add a product just with a click. This is a great time-saver in a busy retail environment.

POS Software allows customers to pay through different options at the same time. A customer can pay through a gift card, debit card, credit card, or with two or more options simultaneously.

You can hold a transaction & continue with other ones and resume back whenever required. Layaways let a customer book an item, and delivery is possible later.

Our Retail Software Provides Customer Rewards Program

Running a retail business is not easy as customers these days are spoilt with choices and bombarded by marketing. To maintain a healthy relationship, you need a holistic customer rewards program for collating customers’ data, purchase history, accumulate points, and exchange them for rewards.

The customer reward program functionality provided by Ari Retail Software is the way to earn customers who would remain loyal to your store. A reward program continuously motivates them to choose you above other options present in the market.

Ari, one of the best POS systems for retail, allows you to create as many members as you wish by taking their general details. Also, you can set the customer levels based upon the amount of purchase history.

The rewards system completely depends upon the configuration which you set. You can set a point system of your own and decide the value of those points & how they can be used.

After creating a member, you can view the purchase history- the amount, the products, and frequency. Based on it, you can conduct targeted marketing campaigns through our Mailchimp Integration.

Create customized rewards program and bifurcate your customers into various levels based upon the amount of purchase. Each level will have its unique point accumulation system, and this will make your most loyal customers feel privileged.

ARI Retail Software Offers Promotions Management

Setting up Promotions Management is never a difficult task if you use Ari Retail Software Solution. You can easily set up promotions that can run automatically for a specific period/store and resolve any conflicts when you have multiple promotions running at the same time.

‘Promotions’ is one of the significant ways to attract customers to improve sales. Smart promotions can help in having better sales, provides benefits to customers, and maintain a good profit margin simultaneously.

Setting up a promotion with Ari’s Back-office is facile, but for delivering better user experience, we have created some sample promotion templates which you can readily execute and customize as per your marketing strategy.

For your ease, we have designed a complete process through which you can set a promotion within a few minutes. You only need to add the basic data and configure the promotion details.

When there are multiple promotions for the same item, they may clash. You can set a priority for promotions and decide how the overlapping of these promotions will be handled.

With Ari Retail Software, you can select the particular weekday when you wish to run the promotion, or you can set a time period too. If you have multiple stores, you can choose which stores you wish to set the promotions.

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Easily track your inventories from warehouse to front-end stores. Optimize your operation procedures, such as delivering more stocks to stores that have higher demands, which lowers their chances of running out of stock. Know what sells fast and slow to decide which types of goods you need to bring more in and which ones to clear off with Ari Retail Inventory Management Software.

As soon as you make a Goods Receipt Note (GRN) in the back-office, it gets reflected in the POS if the product is added to that particular store. Managing inventory in the right way lets you know the correct demand-and-supply.

Your store may have a product with different characteristics such as size, color, brand, style, material, etc. You just need to add these characteristics to a generic product. All the varieties will be automatically created by Ari Retail Software Solution.

You can create the kit option for two or more items that you only want to sell in bundle. However, if you want to sell items in the bundle as well as individually, you can go for an assembly option.

Ari Retail Software provides you with the fields where you can add all the possible features related to one product. However, if you want to add any custom field from your side to better manage your inventory, you can always add it as a product characteristic.

This option is added to simplify the transaction process. You just need to add the barcode information, and when you scan the barcode on product, the scanner will automatically detect the products and add them to the sales ticket.

Multi-store Retail POS Software

With Ari Retail Software, accurately define your business organizational structure and control all operations centrally. Manage different stores and different regions by allocating stocks and resources. Differential pricing and multiple currencies can also be applied in various shops using Ari Retail Management Software.

You also get the option of allowing the cashier to look at the stock of any item in other stores. He can also keep track of the movement of items.

You can create a company and then subdivide it into zones, branches, and departments under which different stores will appear. This supports effective customization and configuration for multiple stores.

Different stores located in different zones may need to have a different pricing structure based upon the demand and popularity of a product. This option helps to improve sales.

Ari Retail Software supports creation of user-defined fields to capture data about various elements vital for your retail business. These fields can capture textual and numeric data. You also have an option to create lists to choose from at the entry form level. Once created, these fields can be attached to a screen on Ari and user can start filling up the data.

Due to a multi-store management system, one can move the stock from one store to another or from warehouse to store. This enables an effective inventory management.

Reports & Analytics Dashboard

Intelligent reporting is vital for any business. Ari Retail Software collects information from all sources and presents to you in a graphical dashboard format for easy visualization. Have a clear view of how your business is doing and pinpoint any area that needs improvement. You can also integrate accounting reports with Tally POS integration. Thus, you’ll have a clear idea of what to do or change when you have proper analytics is done.

There are different dashboards for showing analytics related to sales and purchases. From the reports section, you can study reports related to purchasing, sales, tax, loyalty points, inventory control, customer data, etc. All these reports aid in decision-making and taking the business in the correct direction. Get the 30-day free trial.

From the dashboard, you can check the sales and purchase of top products and top categories. For every category, you can identify month wise and year wise sales and purchases too.

You can analyse which products are getting sold faster and which are not adding to the total sales. This will help you to make decisions regarding the purchase of these products.

You can get a sales report for different stores and compare the sales for all the products. This lets the company judge the performance of every store and take the decision to improve it.

All the reports generated in Ari Retail Software shows the previous and current data according to which you can draw facts. Based on these facts, you can forecast your sales, purchase and inventory levels.

Is Ari Retail Software suitable for you?


We offer a get-set-go solution for small scale retail operations. Ari Retail Software has everything you need to kick-start your business using the best billing software for retail shops and managing your stocks from your Point of Sale.

If you have more than 2 stores in different locations, Ari is perfect for you as central control is available. Using Ari Retail Software, you have access to each business unit and decide how you want to run the stores differently yet follow standard operations to have better control, optimize sales and improve stocks flow.

Even if you are not running your own retail store, or retail front-end is not a priority, Ari is also suitable for you to manage your inventory, supply chain, sales and customer relationships. Control and manage all channels from various distribution lines such as franchises, shop-in-shops, online market places and more.


…A Unique Customer Experience with Ari

Hardware Integration with Point of Sale

  • We provide hardware setup and software integration assistance with guides, walkthroughs, or a personal visit from our expert team.
  • Ari Retail Software can be integrated with any hardware you are already using for retail operations.
  • Ari Retail Management Software works on any desktop, computer, or laptop device with a web browser.
Retail Software

A Flexible Retail Software..

Ari can be applied to a diverse range of retail businesses including, fashion retail, supermarket, jewelry, pharmacy, optics, furniture, hardware, sporting goods and consumer electronics store to improve their sales and operations. It helps retailers get better efficiency with a better experience.

Point of Sale Solution for your Retail Fashion, Grocery, Supermarket and many more ...


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