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Promotions Management
March 24, 2020
multi store pos
Multi-Store Management
March 25, 2020

Inventory Management Software

Usually, retail stores need to add an addition software for managing the inventory. But we provide this facility inbuilt in our retail software. This not only saves the user form additional cost but makes both, the retail management and inventory management facile.

Ari provides a powerful Inventory Management Software to handle retail business inventory. It has options for addition of products and setting up parameters related to it. Along with the addition of products, you can even track the transactions associated with the inventory.

You can even view the details about different registers related to inventory for specific period. If you own multiple stores, then you can check the register for specific stores as well.

Ari Inventory Management System gives you an option to add all the required features of a product. When you go through the product window, you will find field for adding name, to which store it belongs, its unit of measurement, the category to which it is assigned, the type of the product, the tax applicable on this product, dimensions, profit margin, expiry date, and all the data that you can think of. However, if still Ari missed adding any field that you wish to add, you can go through characteristic page and define a new field.

Product Type



Sell the product by making their bundles and generating new combo packages


Sell two or more items by combining them together or can be sold individually
Service Item

Service Item

The services that you provide for which inventory tracking is not required
Stock Item

Stock Item

Every item added to the inventory which is not added to a kit or assembly

Know about Ari’s Inventory Management Software features

Talking about the product type, Inventory Management System has provided facility to add kit, assembly, service, and stock items. In a kit, you combine two or more items in a bundle and sell them together. In such a case, cashier will not be to sell the bundled items individually. The cost of the bundle item created is not necessarily equal to the sum of cost of all the items added to the bundle. When there are no sales shown for a bundled item and you wish to sell them individually, it needs to spit them using kit split feature present in the back-office.

There is alternative way which is using the Assembly where you don’t need to split it for sending individual items. When cashier add an assembly items, all its component items are added on the POS. That way, it will allow a customer to add more items to the selected package.

Every item added to the inventory is called stock item. Therefore, an item can be assembly item as well as a stock item in Ari Inventory Management System. The Service items do not have a quantity. They are added when a person asks for a service of any kind which your store provides. For instance, a person purchased an AC from your store. This is added as a stock item. He further asks for installation, then it can be counted as Service Item.

There are five predefined units of measurement provided which are gram, kg, units, pieces, and litres. You can add any other unit of your choice and assign its value as well.

You can even assign valid return days for which customer can bring back the product. Different number of valid return days can be selected for different products.

In case you deal with products such as eatables, medicines, etc, it is important to track their expiry date. With Ari Inventory Management Software, you can get the complete report related to expiry date and learn which items are going to expire soon. With its help, you will know that which products are required to be sold first before they get expired. The expired products will also be shown letting you know that they can’t be sold.

Before you start adding items, you can generate a serial control for them. Ari has offered an auto serial control generator where you need to add the prefix, initial start number, and number of digitals.

After that, you can assign a parent category to the product. This feature is useful to bifurcate the products in various section. At the time of purchase, the cashier can easily identify a product by filtering it according to its product category.

You can even add barcode information to Ari Inventory Management System. At the time of transaction, the cashier only needs to scan the barcode. You can even add an RFID chip to an item for which makes it easier for you to conduct a physical stock count. An RFID chip also enhances the security of your product as if it goes out of a confined space, the scanners can readily detect it.

As Ari’s peripheral support is unrivalled, the POS can be easily connected with scanners and scalers. That makes it functionality of our retail management software unquestionable as you can add any manage any kind product through it.

Make Better Decisions with Inventory Management System

All in all, Ari inventory management system and supply chain management module helps you make better decisions when it comes to sales and procurement wise. Control your workflow and automate manual processes. Strategize your product purchase and pricing to earn more profits.

  • Add Any required parameter of any of the products
  • Supports Barcode Information for payment ease
  • Assign RFID chip for effortless physical stock count
  • Add a serial control to efficiently track stock movement
  • Different prices for the same product in different store
  • Stock related reports aiding to better decision making

Why to buy a separate inventory management software when Ari has all that you need to manage the inventory?

Inventory Management Software

Manage Your Products

  • Inventory Management System in Ari allows you to categorize your products clearly in terms of name, brand, type, supplier, etc. Product category helps you understand which category is doing well or not.
  • In addition, categorization helps to search an item through POS and acts as a filter.
  • While applying promotions, category acts as a helpful bifurcation. It lets the user implement promotions on particular products belonging to the same section.

Order Management

  • Easily consolidate orders from all sales channels. Streamline operations by importing existing item barcodes or by printing new ones. With Inventory Management Software and Supply Chain Management Module, you can always be sure of having enough stocks to meet customers’ demand.
  • With the help of reports related to inventory, one can make decisions associate with clearing inventory and items purchased.
  • You can easily calculate the physical stock as Ari offers RFID support. Using it, you can manage the requirement of placing new orders for the items which are about to finish.
Inventory Management Software

Multiple Pricing

  • Maximize your profits by charging differently. Manage your prices in Ari Retail Management System based on categories such as end consumer pricing, distributor pricing, staff pricing etc.
  • You can also segment your customers and price your items based on customer groups. We can configure this feature in such a way that loyal customers need to pay lesser price. The benefit of being a loyal customer will attract more and more buyers.
  • For different stores, you can set different prices. It is required as depending upon a location, various additional costs come in picture such as transportation cost, store charges, etc.

Inventory Tracking

  • With Inventory Management System in Ari, keep track of your inventories from procurement stage to sales stage.
  • At retail store level, your staff can easily access quantity, type and location of stocks that customers are looking for. You will know where the stocks are, no matter if they are in the warehouse or in other stores.
  • Moving inventory from one store to another is very easy through Ari. When a person moves items to another store, the other store needs to provide approval. Furthermore, for tracking the movement, there are stock in and stock out reports.
  • Easily manage product stock keeping unit (SKU) using Ari Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software

One Platform that hosts Inventory Management Software and Supply Chain Management Module

  • As Ari is an integrated solution offering inventory and supply chain management capabilities, you can have a 360-degree view point of your inventory.
  • Easily sync all product data across all levels and eliminate double entry and extra manual work. Keep a central catalogue so that information about products are standardized across.

Procurement Standardisation with Retail Supply Chain Management in Ari

  • While doing purchases, Ari allows you to carry out the process in a standardize manner. You can choose which workflow to go for that suits your business scenario.
  • From item requisition, to purchase order, goods receipt, supplier invoice, and returns – manage the steps in Inventory and Supply Chain Management based on what you need.
Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software

Warehouse Management

  • Ari allows you to manage multiple warehouses. Track inventory movement, verify physical stocks, and make stocks adjustments easily with Ari Retail Management Software. In this way, you can optimize your space so that you know which stocks should be delivered to which warehouse.

Adding Product Characteristics

  • We have included all the necessary fields while you add a product in Ari. However, there can be instances when you require additional fields. Through product characteristics section, you can create a user defined field.
  • The user defined field in inventory management system can contain numbers, alphabets, combination of both, etc. Therefore, the field you create can contain any data type.
Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Software

Serial control for items

  • Our Inventory Management Software provides option to generate a serial number for all the items. You just need to define the prefix, suffix, Initial start number, last start number, and total number of digits.

Inventory related reports

  • All Inventory reports are available in Ari Back-office.
  • The expiry report lets you know about the items along with their expiry dates. You can filter the report as per the expiry date and know which items are going to be expired soon.
  • There is a Quantity summary report which matches the items present on the system with the physical quantity on the store.
  • You can check the pending Stock Ins through Pending Stock in Summary Report.
  • With the help of stock movement report, you can track the outward and inward movement of the stock.

What you sell is

what you earn

The products you have in store are vitally important – they are the reason why customers visit and purchase from you. Hence, understanding what sells and what not, which are the slow-moving items, and which are the fast-moving ones, are really crucial to do well in this retail industry.

Luckily with Web Masters’ Ari Retail Software, you can manage the entire process smoothly with the help of automation and transparency afforded by the system. Using an integrated inventory management software and supply chain management module, you have a clear perspective of how your business is doing and what you need to do next to make it better.

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