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Inventory and Supply Chain Management
March 24, 2020
Retail Reports and Analytics Dashboard
March 25, 2020

When there is only one store, its management could be easier. However, when you own multiple-stores, complexities will increase. Ari solves these complexities with the help of its Multi Store POS.

There can be issues related to inventory, customer satisfaction, mismanagement due to unclear communication, etc. Multi Store POS Module aims is to remove all those issues, provide a chain store POS and help you grow your business.

You need a POS system which is specially designed to handle multiple stores with ease. Ari Multi Store POS module provides advanced-level functionality to a chain of stores. The association of functionality is with different aspects of a retail store.

With our full-fledged retail software, you can manage your inventory better for various stores. Furthermore, you will be able to decide how customers are going to interact with your business. The features even define how different stores will interact with each other.

Ari is a retail management software that has segmented the application into two parts: Ari POS and Ari Back-office. POS is the interface through which the cashier conducts transactions, and Back-office is where almost all the configuration takes place. We not only strived to add features to the Back-office but also to the POS. With the aid of features added to the POS, the cashier and salesperson can also contribute to multi store pos.

Urgently change your POS if it doesn’t support multi store pos

  • Without multi store pos, there is no way to track inventory of other stores.
  • There will be no proper management if the retail store chain doesn’t have a well-defined virtual structure.
  • There will be limitations in the customer rewards program that the company offers.
  • You won’t be able to keep a track of different promotions running at different stores.
  • In the absence of multi store pos, it will not be possible to have global customers.
  • One will need to manually compare all the reports of different stores which can weaken the decision making.
  • It will require more time to conduct analytics as it will not be possible to have the data of different stores on a single user interface.

Hierarchy Structure

Consider a situation where retail management software offers multi store point of sale software, but it is not able to define the organization structure. It could be useful for some extend, but a lot of confusion may arise. Therefore, before you get started with a retail management software, make sure that it can efficiently maintain the organizational hierarchy.

Ari multi store POS has this feature where you are allowed to define the organization structure by adding even the most minute details.

Software lets you create a parent company and create a headquarter for it. Under the headquarter, you can create various zones. These zones will accommodate the stores. You can also create a warehouse from where you can move the inventory to the various stores.

Adding an organization or store

While adding a store on Ari,  our multi store pos feature provides you with all the possible fields to add details of your organization. You can even add the currency and time zone as per the location of the store. Furthermore, it is possible to attach a logo in the Ari Back-office for your organization.

However, in case you find any field missing, you can add any number of fields as per your need. For doing that, you can go to the “Attributes” section. In that section, we can add a new field and even select the data type for it.

When you set up an organization, you can add the data to the newly created field just by clicking on the attribute option.

Furthermore, you can add address details consist of city, state, country, Zip code, and much more. As per your location, you can set the tax parameters. You can choose the tax percentage, can include or exclude it from the product price, and round off the tax amount.

Further, the multi store pos functionality allows you to create a separate price list as it may differ according to the location. There are a few other general parameters such as allowing negative sales, allowing gift cards and applying a return policy.

Features of Ari Multi Store Point of Sale Software

multi store pos

Stock Transfer through POS

Using our Chain Store POS Software, a cashier has the access to view stock of different stores and give information to the customers. One can also transfer stock from one store to another through the Back-office. When one store sends stock to another store, the other store needs to approve the incoming stock. This makes sure that there is no mismatch in the requirement and procurement.

For the stock, which is sent and received, a stock movement report is generated. In this report, you can check the items quantity and total amount associated with them. The stock In and stock out reports are also accessible through the POS.

If there is any stock transferred to the store, but the store manager forgets to approve it, it will appear in the Pending Stock-In Report.

High functionality in promotions and gift cards

If the stores are not interlinked, the use of gift cards will not be possible to any store other than the store from where you have purchased the gift card. It narrows down the functionality of sales gift cards i.e., the gift cards which are provided in exchange for money. Moreover, the gift card the cashier generates against the returned item will not be used anywhere else.

However, our Multi Store Point of Sale Software links all the stores and allows you to choose whether you want a gift card to function at every store or only at the store from where it is generated.

In case of promotions, if you wish to run the same promotion at two different stores it will not be possible through a single configuration in the absence of multi store pos.

With multi store pos, you can choose two or more stores in go and promotion becomes active at all the selected stores. For those stores, you can even select the customer group, date range and timing for the promotion, and all the other attributes.

multi store pos
multi store pos

Multi store pos configuration

It is necessary that a particular store works as per the set of instructions. These instructions can be related to price, allowing layaways, customer reward program, etc.

Ari Multi store pos allows you to configure each aspect of your retail business and helps you manage your multiple stores.

Compare sales of different stores

In absence of multi store pos, one needs to arrange data from all the stores and manually compare it. It is a time-consuming and tedious job.

Ari offers its solution by providing this comparison on a single dashboard. This intuitive dashboard can be assessed through an authorized user account. Here, you can compare which is the most sold item out of all the items for different stores. It is also possible to identify the top categories.

Furthermore, we have provided Microsoft PowerBI integration for extensive report generation and analytics which is essential when you own a chain of stores.

multi store pos
multi store pos

Customer rewards program for multiple stores

Customer reward program is the way to earn loyal customers. It attracts new customers and keeps the current customers engaged with your business.

However, consider a situation where you have multiple stores and those stores have their own reward program. In such a case, it will not be possible that reward points of one store can be used at another. This could be frustrating for the buyers.

Therefore, our multi store pos allow harmonization of all the stores. When a reward point is generated, you can choose whether you wish this reward point to be used at any of your other stores or not.

Setting up unique features for every store

For different stores, you can set different access levels for various job roles. For those stores, you can set different currencies and time zones according to which they work. Besides that, our multi store pos software allows you to set a separate price list for a store.

multi store pos

Benefits of our

Multi-store management

  • Advanced level inventory management
  • Create global customers; link all your stores
  • Compare the store performances from dashboard
  • Reports for stock movement between stores
  • High-grade gift-card functionality
  • Run promotions at different stores in one go

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