Always be in-sync with no geographical boundaries

When it comes to managing multiple stores, you want things to be done fast and easy. You want to empower your staff and let them do their work easily, including the ability to coordinate among different stores well.

Your back-end staff can easily update information across all stores or selected regions. Your front-end staff can easily access information from back office or from other stores to provide accurate information. Even if store A is out of stock, the staff can still retrieve more stocks from store B instead of waiting for the warehouse to send the goods again.

With integration, pricing, discounts, sales and promotions can be defined accordingly to your retail strategy. Different store fronts or different regions may have different operational needs. You may want to charge a different price in a different country.

Ari Multi Store Management allows you to manage all these different regions and functions to tailor and fit the local market. Be flexible and earn the maximum profit when you are targeting different market segments.

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