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POS System
POS System | Point Of Sale
March 19, 2020
Promotions Management
March 24, 2020

Keep your customers close to you with Customer Reward Program!

The customer reward program’s primary role is to attract customers and turn them into long-lasting or even lasting buyers. This provides ease in customer management by delivering optimum customer relationship management. The buyers always look for cost-effective options, and if there is a reward program that can be effective in short as well as a long term, then they usually get fascinated.

The Customer Reward Program can reward customers in any form- it can be a discount, points, priority benefits, etc. In Ari, we have managed to keep all the possibilities open for you.

Setting up a customer reward program or a customer loyalty program through Ari requires access to the Back-office. We have bifurcated every feature related to the retail loyalty program in such a way that it becomes effortless for a user to implement it.

It is essential to know what kind of loyalty program you are going to set for your business as it may attract the customer but even affect your profitability. Therefore, you will need to have careful guidelines set for it.

You can even take advantage of Ari’s implementation service, where we will be setting up everything in addition to the customer loyalty program. Our team would provide you information regarding various methods of how a loyalty program can be implemented.

Let’s have a look at different features present in Ari, which are all required to create an efficient customer reward program.

Setting up a customer loyalty program

Setting a retail loyalty program is a one-time job that either you can perform yourself, or we can do it for your business. As per the loyalty program, various attributes of reward points are needed to be defined.

You have no restriction on the number of programs you can generate. However, to avoid any confusion and conflict, Ari allows a user to run one loyalty program at a time. The program that you want to run needed to be marked as active.

For the customer reward program, you can choose to generate a card that could be auto-generated, pre-defined, or user-defined. For auto-generated cards, you can create a serial number by providing its name, description, prefix, initial start number, and the number of digits.

You can even choose whether you want to create global customers or local customers. When you create global customers, your buyers can redeem the loyalty points from any of your store outlets. On the other hand, if you choose to create local customers, the buyers will only be able to redeem the reward points from the outlet where they made the purchase.

Ari even takes care of the minute details, leaving you with no doubt while using the software. With Ari, you can select how you want to round off the price that appears in decimal number.

Your cashier can add special days of a customer such as a birthday, anniversary, etc., to the POS, which will be synced back to the Back-office. As per the customer reward program, one can provide special rewards for that day, week, or month. You can also offer benefits for the previous and the next day of the special day.

You can create a fixed expiry date when all the points will get expired irrespective of the date when the user has registered. Another option is to define a specific period after the registration for which the points will remain valid.

Some Miscellaneous Benefits of Ari’s Customer Rewards Program

  • You can also get the reward points for the points you redeem.
  • When a user joins, you can provide him bonus points as per your choice.
  • You can create flexibility where one user can transfer his points to another user.
  • The transfer option can be disabled certain days before the expiry date.
  • You can choose to set an expiry date for the transferred points, after which transferred points will not work.
  • You can choose to refund reward points for an item which a customer returns.

Create Customer Levels with Customer Reward Program- Attract Them to Buy More

As soon as a cashier registers a buyer through the POS, he becomes a part of your customer rewards program. At the time when he joins, he will be at an initial level. As the points increase, the level increases along with it. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Total available points
  2. Total awarded points

In the case of total available points, the level of a user will be defined according to the reward points he has. In case he redeems the reward points, the level will decrease.

On the other hand, the level will never decrease in the second case. As per the total awarded reward points, it will keep increasing.

Both methods attract customers in their own way. For instance, one can get a product for free when the total available points reach to a certain level.

In the second case, the user can be lured by continuous improvement in the benefit with the increment in the awarded points. That way, he will make more and more purchases in the want of upgrading his level.

These levels can be managed automatically or manually as per the user’s choice.

While creating a loyalty level, you need to define a few attributes for each level.

  • One must define to which customer loyalty program it belongs.
  • What are the minimum points required to become eligible for that level.
  • Reward points currency conversion factor is also required to be defined for each level.
  • You can also set a max redemption percentage for the total transaction amount.

Creating a Loyalty Plan

In a customer reward program, you can create multiple loyalty plans in which you can include or exclude particular customer groups or customers.

When you select a group, you can choose which all customers you will to include from that group. In case you wish to run the plan for customers of a certain loyalty level, it is possible.

You can choose to provide reward points for specific categories or specific products. When you select a category, the plan will only be applied to the products. If there are any subcategories, you additionally need to checkmark the “Apply to Child” option.

In a plan, you can even set a bar of minimum purchase for which you earn points. In a store, money can move in various ways- cash, cards, or gift cards. Ari Customer Reward Program provides flexibility where you can select how many loyalty points will be provided as per the payment method.

For each payment method, there is an option to define the conversion ratio. You can either have a fixed number of reward points above a certain amount or else define according to the payment amount.

Loyalty Ledger Report

From this report, you can check the loyalty points provided to the customers. You can choose to generate a report for one specific group or all the customers for a specific date or period.

In the detailed report, you can check the point type, i.e., whether the points are welcome to reward points, referral reward points, purchase reward points, etc.

In the summary report, one can check how many points a customer owns, and he is on which level. It is also viable to find when these points are getting expired.

These reports help to conduct targeted marketing by understanding the behavior of customers towards your business over a period of time. One can also implement different loyalty plans and find out which plan was efficient in attracting customers and earning profit.

Features of Ari’s Customer Reward Program

Customer Reward Program

Customizable Customer Reward Program

Easily customize your customer rewards program according to what suits your retail business the best. Ari’s primary benefit lies in its flexibility. While using Ari Customer Loyalty Program, you will find that you can create a program where you can set its every aspect. You can choose whether it will be a discount only program or it will contain points. You can even add the value of each point and choose how these points can be redeemed for which items. Moreover, you can also set different point values as different customer levels.

Instant membership through POS – Customer Reward Program

When a customer comes to your retail store for the first time, the cashier can add his details through the POS system, which remains saved in the back-office. These details can even be accessed through the POS. The details fields are also customizable, and you can choose what all data you wish to enter for the customer. After adding the data, the customer can be added to the customer reward program, and after his first purchase, points, discounts, or any other benefit can be provided as a reward. Based on data collected, you can easily perform targeted marketing, nurture relationships, or create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to increase the chances of buying.

Customer Reward Program
Customer Reward Program

Create different customer levels in Customer Loyalty Program

Depending upon their purchase, you can create specific customer levels. The number of customer levels created and the amount associated with it is customizable, and you can do it as per your need. We have implemented this system in Ari Customer Loyalty Program as it inspires customers to make more and more purchases to upgrade their level. As the level gets upgraded, more benefits are provided to the customer, strengthening the bond between him and your retail store.

Targeted Discounts with Customer Reward Program

Customer Reward Program also allows you to create specific discounts or programs for different customer groups and stores – especially when you have multiple stores to run at various geographical locations. The number of points accumulated can differ when there is a difference in currencies. Ari helps you manage all that so that you don’t need to worry about inconsistencies. You can use the reports and analytics section to identify the customer group that is required to be targeted. After that, you can utilize the Mailchimp Integration to reach them out about the discount. Another way is the make use of contact details added while creating him as a member.

Customer Reward Program
Customer Reward Program

Integrated System : Ari’s Customer Reward Program and POS System

A customer rewards program cannot work if it just stands alone. Ari integrates everything for you, including having a fast POS system with a loyalty program. It allows your customers to accumulate and redeem their loyalty points easily. It even automats the calculation of the points to be redeemed and deducted, link it to the customer profile with the purchase history.

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