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March 20, 2020

POS System that manages your entire store-front

The best POS system for retail must be designed efficiently and smartly such that it allows cashier and ground-level staff to access all the required data without having any risk of security and unnecessary exposure of data.

Ari POS System delivers customizable access which let you decide what data could be available to the cashier and what is required to remain hidden. For instance, you want you cashier to go through different products, but don’t want him to get access to the total sales amount of the store.

A Retail POS system should be well-connected with the back office of the software so that if the user makes any change in the back office, it readily becomes available on the POS. Such a feature is implemented in Ari using real-time synchronization. It is an essential attribute that even helps in tracking the flow of items. When they are added to the inventory of a store through Back-office, cashier will know about it through the POS itself.

Our design even makes sure that any of the users can easily go through it. In case, if there is language barrier, Ari is a multi-lingual software and can be made available in most of the languages.

To reduce the barriers of different payment methods, our software allows making the payment through different payment options such as debit card, credit card, gift card, loyalty points, etc. It is also possible to add a provision of using multiple payment option at the same time.

Overall the Ari’s Point of Sale is a full-fledged software through which one can conduct transactions efficiently. Ari POS System owns features which a very few POSs offer. These features are the identity of Ari which we keep on improving every day.

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Have a Quick Look at Ari’s All in One Retail POS System!

  • Touch Screen
  • Quick Button
  • Multi-lingual
  • Store Management
  • Multiple Payment options
  • Hold feature
  • Layaway option
  • Real-time Synchronization
  • Multiple tenders for one sale
  • Service items
  • Employee shift management
  • Cash Drawer Restriction
  • Scale connectivity
  • Barcode support
  • RFID support
  • Customer display
  • Item Image Display
  • Multi-currency payment

Features of Ari Point of Sale Software

POS System for Retailers

Intuitive Interface

  • The touch-screen enabled POS system interface allows your staff to easily tap around for faster speed.
  • All the features are available on the surface of the application and one doesn’t need to dig deep to find out the required feature.
  • The screen shows the bill and the items list simultaneously with the help of smart representation technique
  • The interface readily allows one to browse the product from the search option making a transaction occur at a fast pace.
  • When you select a product through in the left section, Ari POS shows its complete detail in the right section.

Real time synchronization and offline Operations

  • Data and information from Retail POS System is synced with back-end office in real-time.
  • Any changes in back-end office can also be instantly reflected at POS level.
  • If there are any disruption in connection, POS can still operate in offline mode and sync again when connection is back. This makes sure that that no loss of data occurs through POS at the time of no internet connectivity.
  • While working in the offline mode, POS collects data. This data remains saved in the POS itself while connection is not present. After the network arrives, it is uploaded to the Back-office.
POS System for Retailers
POS System for Retailers

Multiple Payment

  • You have the way of serving your customers better by providing them multiple options to pay.
  • Ari POS System allows you to accept cash payments, credit cards, vouchers, and gift cards, and manage them easily.
  • Print end-of-day sales report and be clear on the income earned for the day via different payment methods.
  • If you wish to allow, Ari can even track the payment if a customer pays through two different payment methods for one single purchase.

Vouchers, Gift Cards, and Loyalty Program

  • Print vouchers directly from POS system and manage the vouchers.
  • The same goes for gift cards for Point of Sale System where they have unique serial number, and each can only be used once. It is done to prevent the case where there’s repeated redemption of the same voucher/gift card.
  • The cashier is allowed to define any value for the gift card as per the requirement.
  • He also has the option to provide gift cards in exchange of the item that a customer returns.
  • We offer Retail Point of Sale System with loyal program where you can redeem your points by just asking the cashier to input your details.
  • Our Retail POS Software with customer loyalty program is flexible enough that a customer can get its points redeemed from any of your stores.
POS System for Retailers
POS System for Retailers

Tax & Discounts

  • Apply taxes according to the local laws. Ari affords both single and multi-level taxes and tax-exempt transactions.
  • Discounts can be applied either from back-end office rules or custom discounts given by salesperson. Discount approval workflow is available as well.

User-Based Login

  • Control your staff by assigning user rights to them. With individual authorized login, it’s easy to track your staff’s sales, till usage and cash register adjustments.
  • Each user has their username and password with defined role and ability. Sales commissions can also be calculated for staff via records from POS System.
  • For defining the accesses for different employees, one needs to visit the User Group section in the Ari’s Back-office. For different job posts, one needs to grant accesses differently. Therefore, through this section, you can define what all options a cashier and store manager can access respectively.
POS System for Retailers
POS System for Retailers

Quick Buttons

  • Quick buttons are added to reduce the task of cashiers and make the transaction faster.
  • There are several products but some of them are widely sold in comparison to another. These products automatically appear as Quick Buttons on the POS System and when the cashier press a Quick Button, the item directly gets added to the cart.
  • You can even create a Quick Button manually through Back-office. You just need to select the product, define QB’s colour, text, and display image.
  • Besides this, Quick Buttons can also be created for customer group, product category, action events, and tender.
  • Customer group Quick Button let the cashier go through different customer groups just by a single click.
  • Though tender option, you can add a payment method option as a quick button.

Search Option

  • Search option can be used to find a required item through various filter options.
  • First, you need to select the category and then it automatically shows different filter options for each category.
  • After you select a particular filter, the results will appear. This makes the search easier and consumes lesser time to add a product to the customer’s cart.
  • In case, cashier needs to go through all the products, he can use the browse option on the POS System and explore the products one by one.
POS System for Retailers
POS System for Retailers


  • From POS, a limited number of reports can be accessed. However, it is optional to provide its access to the cashiers. These reports are related to the daily sales, stock movement, Cashier’s work timings, etc. This can be viewed through Back-office also.
  • These reports help to take store level decisions by tracking and studying the daily sales.
  • There are reports related to movement of cash other than sales. This ensures accurate tracking of money.
  • Reports also provide information about the cashiers. One can use those reports from the POS System for determining the sincerity and efficiency of a cashier.

Hold and Layaways

  • Hold option is a very helpful tool for the retail store which experiences long queues daily. One can put transaction of one customer on hold in case if we went away at the time of payment. While it is on hold, another transaction can be performed.
  • In layaways, one can book an item and make payment for it or deliver a part of total payment. After that, he can choose to take away the item as per his convenience. This option in the Ari POS System makes the customer experience better.
POS System for Retailers
POS System for Retailers

Peripheral Support

  • We have Ari POS system with scanners connectivity. Thus, one doesn’t need to browse all the products when he is looking for a product. He just needs to scan the barcode and the product will be automatically added to the bill.
  • Ari not only provides barcode scanner support but also the RFID support. This makes the physical stock calculation facile.
  • You don’t need any addition software for printing the receipt. You can connect Ari with thermal as well as non-thermal printers.
  • To make sure that the addition of items is correct, connectivity with customer display is present. He can cross-check items before transaction takes place.
  • One major requirement of present-day POS systems is supporting connectivity with payment devices. Ari offers this essential requirement. That’s why, one can make the payment through different options.
  • Your store may contain items for which it is essential to connect a scale. When we connect scale with Ari, the price as per the weight of the item directly appears on the POS.
  • Connecting Ari POS with cash drawers implement security. Whenever any transaction occurs, only that time, the cashier will be able to open the drawers.

Billing information and Receipt

  • In Ari POS System, while creating a bill, all the necessary information is presented. It shows the total amount, tax applied on it, various discounts, and quantity.
  • When a cashier prints a receipt, it appears in English as well as Arabic. This is one more small input which we did to improve the customer experience.
POS System for Retailers
POS System for Retailers

Managing Store

  • One needs to open a store, then a register, and finally a till. This hierarchy levels removes any chance of mismanagement. However, if you are handling the store alone, you can directly close all three with one click.
  • Each till is assigned to a cashier and every time the shift changes, he needs close the till. This way, the system records the total sales a cashier conducts.
  • For every till, the system generates the reports which one can access through POS.
  • Ari Retail POS System manages and stores transactions taking place internally i.e., from one till to another. This information is also recorded in the reports section.

Why to Use Ari POS System?

  • Features such as Quick Button, scan option, search filter, etc, help in fast transactions.
  • The reports in the POS system are useful in decision making, employee tracking, and giving inventory control system.
  • Hold option helps to avoid any hurdle that appears in clearing the queue when a customer pauses a transaction.
  • Layaways ensure the sales as the payment is made, and also provides customer satisfaction as he is allowed to take the item as per his convenience.
  • Bill contains all the necessary information such as discounts, quantity, tax, and total amount.

Ari POS System saves your

time and manpower

Ari POS System saves your time and manpower Your store front can be really busy when peak hours come. Web Masters’ Ari Retail Management Software helps you manage your retail business smoothly. Imagine no disruption at the POS level, each named user activity is recorded clearly in the system, discounts can be applied both automatically or case-by-case basis with control from store manager

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