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Customer Reward Program
March 20, 2020
Inventory and Supply Chain Management
March 24, 2020

Retail Promotions Management helping you attract customers to your store.

They may get attracted to the promotions and end up buying many more things along with the promoted item. This also helps to clear items from the inventory which are having low sales.

Promotions Management in Ari facilitates offering store-wise promotions for a chain of stores.

Through reports, you can learn which of the inventory items are not showing much sales. Promotions Management helps you run discounts and offers for those products.

There is an expiry report too where you can learn about the products which are going to expire. Promotion Management module in Ari can help to clear those items too.

Ari Retail Management Software takes care of your business in every possible way. Our idea of introducing promotions not only includes attracting customers. Along with that, we aim to make sure that you get maximum sale when you run discounts and offers.

After applying Ari’s promotions, you will see the results as the growth in the number of customers. It will also increase your per day sales. Besides promotions, we also provide provision of option to provide gift card for earning engagements.

Our Idea of Gift Card

Gift cards are not products themselves. However, you can exchange them for getting products. Gift cards work as per the guidelines set by a company.

In our retail management software, you can define Gift Cards of different values according to the demand. Basically, we provide this facility for specific occasions.

There is a way how gift card can help in promotions. For instance, you conduct marketing by yourself or through any third-party. The marketing takes place with the help of organizing an event. This event could be a competition where you can choose to provide a gift card as a prize. It is preferred to give a gift card instead of a product as it allows more engagement. People will take part readily as they will be able to choose their prize from your store according to their will.

Another requirement arises when someone comes to you for returning an item. Instead of providing back cash or crediting money, you can give them a gift card having a value equal to the item they return. For ease, we have made it possible to add this gift card through our multi store POS. Your cashier can generate the gift card himself and conduct the transaction instantly.

You can also choose to directly sale the gift card. Considering gift card as a product, you can even run promotions on it. For example, you can provide 10% on a gift card having a value above $10. Though you need to provide a discount, it will secure your sale of 10 dollars.

Features of Ari’s Gift card system

  • The gift cards created through back-office have a fixe value. These gift cards can be used for performing direct sales.
  • There are gift cards present in the POS system too. However, the default value is zero. You can add the value through the POS itself. This option is suitable when you need to provide a gift card in exchange of the item a customer returns.
  • These gift cards can be serialized. When you create a gift card from a back-office, they come with specific serial number. Here, you need to define the prefix, suffix, the number of digits, and the starting number.
  • Depending upon the country, tax also differs. You can apply tax on a gift card as per the location of store.
  • When a customer goes for redemption, he may go to the same store or another store of your company. We let you choose whether the redemption can only take place from the same store or from any store of your business.
  • By default, the customer can only use the gift card once which you provide in exchange of returned item.
  • The gift cards you create through back office can be transferred to another store.
  • You can even define an expiry date for a gift card. In addition, it is even possible to set different expiry dates for cards depending upon where the value generation takes place i.e., Back-office or POS.

Benefits of a POS with promotion management for your retail business

Promotions Management

Apply Promotions on specific products and product categories

Promotions Management module provides some pre-defined templates for promoting a product. When you run a promotion, you need to add the products as per the requirement. You can choose to add products one by one. However, if they belong to one specific category and you wish to run promotions on the whole category, you can select all of them by selecting the complete category.

Option to exclude a product from promotion

When you select the whole category at once as discussed in the previous section, all products get selected without choice. However, if there are particular products which you don’t wish to include in promotions, you can simply exclude them. This Promotions Management feature can be useful when there are many products in a product category, and you can’t add them to promotions one by one. So, here what can be done is you select the whole category and remove the ones on which promotion is not necessary.

Promotions Management
Promotions Management

Providing priority to promotions

When you run different promotions, there are chances that two promotions clash. For solving this issue, Promotions Management’s priority defining option comes in picture. The promotion having the higher priority dominates the ones which have lower priority. For every promotion, it is mandatory to define its priority.

Promotions Management for specific customer group

There could be loyal customers who come to your store and show interest in a particular product category. When you wish to run promotions, you can choose to target these customers first instead of targeting all of your audience.

Similarly, as per our customer rewards program you can define specific levels to the customers according to the amount of purchase. Therefore, for giving preference to higher level customers, you can run promotions only for them. This will help to maintain their loyalty as they get more benefits.

Promotions Management
Promotions Management

Defining a promotion’s time period

It is necessary to define for how long you need to run a promotion. You practically can’t run a promotion forever and there must be a system that automatically turns the promotion off after a period of time. In Promotions Management Module, you need to define the period mandatorily.

After defining the time, it is required to select the weekdays on which you want to run promotions. Particular weekdays for which you find sales is not good enough, you can run the promotions. Moreover, it is also possible to run the promotion for a specific timing of the selected weekday(s). You need to define the start time and end time. After that, you job is done.

Put a usage limit

Providing promotions more than requirement can cause losses and hamper the profit. Therefore, one needs to essentially put a limit while running a promotion. As the primary aim is to attract customers, you can put the limit accordingly.

For instance, Promotions Management allows you to put the limit of 30 transactions, and usually, one customer will conduct one transaction. In that way, you earn the engagement of 30 customers. However, if you don’t wish offering promotions to more people, the usage limit will stop the promotion irrespective of the time period defined.

Promotions Management
Promotions Management

Promotion for specific store

As different stores have different inventory and sales status, one should run promotions differently. Therefore, we give you the option to select a particular organization while creating a promotion. However, if you want to apply promotions to multiple stores, Promotions Management allows you to define and implement promotions for all of them.

Customization option for promotions

Promotions Management module has predefined templates which fulfill the requirement of all kind of promotions that you wish to run. However, if you have a different idea about running a promotion, you can always choose to create a new promotion by customizing each of its aspects.


Know the promotions management in detail:

Easy Templates

You will never run out of promotional ideas with Ari, as the Promotions Management automatically provides multiple sample templates for you to start from. You can edit the quantity and item easily within the system without any hassle and start running your promotions immediately.

Right Deals

The reason why Ari spoils you for choices is because we know you may need different promotional deals to spur sales. Bundle your related items together or receive a discount on belt when customers buy pants – you need to make use of promotions management to strategize your sales.

Multiple Promotions

Run various promotions all at the same time, or different sales even at different stores. Don’t worry about any conflicts as Promotions Management in Ari will resolve the conflict automatically so that no more manual work is required on your side.

Everything Automated

Ari allows you to set a time period and location for your promotion. Once the promotion ends, it will automatically update the entire system especially at the POS level to stop running the sales. In this way, everything is automated in Promotions Management and you do not need to make manual editing.

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Discounts and Offers - because you want delightful surprises for customers

Setting up promotions in the past may not be that easy for you. You have to think about what kind of promotions to run, whether such sales can complement each other, or even how to implement such promotions. Sometimes, the system may limit your flexibility in terms of doing what you want, in the end, you have to adapt your business to the system instead of the other way around.

But with Ari, things change.

Promotions Management allows you to run your promotions in any way you want. Set up a combination of sales promotion so that it makes sense for the customers to buy. 20% storewide sales only? Why not make it buy product A and get product B for free or 30% off? This allows your customers to try more new and complementary products that enhance their shopping experience.

Easily start your promotions by editing from a range of sample templates provided – just enter the item and quantity will do. System will automatically resolve conflict and allows you to set the time period and location for the promotion.

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